The Art Of Sensual Massage: How To Master Your Techniques

A sensual massage not only relaxes your tense body muscles but also adds some spark to your sex life. Read on to learn how to master your techniques.

By Amanda Palmer
The Art Of Sensual Massage: How To Master Your Techniques

Add some spark to your sex life

Regular sex with your girlfriend or wife gets boring after some time, and you both eventually end up doing a quickie or not doing it at all. This leads to frustration and a feeling of emptiness between the spouses. To keep your sex life exciting, one can do some things like introducing some great sensuous massaging techniques or some exciting sex games. This keeps the passion alive in your love life and would make your partner yearn for you. Sensual massage is a rather age-old art widely used since time immemorial. Sex is not just the act of penetration but a wholly unique world of blissful orgasms, erotic arousals, and exciting foreplay. Read on further to know how to master the art of a sensual massage.


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1. Set the perfect ambience

This is a no-brainer. None can enjoy a sexual act with blaring TV, loud music, flashy lights or chaotic environment. Dim lighting, lightly scented room, soft music and maybe some porn on TV automatically sets the mood for some great sex. Clean yourselves and wear some sexy lingerie. These small details add a lot to set the right mood. Grab a towel and some napkins as you wouldn't want to make the room or sheets messy. Make sure your partner is completely relaxed before initiating your intimate act.

2. Get some aromatic massage oils

Again, this is another crucial aspect of sensual massage. Get lightly scented essential massage oils. Oils like lavender, grapeseed, rose and sandalwood oils are good quality oils which relax the muscles and soothe the tired mind. Rose oil smells fantastic and has been used in romancing practices since years. Sandalwood oil increases your sexual libido and hence is an added bonus. Make sure your partner is not allergic to any of these oils.

3. Some essential things to remember before you begin your sensual massage

Make sure your hands are warm. None would like cold hands touching their bodies. Cold hands shock the recipient and may also disturb the mood altogether. Rub some oil in your palms for 2 minutes to generate heat and friction. This will make them nice and warm. Make sure you smell good too. Your partner will not enjoy the massage if you stink of sweat. While giving her gentle strokes on the back, lean into her ears occasionally and ask her softly whether she is enjoying it or not or whether it feels good or not. This will really turn her on. Keep your pitch soft and sexy. Also, make sure the pressure of your hand is fine with her or whether you need to increase or decrease to suit her liking. Don't keep talking a lot between massaging as this spoils the relaxing mood. Let your strokes do the talking. Draw the blinds and lock the doors and you wouldn't want any distractions. Keep some light cocktail or mocktail handy to sip on. Check the room temperature and make it pleasant and soothing too. Do not lose contact with the skin in the entire process as it disturbs the mood and the stimulation. Also, check the comfort of the massage table. Also get a face cradle as it prevents your partner to crank her neck on one side.

4. Sensual massage technique

Head massage

You might think that a head massage cannot be erotic or sensuous at all. But to begin with, it relaxes the tired mind. It's great for your hair nourishment, and you would love to play with your partner's hair in the process. Remember, ears and neck are erogenous zones for many. Massaging the ears and neck gets your partner yearning for more and she is all ready for a great massage on the rest of her body.


Always start with the back first. Make her lie down on her back. Take plenty of oil in your palms and rub it gently in a round, circular motion on her back. Feel for possible knots or tensed muscles on her upper shoulders and try to soothe them out. Do not use any force as you end up doing more harm than good. Ask her periodically whether she is enjoying the massage or not. Start with the upper back and then proceed to the lower back. Tease her occasionally by touching her a bit here and there while massaging her back. This really turns her on! Try sitting on your partner's bum while massaging her back. Let her feel you as this gets really arousing. You too would get a good position to work on her back.

Hands and legs

After massaging the lower back, you can proceed to her legs. Gently part her legs and start massaging her feet first and move on upwards slowly. Tease her on her groin while doing so and you will have her all hot and ready for some great sex. Finish massaging her hands and tell her to turn on her front. While massaging hands and legs, massage and pull each finger and also massage the area between two fingers. This is deeply relaxing and improves the blood circulation.

