8 Ways To Chase A Much Younger Man And Succeed

How to stand out from the competition and get his attention

By Michele
8 Ways To Chase A Much Younger Man And Succeed

So the real technique here is that how you play the chase game. Why don't you make use of male psychology and win him? Winning a younger guy for a relationship is a lot easier than you can imagine. It is a fact that a man loves chasing and the pleasure and excitement of achieving something that they want is so satisfying for them.

Ever wondered how you can become successful by being in a relationship with a guy who is much younger than you? Truth be told, being on the lead will help you take crucial to control of the affairs. Without being mean or cruel, in your intentions towards him, you can achieve a lot. Just find the right balance and read carefully what I am going to discuss here.

Show Him That You Are in the Game

If you are going to chase a guy like crazy, he will just take you for granted or might even use you. That can ruin you emotionally and mentally. The thing is that you have to grab his attention and make him like you. Young guys are an easy catch; they are looking for a woman who is well settled in every manner. Positively make use of this advantage. But how will you do it? 

According to the relationship experts, you will need to make the first move so that he can develop an interest in you. Make him believe that you want that young guy in your life. Ask him about his daily activities and his future goals – career-oriented ones. Make efforts to know about his ambitions. At the same time make him realize that he would need to work hard to become a part of your life.

He Needs to Know that You are Worth Every Effort

Keep the chase game crazy and exciting. Make him understand that the sky is the limit and that will keep him engaged. It is for sure that anticipation nurtures a relationship. Make tactical moves at the right time and you will need to work hard to maintain proper flow.  Make him crave for you and if you help him reach that point the ball will be in your court.

Now the real thing is that you will need to set goals for him. A specific timeline based on achievements that will help him earn you. Now it depends on you that how hard you are going to make him work for you without him, losing interest in you. 

Just remain a bit hard to get so that he remains on the track. You won’t even need to chase him. You need to establish a relationship connection on certain terms that will help you succeed later. It is certainly going to be a fun game. Doesn’t that sound thrilling? Now let’s have a look at 8 Ways To Chase A Much Younger Man And Succeed – I am sure they will help you out.

How to Grab His Attention And Make Him Fall For You

1. Plant yourself in specific places so that you guys can interact

There is nothing wrong with doing some strategic planning so that you can run into your favorite guy – make use of all the natural and easy possibilities. The possibility of coming across him should not be overshadowed with the toil of persistent and painful pursuit or waiting. An initiative that you are planning to take must identify the fine line between a mindless pursuit and a strategic move. For that, you need to ask yourself. Have you allowed him the opportunity to make a move in your direction and do something that he has not done? You need to give him that feeling that you are expecting something from his side too. Do not avoid him ever and make sure that you calculate your reasons for coming across him. Make the first move, throw him a line and see if he bites – if there is not any response. Just stop the chase.

2. When required, fill in the gaps

There is nothing awkward in exposing your intentions slightly when it comes to chasing a guy. Give the guy; you are interested in, a few clues so that he can make a move too. Guys need signals so that they can move forward. Always meet your potential partner with a warm smile or hug, just keep it simple. While meeting casually, you can ask questions that would help the conversation maintain a flow. Make eye contact quite often. Make him love you by filling these little gaps – they mean a lot for a guy. They will help him in staying focused and make a move in your direction when required. 

3. Reach him first

It seems quite baffling that you approach a young guy and give him your number so that he can contact you. But here you are putting everything on him. Make a difference, by being the first to call or text after your first meeting or a date. This will leave a huge impression, a positive one, on the mind of that guy. Be the first one, this will give an idea that you are ready to flirt and take it forward. Don’t miss the chance to show your interest in him. Set precedents right from the beginning so that he can reciprocate.

4. Play the role of an assertive woman

Okay hold your reigns; you don't need to scare some young blood by being overconfident or bossy. Guys prefer a woman, who is modest and comfortable with herself. So try that. On your first date remain composed and ask him a few decent and relevant questions. This will leave an impression on him that you have come prepared and hence interested. Carry forward the conversation with the intent of listening to him carefully and absorbing whatever he has to share. Comment where required. Also, compliment him but just don't get too mushy.

5. Assure him that he is a part of a competition

As said men love chasing and that tells us that, they also love challenges as they are competitive by nature. Give him a light hint that there are other guys in the view too. Do not make it too obvious. By giving a crystal clear idea that there are other men too, it might make him lose interest in you. If he is the possible candidate then assure him that he has greater chances of becoming your partner. Make him work. Give him some friendly competition.

6. Flirt with him but with certain limits

When you are going to flirt with a young guy, he will at once realize that you are interested. But you do not need to go crazy about it. Send vague signals to leave it on him to make a strong move. Give him the impression that he has got all the cards with him. Give a hint and then wait so that he can take the lead. If you are going to go crazy in this matter, it will ultimately lead to a disaster. A young guy will always flirt back and once he takes the step, the stage is all set for you. Now you know where you stand.

7. Be always chic

When you will put effort to meet him, it will certainly mean a lot to him. Make sure that you are looking good – it doesn't matter where you guys are headed to. Even if you have average looks invest time and effort to make yourself appear charming. Do not forget to use a nice perfume whenever you plan to meet him. A nice fragrance will certainly lure him closer to you. Men have a special set of minds when it comes to dating, which is quite different than a woman’s perspective. Understand the brain of your, to-be man and keep him on the hook by investing in your personality. 

8. Become a magnet for him

It is a very short and simple way to stay in the game. Focus on staying happy so that it reflects on the outside. Young guys prefer women, who are emotionally stable and carry positive and happy vibes. Just be happy with what you are. Smile often and keep him triggered.

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Here you have the best and realistic 8 Ways To Chase A Much Younger Man And Succeed. But you also need to know that a guy is different from a girl and you will take some time to understand his set of mind. Use these tricks that are proven, to chase a guy and make him fall for you eventually. All you need to do is show some restraint, effort, and patience. Time and tide would be always in your favor.