7 Sad But True Reasons Why My Boyfriend Do Not Want To Have Sex Anymore?

Isn't men always interested in sex? What is wrong with my man?

7 Sad But True Reasons Why My Boyfriend Do Not Want To Have Sex Anymore?

Is He Busy Or He Does Not Want Sex?

Sex is an essential part of a relationship and it is important for both partners to get equally satisfied. It is not like men want it more and women want it less, both of them want sex for pleasure and satisfaction, it’s just that men are more expressive in this regard. Men and women indeed drive out pleasure from two completely different things i.e. men’s goal is to get the deed done and he will derive pleasure out of it, women on the other hand love to have a great experience both prior and after the sex. It is the entire experience that gives pleasure to them and not just sex. 

The satisfaction of both partners is extremely important in a relationship. If your partner’s sexual needs are not getting fulfilled they might get depressed and feel left out. At times women have to give out and let him perform the deed only and at times men should care about the needs of his partner and make the entire experience worth a while by playing soft music, taking your partner for a fancy dinner, gifting her something and then doing the deed. 

There can be several reasons for the lack of sex. He can either be a busy man or he is pretending to be busy while reason is something that he either can't share or doesn't want to share. Read below 7 reasons other than a busy schedule for dying out the sex.  

7 Reasons Why He Does Not Want Sex

No matter how angry you are with each other or how badly you have quarreled, every conflict can be straightened out with makeup sex. Getting distant sexually is a very depressing thing to happen to anybody, be it man or woman. If your boyfriend seems distant and has not been physically involved with you for quite some time then you should look into the reasons behind his detachment. We are mentioning below a few reasons to help you assess what has changed between the two of you. Learn about the problem and discuss it with him. Try fixing it as much as you can, but don’t enforce anything as it’s better to leave him if he doesn’t seem interested in you anymore.  

1. Both of you have no Sexual Chemistry

Sexual chemistry is something that takes a couple of long ways together. If he doesn’t feel drawn to you physically when you get yourself dressed in those silky nightgowns then there is something definitely wrong. He doesn’t want to discuss the real matter with you, real conversations don’t happen between you two anymore, he stays aloof and doesn’t make eye contact while he talks to you and doesn’t laugh with you anymore are the first signs that prove that the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

You might be having sex occasionally but you are unable to get pleasure out of it and it is becoming just a ritual with every passing day is an alarming sign that the chemistry does not exist anymore. You are left with nothing, try discussing with him whatever you feel and listen to his side of the story as well. 

2.    You may have body odor and he can't express it out

The attention a person pays to his physical hygiene can never be enough. Nobody likes to talk about it but i believe that this talk should occur in every single relationship and nobody should hesitate about expressing their opinions about their partner’s hygiene. The maintenance of physical hygiene is no rocket science but sadly very few people work on staying physically fresh. In a relationship, if your partner seems distant and doesn’t want to get physical anymore may be sign that you are not as clean as you need to be. Do check if you have any body odor because he obviously won’t say it in your face that he cannot bear coming closer to you because you smell pathetic. If you do have body odor then work on eliminating it completely by investing in anti-perspiring products. Groom yourself, shower twice a day, clean your teeth comb your hair every single time you meet him and always spray some fresh smelling perfume on yourself before you meet him. These steps will surely eliminate all barriers from your sexual life if they are there because of physical hygiene issues. 

3. He has gotten his "prey" and no longer interested

He was interested in you only for sex, believe it or not, it is true in so many cases that when these sorts of men find someone more charming or attractive they no longer want to be with you. In the beginning, they make you fall for them by caring for you, showering you with precious gift items, giving their time and making you feel special just to get laid. When they get bored of you they just pretend like love no more exists in your relationship and you both are no longer compatible with each other. It is a sign that they have found someone else who is more interesting to have sex with. To prevent getting involved with such fake men who use women for their benefits, you should choose your partner wisely. 

4. He is Bored of Ritualistic Sex

Having sex in the same old way repeatedly becomes frustrating and boring for both the partners. He may be distant because he doesn’t want to do it in the same old ways. New techniques should always be explored when it comes to sex. He may be shy to discuss it with you that he wants you to be innovative and creative in bed. You need to catch the signs and make things more interesting for both of you. Try different positions and techniques to see what suits you both best. He will definitely fall in love with the change and eventually, your relationship will become stronger.

5. He Doesn't Feel Special Anymore

Men like creative women. Maybe he is tired of doing it the same old way that is why he has stopped coming closer to you. Maybe nothing feels new and special to him anymore and he has stopped doing it to signal you so that you change the order of things and make them new. Get dressed for him, light up candles, play soft calming music in your room, in short, create a lovely, fresh and different environment so that he gets drawn towards you. Don’t be hesitant to discuss it with him, ask him what he wants you to do and then work accordingly. Do something innovative and new to make him realize that you actually love him and his satisfaction is your topmost priority. Don’t let him fall for other women, come up with new ideas maybe relocate your furniture, spread fresh sheets, put fresh flowers in the pots. He will eventually realize that you are going out of the way to win him back and he will come back to you. 

6. He is Tired of Being the Initiator

Is he the one who initiates sex between you guys? You have never done that yourself. This may be an alarming sign for you; he might have gotten tired of initiating it every single time. He is drawing away from you so that you miss it, feel the need yourself and initiate it. He is basically signaling you. It’s high time he wants you to understand his needs and initiate it yourself. Don’t be hesitant, if he can initiate it why can’t you? It’s no big deal. 

7. He has a physical issue

Your man doesn’t want to initiate sex because maybe he feels nervous about his sexual performance. There can also be issues within his hormones which result in low sex drive. If his testosterone is low he wouldn’t want to have sex. Low testosterone can be caused by addiction to alcohol; diabetes, depression medication, gambling or even some video games can be a cause. This problem can only be resolved if you both notice a change in his sex drive and he agrees on discussing it with a physician. All you have to do while he gets himself treated is be patient and bear with him. Let him know that no matter whatever comes your way you will always be there for him. 

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We have compiled the most common reasons in the list above that make a man not interested in the lady of their life anymore for sex. Desiring each other in a healthy way that gives pleasure to both men and women is extremely important for the sustainability of a relationship. You should not get disheartened if your husband or boyfriend doesn’t want to get physical anymore, it is completely fine. Try getting to the root of it and address the problem patiently. Discussing things with each other can solve many problems in a relationship, so try solving problems with the help of conversations. Do not feel shy in seeking professional help in this regard if needed ever.



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