Butt massage

A deep butt massage is deeply satisfying and fun at the same time. Make sure to only slightly tease her in the groin while massaging her butts as you still have a long way to go before you reach her G spot.


Take plenty of oil and start with massaging her breasts first. You can spend a good 10 minutes massaging her breasts and her nipples gently. Move on to her stomach using the same gentle circular motions of your thumb and fingers. Continue massaging on the lower stomach for quite some time and watch as your partner gets impatient waiting for you to go down further.

Lower Area

After you have finished massaging her entire body, only the groin area remains. Gently massage her vagina and other nearby areas. This will have her moaning with pleasure and make her reach her orgasm.

5. Benefits of a sensual massage

Sex becomes monotonous and routine after a few years of living together. It is necessary to spend more intimate time with your spouses to keep your sex life active and exciting. A sensual massage is an ultimate foreplay which will get your spouse aroused and excited. You also spend more bedroom time with each other. It also strengthens your bond of love. Massaging your partner after a full day of hectic work is also a lovely gesture of love and kindness. An erotic massage also revives the sexual potential of each and every part of your body and areas which you had never even explored before.

6. The technique

Some great masseuses have attended massage schools to learn the art of massage. While giving a sensuous massage, although, you don't need to be a pro. Just some basic guidelines mentioned above are excellent to provide a sensuous massage to your partner now and then. It also works out great if you are in the mood for some good sex and your partner is too tired. A sensual massage will not only relax her but also get her horny and aroused. It also deepens your love and affection for each other.

7. The gameplay

If you really want to have some fun massaging your wife, make her beg you for sex with some erotic and sensual massage tricks. Elongate the tease. Touch her in her erogenous zones as if by mistake and get back to massaging her limbs. This gets them really turned on and crave for the final deal. The skin is the largest organ of the body and has the maximum number of nerve endings which get stimulated by touch. Make sure your touch is gentle and yet teasing at the same time. Make sure your nails are all trimmed and blunt, and you would not want to ruin the mood by hurting your partner.

8. Other ingredients other than oil

While this can be a little messy, you can try it sometimes to add some spice to your sex life. Every attempted chocolate massage? It not only nourishes your skin beautifully, but you can eat it right off your partner's body. Other options are fruit massages and other edible oils. You can use your tongue to work on the erogenous zones.

9. Perfect therapy for ageing men and women

Sensual massage can be the perfect therapy for aging men and women. As we age, stress takes over, and our bodies no longer react to physical stimulation and touch the way it used to before. Increased pressures and burdens deviate our minds from the pleasures of sex, and we find couples engaging in sex lesser than before. Sensual massage is a great way to rekindle dead or dull sex life between couples. It not only relieves stress but also enhances the sexual intimacy between partners.

10. Hot bath

A sensual massage is not complete without having a profoundly relaxing and cleansing hot bath. Get some aromatic shower gels and bath salts to help you partner rejuvenate after a satiating experience. You could both relax in a hot bathtub and continue with your massage with mild soap or shower gel. Some couples use a sensual massage only as foreplay and then reach their climax later in the bath. This is a great way to spend some cozy, long and intimate moments with your spouse.

Types of sensual massage therapies

Tantric Massage

This Indian form of sensual massage mainly focuses on soft caressing on the genital areas and deep breathing. The massage is usually done on erogenous zones like the lower abdomen, thighs, and hips. The receiver lies on his back to make his genitals more accessible in this therapy.

Swedish Massage

This therapy mainly focuses on the types of strokes used to improve blood circulation by using a lot of friction. Kneading, percussive type strokes and long flowing strokes are used mainly to generate heat and bring blood to the surface of the skin. The person lies down on his back in this type of massage and more focus is given on the upper thighs and buttocks.


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