6 Accurate Quizzes to Find Out if Your Crush Likes You!

Accurate quizzes to check if your intuition is correct!

By Aey
6 Accurate Quizzes to Find Out if Your Crush Likes You!

Got This Feeling That He or She Likes You

As soon as we enter our teenage years or hit puberty, our body starts to develop sensations that were completely alien to us. These feelings and emotions only increase as we grow older. There is a new sense of attraction towards another human being, who is not our parent or sibling. This attraction towards someone else is given many names such as infatuation or crush. If this feeling grows stronger, it turns into what is widely known as love. The world for us becomes an even better place if the feeling is reciprocated by the other person. Once you have a crush on someone you are likely going to take steps that would take you to the next level. During the course of these steps, you pick on clues that help you deduce whether the feeling is mutual or not. If one feels that there is mutual attraction, the efforts continue. However, in the opposite case, a person is likely to quit. The mutual attraction can be gauged using many ways including, how one responds in on one texting, how the person treats you in a group of people or if there is any other out of the ordinary effort that the other person is making just for you. If the other person is not directly or indirectly shutting down your efforts to woo him or her, you must keep going.

6 Accurate Quizzes to Find Out If Your Crush Likes You!

We have here links of 6 quizzes found online that tell you whether your crush likes you back or not.

1. Is he truly the one?

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Is he truly the one?

Buzzfeed is well-known website that mostly talks about pop culture and millennial related topics. Under the given quiz you can find out whether your crush likes you back or not based on your proximity with that person. Many people have taken the quiz and seem rather satisfied with the results. So, you must try your luck as well.

2. Are you the pepperoni to his pizza?

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Are you the pepperoni to his pizza?

Find out whether your crush is your true soulmate by answering some extremely interesting questions related to food. Choose your favorite item from each category and the result will show what your chances are with the person you like.

3. Is it worth all the effort?

Is it worth all the effort?

Wondering if spending all this time with your person is actually worth it or not? Take this quiz and figure out what his, each gesture means for you. The time that you are investing in him is precious and should not go to waste.

4. Is this just a crush or something more?

Is this just a crush or something more?

We all can develop random crushes and like towards people we come across. These are not always serious. By taking this quiz you will realize how strong your feelings are and whether they are reciprocated the same way.

5. Does he consider me more than a friend?

Does he consider me more than a friend?

While this is just a fun quiz on social media, it asks some very important questions. Answering these will clarify to you his feelings in your relationship dynamic. There is always a possibility that you are misinterpreting the clues. Take the quiz and find out yourself.

6. Get to know him better.

Get to know him better.

It can be disheartening and a real blow to your self-esteem if you assume wrong about your crush’s feelings for you. Save yourself from making that mistake by taking this quiz. It understands and analyses you and your person of interest and deduces if all your assumptions are correct or not.

What to do next?

Once we have gauged whether our crush likes us back or not through both physical (in person) means and the social media tools, we must decide on what we must do next. Picking up on the clues that are mentioned in the text above is the initial stage of our apparent future love life or relationship. Once we have a somewhat vague or even clear picture of the other person’s interest level in us, we can strategize our next move. Depending on how much we like the person we first decide how much we are willing to invest. There is always a possibility that the other person may not reciprocate. In such a case we must think about the extent of which we’re willing to put in at the expense of our feelings and emotions to bring the person on the same page…There are a few things we can do in either case.

If your crush likes you

If you are lucky enough to get a positive response from your person of interest both in person and from the social media websites, you prepare yourself for the next step. In a lot of cases, the key is to go in subtly. It is not advised to get to the point immediately. You must keep exploring your chemistry with the person by being just friends for a while. This helps to manage expectations once you start a relationship. While being friends you do not expect too much from each other and remain in a platonic dynamic. You can figure out each other’s interests in life and draw a better picture of your future with the person. Sometimes you get attracted to someone for superficial reasons such as good looks. However, in the long-term, these reasons do not suffice in order to sustain a relationship.

There are many other factors that play a part in making you compatible with your partner. Once you establish that you two have good compatibility which usually takes not very long, you can have a conversation with that person. You must make your goals and future aspirations clear but also need to go with the flow. Even after you have achieved a positive response from the person, there is a lot of effort that goes in to make the relationship a safe haven for both the people involved. It requires a lot of selflessness, patience, and love. If the person is worth it, it would all be easy for you.

If Your Crush Does Not Like You

Not everyone gets lucky in love. There is always a chance that the other person does not feel the same way about you. In most cases, you are easily able to tell if this is the case. That is when you decide whether you want to continue to invest and make all efforts required or just quit right there. If you feel that your liking is extremely strong for the person and you must at least try to bring them on board, then for your own satisfaction, go for it.

One should never live by questioning themselves with “what if.” However, whatever efforts you make, they should not be at the expense of your self-respect and self-esteem. One must never lose themselves in trying to gain someone else.  In some cases, a person is also lead on by the other person intentionally or unintentionally. There is always a chance you are misunderstanding the clues that are covered in someone’s friendliness and courteous nature. Furthermore, there is also a chance that the other person is misleading you for their own gains and selfish reasons. In either case, once you have realized the true intentions of the other person, make a conscious decision keeping in mind your emotional capability to handle a situation. If there has been a misunderstanding, you can always rethink your steps and consider continuing your efforts in a new way now; something that would help you bring the person to like you in the same way as well. However, if it is the case of someone’s vindictive nature to mislead you on purpose, then you must back off immediately.


In the end, we are all humans who are capable of infinite love. Once we are lucky enough to find our special one, we must always cling on and never let them go. However, in the process of loving someone else, we must not forget to love ourselves. It is always unhealthy to become powerless in love. It is the best emotion in the world and should always be a reason for strength for you, not weakness. May you all find love in the best way possible!