Find Out Exactly How Long Does A Heartbreak Last

Heartbreak? How long does it last and how to get over it

By Hana O.
Find Out Exactly How Long Does A Heartbreak Last

Here's the hard truth about love. It's no fairytale. Everyone has had their fair share of being heartbroken at least once in their lives. The question is, how long does one recover from a breakup?

The time it requires for a person to get back on their feet after a break up usually depends on one's personality and character. Clearly, those that have a stronger backbone in life tend to move on quite quickly just because when something ends, they are less focused on what went wrong in the past and move on instead.


On the other hand, some people have to continually figure out what went wrong in the relationship by scrutinizing every mistake that happened. This, in turn, makes these types of people take quite some time to get over it. So, a breakup heartbreak can really vary from one person to another and take weeks, months, and even years.

On The Average, How Long Does It Takes To Get Over A First Heartbreak?

Now, this is a tricky question. Heartbreak is unique to everyone, and yes, it's a common experience, but dealing with your first heartbreak varies from one person to another. Some experts say that most people start to adjust to life without their ex in four to six weeks. It could be a lot quicker, but typically it's not much longer.


If after a few months and you still feel like you're in a rut, then it may be time to consider therapy. Often, a heartbreak can throw you in a loop in a way that stretches beyond the limits of what a friend or a family member can offer.


Therapy can be a safe space to talk it out, share your fears and hesitations, and help you address past issues the breakup raises, as well as get your heart and mind ready to get up and out there again.

5 Signs That You Are Experiencing A Severe HeartBreak Or A True Heartbreak

1. Sleepless Nights

The most evident sign of heartbreak is the immediate lack of sleep. Most memories about the past usually recourse itself in our minds right before bedtime, causing the inability to find a good night's rest. It will be hard to get used to the bed that feels so lonely and suddenly so spacious at night, most especially if you and your partner have been living together for some time.


The worst time in heartbreak is when you're alone at night because all the "what if's" just come flooding in, preventing you from a good night's sleep.

2. Out of Focus

One of the hardest things after heartbreak is going to work knowing that you won't be able to concentrate and be productive and efficient. Also, there is that moment when you start losing any sense of connection with colleagues because all you could think of is the heartache you're feeling.


One thing to note is, some individuals can tolerate this pain, knowing that it is temporary, and over time they will heal and even learn from it. However, it's not the same for everyone. It can feel daunting for some and can affect your entire life and from your everyday office and normal life. If you lose your focus on everything that you do, it's a sign that you deserve to be taking more time to take care of yourself and think about the path you want to consider as you move along in life.

3. Loss of Appetite

The greatest memories in a relationship are usually the moments we bond with our partner when we eat. That's why most dates and time we spend with our loved one always has some kind of food involved. Loss of appetite will be very evident after a breakup because every restaurant or diner in your vicinity will remind you of the times you ate there with your former loved one. Also, a couple that loves to spend time in the kitchen to cook for one another in the past ruins the push one can have to even make a simple meal for themselves after a breakup.

4. Losing Yourself

This is most probably the most common thing everybody goes through after a painful breakup. However, how far can someone go to lose oneself for it to be considered severe? The answer heavily depends on how you take good care of yourself before the heartbreak.


If you are that chick who can't leave your apartment without wearing makeup or fixing your hair, then one day you start not minding your hair or forgetting your facial needs then you might be going to a severe direction.


If you find yourself not having to go through the motions of fixing your hair, bathing or going outside, that's a sign that it's time to seek some professional help. If the heartbreak is so intense that after two or so weeks you still don't feel like changing the damage that has been done to you, no more interest in life around you, literally feeling like you can't go on or don't want to go on with life — then seeing an outside help is very essential.

5. Avoiding People

If you happen to meet the so-called love of your life through a mutual friend and the relationship didn't end well, it's understandably tricky maintaining and supporting friendships. Sometimes, it's even more challenging to deal and be open about being heartbroken with your family members.


Although it's important to note that they're some of the most influential people in your life, friends or family members, who may not be trained professionals but can give you the support that you need, so, be open-minded and never shut people down.

7 Ways To Cope And Recover From Heartbreak Depression

1. Stay away from social media

One of the fastest ways to recover from heartbreak is to stay away from social outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and the like. This will prevent you from constantly checking on your ex's profile, ergo reminiscing things and memories from the past. Plus seeing other couples posting about their seemingly happy lives won't help you move on as you will end up comparing your current sad state to theirs.

2. Be with your family

Your most significant support will always be your family. The beauty of this family support system is that you automatically have people who will always be by your side no matter what. The family may not always see things eye to eye, but when tough times come there really isn't anyone else who can help you brave it on more than mom and pops.

3. Find new things to do

One of the reasons it can be so hard to move from heartbreak is the memories of the past. Simple things such as hobbies you both do, the gym you both workout in, or even the restaurants you both have eaten in can cause a flood of unwanted memories to appear. Finding new things to do that you haven't done before with your ex can totally give you a new outlook in life.

Go out of your comfort zone, and soon, you will realize that there is more to life than what you both have done in the past.

4. Do not drunk message or call your ex

By this, you don't need to be intoxicated with actual alcohol, but any type of emotional drunkenness which can cause you to suddenly message or call your ex in anger or need. The more you try to contact your ex, the more you prevent your heart from ultimately healing. It will be an excruciating withdrawal at the start not to see any messages from him or her, but control yourself from making the mistake of reaching out.

5. Fight your fears and anxiety

It's understandable if you're feeling more anxious than usual. Your life has been changed upside down in some ways you could have never imagined. When you're feeling anxious, try focusing on your five senses.


When you feel fear and anxiety are bad, and you feel panicky, it helps to pay attention to things happening right this moment like what you can smell, see, feel, taste, and hear. Also, try and think of the things that genuinely make you happy. They won't completely take away the pain you're feeling, but it'll bring you out of that endless cycle of panic that can come with the heartache. Try your best not to focus on the past or the future, and you'll feel a lot less anxious. 

6. Start meeting new people and don't be afraid to date again

Maybe you're not ready to be back in the game so soon after your breakup, but meeting new people and considering dating again can help your broken heart heals faster. Who knows you might finally meet the love of your life? Perhaps a man who can ultimately set you free from the pain you're feeling.

7. Finally, be positive and have a hopeful heart

This is very important. If you're a sucker for true love, then remind yourself over and over that it will get better and you will find love again. Time heals everything, and as long as you keep an open mind with the right amount of positivity, nothing is impossible when it comes to true love.

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Heartbreak? How long does it last and how to get over it?


This is very important. If you're a sucker for true love, then remind yourself over and over that it will get better and you will find love again. Time heals everything, and as long as you keep an open mind with the right amount of positivity, nothing is impossible when it comes to true love.



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