20 Things In Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist To Go Forward

Things to avoid and to do after a breakup to move on quickly

By Michele
20 Things In Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist To Go Forward

After some time, a part of you will hardly remember the agony that you went through during the breakup period. Later, you are going to laugh away all those circumstances that you had put yourself through for someone, who didn’t deserve you.

All that you need to know is, how to deal with a breakup and move on as soon as possible. Here, you will find 20 Things in Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist to Move on Quickly. I am sure, you will find the discussion useful, to help gather energy while you feel lonely and cry yourself to sleep.

Just keep in mind that no, state of gloom or emotion is permanent. The ray of hope should never ever go out of sight. Let’s move forward.

Experiencing a Breakup? Why Moving On Is Good For You

It is a sad reality that nearly all of us have some sort of painful story related to a relationship. We get involved and attached easily with someone, who shows care and tries to mend our broken pieces. But we are little aware of the fact that the same person will make us suffer in an unimaginable manner.

Most of the people find it difficult to come out of hurt, regret, and pain during the phase of break up. It is without any doubt a tough moment. But out of every discussion made, related to breakups, there is only one thing that you need to learn. And that is to make yourself a priority above everything. This idea will actually help in moving on.

By moving on, you accept the fact that you two are not meant for each other. Mutual chemistry is not healthy for your mental and physical health. And it is making you suffer. This will actually take some time to understand that you matter. To be honest there is no specific time limit for overcoming a breakup and moving on.

It all rests on you, how you manage to embrace the process of healing. Accept the heartbreak and focus on your life. There is a lot to do in your life. Like, you can pursue your passion and live an amazing life. I really hope that, my tips related to breakup survival and moving on will help you realize your importance. Things are not as difficult, as they seem apparently.

20 Things In Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist

1. Get rid of your ex from every social media app

You might feel tempted to analyze every other social media post of your ex. Resist staying in touch. Just unfriend and block him/her right away. There is actually no need to keep an eye. You can even take a break from social media apps and relax.

2. Lift your mood through right soundtracks

It is a fact that music helps in motivating and staying emotionally stable. With the choice of right songs. You cannot put yourself in a situation where one of the random sad songs comes on and you start weeping. So make a playlist of all those songs that encourage you and help you feel energized.

3. Go for a makeover

Aren’t the 20 Things in Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist to Move on Quickly getting interesting? Yes, go for a full makeover after a few days of your breakup. Get a new haircut, skin treatment, and some trendy clothes. Make yourself look different. Pamper yourself and trust me, you will instantly feel better about your mental state.

4. Update your social media

This tip is for those people who do not want to take a break from the social media. Okay update your relationship status and get a bombastic profile picture, a different one, for every other social media app. Make yourself felt and loved. You are not a loser; you know how to stay afloat.

5. Focus on your fitness

Take charge of your wellness by going for a walk, hike or even exercising at a gym. Boost your endorphins and within a few weeks, you will be better than ever. Exercise helps a lot in coming out of depression, stress or anxiety. It is one of the most important things to do after a breakup.

6. Adopt a pet

It depends on what animals or birds you like. Most people keep dogs and cats as their pets. You will be amazed at the fact that how much a dog or cat can help lift your mood. They actually are faithful companions. 

Of course, we will advocate adoption! Adoption allows both pet and you to walk forward to forge a new life together.

7. Starting partying and dancing away

Okay you won’t feel like partying, but never decline an invitation by your friends to dance the night away. It will help in diverting your attention from feeling lonely or sad while, you are out having fun with your friends. Force yourself to get out.

8. Plan a trip

Call your friends or any family members and discuss going somewhere where you can relax and have fun. Are there any spots that you always wanted to visit but, you were bound? Now is the time to go and have a heck of a time. It is actually extremely healing to get away from everything for some time. It can be a break of a week or two.

9. Start reading

It is not boring. Reading helps in developing your mind. Just choose the right book that will help motivate you and push you for living a life that you deserve. By reading the right book, you will forget about your troubles. Books can be mesmerizing.

10. Discuss your feelings

There is no need to isolate yourself. And on the same manner, there is no need to announce your breakup over every other medium.  Sit with your closest friend and let it out. Everything that makes you feel uncomfortable needs to be spoken about.

11. Start baking and cooking

If you aren’t doing that already, it’s about time. Cooking and baking help polish your skills. It’s your friend’s birthday so you can bake a cake or a couple of cupcakes for them. You are having your friends over, cook a nice dinner for them. The options are endless.

12. Join a class

You must have some sort of hobby. According to that, join a class and have fun while getting practical about your skills.

13. Start writing a journal

According to psychological experts, writing down your worries helps in eliminating them. Keep a secret diary where you can write down how you are feeling.  Once your feelings have been transferred to a piece of paper you will feel light and relaxed.

14. Count your blessings

Okay, so you are going through a tough phase, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of everything. Look on the positive side: the friends and family that you have, the food that you can enjoy, the facilities that you have, etc. there is a long list.

15. Start watching your favorite series or movies

It is a nice way of passing time while you recover from the breakup and move on. Just don’t opt for those programs that will provoke your sadness.

16. Surround yourself with positive people

It can be family or friends, keep yourself attached to those people who exhibit positive vibes. They will help a lot in staying normal and loving yourself more. Cause they are aware of your true worth.

17. Eat healthy food

Yeah, don’t go bonkers over junk food. Food plays an important role in making you feel better; both emotionally and physically. So just keep your portions small and healthy.

18. Meditate daily

By using the right technique of breathing in and breathing out, you will certainly get rid of negative energy. There are several meditation apps that you can download and follow.

19. Treat yourself every weekend

Be it a movie or dinner or a party. Take yourself out and do whatever makes you happy. It is your life and you need to spend it well.

20. Do not pretend that you are fine

Bottling up your emotions for a long period can lead to personality issues. During your breakup phase, you will go through fits of crying, obsessing and even feeling sad. It is okay to vent out those feelings instead of pretending to be fine. Grab a bottle of wine with your best friend and let the night say it all.

10 Things to DO

So, after 20 Things in Your Breakup-And-Move-On Checklist to Move on Quickly, let’s see what you need to do immediately.

1. Accept and forgive

2. Focus on your career goals

3. Get rid of every painful memory

4. Get plenty of rest

5. Work as a volunteer somewhere

6. Rearrange your living area

7. Talk to a therapist

8. Surround yourself with flowers

9. Watch funny videos

10. Go for long walks

10 Things to AVOID

Now you know what to do after a breakup so that, you can move on easily. Let’s see what you need to avoid at every cost.

1. Staying indoors for several days
2. Staying out of touch from friends and family
3. Staying in the same clothes or PJs for several days
4. Holding any sort of grudges or guilt
5. Not trusting anyone ever again
6. Not being a part of the plans made by friends

7. Eating food in an emotional manner

8. Keeping a track of what ex is up to

9. Staying in touch with ex’s friends

10. Keeping yourself or your room unclean

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I really hope that this read will help you with overcoming all the difficulties of a breakup chapter. Not only this, but also help in gathering yourself and moving on to live a life that you are worthy of. You won’t ever go through any serious problem if, you stay composed and know how to make the right choices. Hang on in there; you have got your back.