Excuse Me, I Want To Buy My First Vibrator. What Should i Get?

What important things to consider for your very first vibrator

By Sophia R
Excuse Me, I Want To Buy My First Vibrator. What Should i Get?

Why Choosing The Right First Vibrator Is Important

Before choosing and buying a vibrator for the first time you have to be clear about what you want or why you need it.

Not everyone wants one for the same reasons; For example, some people go to sex therapy and they recommend using them to help you overcome sexual problems. In the same way, there are those who test them out of curiosity or to know their body and their pleasure better.

Another reason may be that you like to be penetrated and you do not want to do so with potentially dangerous objects. We already know cases of people who like to put strange or large objects such as bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, bottles, baseball bats; even other objects that are not relevant. You know, just to put it out there.

Now, it is very important that you choose the right one for you for your first shot at vibrators because this will be the first idea you’ll ever get on sex toys. If it is not right for you, you won’t like it, and your idea of sex toys and masturbation will immediately change. You will no longer want to try any others, and you’ll get simply turned down, which should not be the case at all.

Thinking about the doubts you may have and that you may not yet decide how to buy your first vibrator for fear of being wrong, what people will say and other issues; We have prepared this article to tell you everything you need to know in order to choose that first vibrator.

The Different Types Of Vibrators


King Cock with Balls Vibrator Medium

This is the type of vibrator that in appearance and texture can simulate a real flesh and bone penis quite well.

They have similar shapes to real penises that are great for starters as they won’t feel that you are using a sex toy completely.

In this area we find flesh-colored vibrators, of different sizes, shapes and materials, which can confuse us with touch and sight quite well.


Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe - 7 inch Multi-Speed Vibrator -

The shapes of these vibrators are much more modern and are usually aimed at stimulating the vagina.

Its design can be much simpler and more effective. In this modality, you will not find large sizes but you will find variety in the engines that will make the enjoyment as far as pulsations are concerned.

For the clitoris

Small G Spot Sucking Vibrator

Given that our magic button has more than 8000 nerve endings, it shouldn't seem strange that there is an ideal and exclusive toy for it.

Given that the stimulation of this area is key for the enjoyment and pleasure of women, do not be surprised to discover that there is more variety here than you can imagine.

Bunny from Sex in the City

Rabbit The Classic

If you saw Sex in The City, you surely remember the scene where the bunny vibrator appears and Charlotte is going crazy enjoying the masturbation and multiple orgasms thanks to it.

And that is because the bunny targets double stimulation. Just as it sounds, it stimulates the clitoris and in turn the vagina, for those women who, when they masturbate, want penetration too.

This type of vibrator is designed to stimulate both areas or just one if you prefer. Best of all, there is so much variety in the market that you can get fed up when looking for and choosing which one to buy since there are differences in length, rotation, speeds, colors, sizes, diameters ... Anyway, it is the favorite of many women.

For the G-Spot

Trinity Vibes Sequin Series G-spot Vibrator

Right inside the vagina, the G- spot is unknown by many people, women included. However, there are those who assure that a good stimulation in this area can even lead you to squirt, which is why this type of stimulation is so craved by women.

Therefore, the creators of vibrators were not left behind. They have certainly seen a good opportunity there and that is why there are many toy options to stimulate this particular area.

In order to identify these vibrators, keep in mind that their shape is usually hooked or curved style, which allows reaching the area where the G-spot of every woman is supposed. If you don't know how to look for it or have never felt it, maybe a vibrator can help you in that search.

Checklist of what Is important for your first vibrator

There are some key elements that your first vibrator need to have in order to have the best first experience possible. Check them out:

  • Not that expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Simple

Recommendations For Your First Vibrator

There are many things you should know before buying your first vibrator and having this experience for the first time. That is why we will make it so much easier for you by giving you our best thought recommendations for your first vibrator. Additionally, we will give you some of our favorite vibrators we think will be the best for your first time. Here they go:

1. Set Goals

The first thing is to be clear about what you want to achieve when buying a vibrator. Having a clear objective can help you when choosing correctly.

Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Classic Vibrator

Touch Classic Vibrator

2. Think about your motives

Knowing why you want to buy a vibrator and what will help you overcome the beliefs and fears you may have about it a lot. For example, if it is because you want to learn to stimulate your body better and know it more, the motivation is greater and overcoming fears can be easier.

However, if you do it by medical prescription, it may be more difficult for you to choose or you are ashamed to admit that a professional has suggested that you learn to know your body through an erotic toy.

If you do it because you want to learn to play with your partner, inviting them to know your body and explore it more can make it easier to accept and enjoy.

Answer questions like What exactly is that you need or are you looking for? How can you get it with a toy and why can't you get it any other way?

SVAKOM Echo Violet

SVAKOM Echo Violet

3. Don't feel ashamed

Don't be ashamed to admit that you need help or that you want to explore something else in your sexuality. It is not bad, you are not committing an unforgivable sin for wanting to enjoy.

For these thoughts, the first thing We mentioned was the issue of beliefs. We must work hard to eliminate those insecurities and fears that we have regarding enjoying our sexuality as we wish in this present moment.

G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Bunny Ears for Clitoris Stimulation

4. Think about what you like

Think about what excites you the most when you have an orgasm. As I tell you, some women prefer anal stimulation, others vaginal, but most prefer clitoral stimulation.

The issue is to identify what you like and so at least you already know where to go when choosing.

Magic Wand

Original Magic Wand

5. Start with something simple

As it is your first vibrator and probably your first sex toy experience, start with a simple toy. Don’t go and buy the most complicated or elaborate one, which might also be the most expensive, on your first try with vibrators. Look for one that looks easy to use, it’s simple, not expensive, and start from that.

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Now that you know all the tea on vibrators and which one to finally get as your first one, what are you waiting for? Hop online or go to your nearest sex store and get this little guy that will certainly become your bestie from the moment it gets to your door! You will defiantly thank us for the recommendations later after you have tried it at least 10 times a day because of how good it is. Ups! You did it again!


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