5 Ways To Check If He Wants To Start A Relationship With Me

Getting mixed signals from him? Check to see if he is ready.

By Michele
5 Ways To Check If He Wants To Start A Relationship With Me

You must have had come across this questioning thought, now and then, in your mind. Of course, no girl wants to be with a guy, who will waste time and leave her heartbroken.  It is a natural thought that comes in the mind of several girls, who have seen a bitter past or are attached to a guy for the first time.

You naturally become interested in a guy and that makes you feel good, this gives you high hopes for a good future together and later, you discover that he has no such feelings nor does he wants a relationship. How frustrating and tragic that can be. So just hold your reigns and have full command over your brain. Don't let temporary feelings make a fool of you.

So right now, you are seeing a guy and unsure about his intentions. Well interestingly, few strong clues will tell you, if he is serious and interested or not. There are some special things that guys do when they are interested in a girl. In this read, you will see 5 ways to check if he wants to start a relationship with me. Let’s start exploring.

Had A Couple Of Dates With Him But No Further Progress?

Guys have a different approach to girls when it comes to dating. So, you must understand this reality. It means that if a guy wants to date a girl and wants to take it further, he won’t make excuses. Coming towards the topic of – had a couple of dates with him but no further progress?

Well, it rests on a couple of factors; you cannot make any sort of declaration at once. Let's have a look at different things that could be hindering the progress. I will start it from you.

  • Are you showing interest in him and giving signals to him so that he can make the next move?
  • Are you planning the date yourself or he asks you to go out for a movie or dinner or something like that?
  • Are you dressing well and presenting yourself in the best possible manner?
  • Are you maintaining a natural aura while meeting him?
  • Are you contacting him and responding to him in the right manner?
  • Are you working on finding reasons to date him quite often?

If the answer to all of the questions above is yes, then it means there is no issue from your side. You are doing well sweetheart. After your efforts, if there is still no development then it is him, who is probably not interested so just stop wasting your time. Just move on.

And if a few answers are negative then you need to focus on your loopholes. If you want to be in a relationship with that guy, just give it all in. There should be no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Uncertainty: Is It A Fling Or Is He Going To Go Further?

Are you uncertain about your current status with him? Do you doubt if it's a short-lived time of happiness or he is going to take things further? Well, to be frank, you will need to give him time to respond. You need to check his attitude when there comes any special event related to you. If he keenly participates and puts in the effort to make you feel special then certainly he is your man. That's not even a real gauge for checking his interest in you. As there are several men, who are not expressive at all but that doesn’t mean you can question their loyalty.

But there is one thing for sure about a guy, who is interested in you. And that is he will take you seriously. He will listen to you, understand your feelings and even become a part of your future life. A guy, who is just lurking around, will never be interested in spending his life with you. He will make short term plans and just live the moment. He would be more interested in touching your body rather than touching your soul. It makes sense, doesn't it?

5 Ways To Check If He Wants To Start A Relationship With Me

Here, I am going to give 5 authentic methods through which, you can determine if he wants to start a relationship or not. Read and understand them carefully. And yeah, you can thank me later.

1. Does he mean what he says?

This is clear cut that, a man who is serious about you will keep his words. If he has promised something to you, he will never come up with any sort of lame excuses that will hurt you. If he is investing effort and time in meeting you and seeing you, you are important for him.

He will also make sure that everything is under his control so that you don’t ever face disappointment cause of him. You will be his priority. If he says that he will take you to a movie, after a tiring day at work he will do that, there won’t be any excuse. 

2. Do his actions reflect?

I am sorry to say, but all the talk is very cheap. There is nothing difficult in saying that he likes you. What you have to see is that what his actions are about. A guy's attitude towards you will tell that, where you stand in his life.

There is no second opinion over the fact that a serious man will prove it through his actions. He will look at you and treat you in a very lovely and caring manner. If he wants to get in a relationship with you, he won’t be using any of the dating apps. And in the same manner, he won’t be in contact with any of the exes, if any. Only you will be his center of attraction.

3. Does he consider your opinion?

Does he talk about his daily activities with you? Or does he take your advice when required? And does he put into action the piece of suggestion that you gave him? If he is in the game, he will not only listen but also comply with it. He will show care by respecting your feelings. You are serious about him and will wish success and happiness for him.

If he shows respect in an authentic manner, then he is the one. Or does your man make fun of your opinions and that makes you feel stupid and insecure? Is that the case? Then he might have some ego problem and he does not take you seriously. Evaluate his attitude towards you.

4. Does he attach his happiness with yours?

It is one of the biggest signs that will tell you if he wants to be a part of your life or not? He will make every effort to keep you happy. And that will eventually make him happy. He will also take care of your needs and wants, by making an effort to give whatever he can. Women must know that a real man just wants to see his woman happy.

But on the same side, bringing happiness in your life is not his sole responsibility. It is your responsibility. It is just like that, he needs to do what rests in his capacity. Like listening to your requests, accommodating your wishes and similar things that will make you feel happy.

5. Does he make you feel comfortable?

When a man likes a woman, he will share his favorite things with her. It’s like opening a door for her to enter his life. He will tell you about his favorite hobbies, books, movies, food and even clothes. He won't expect you to stand by his preferences. It is all about accepting you as a part of his life. 

He will always carry the relationship comfortably so that, you can feel calm and be yourself. There won’t be any sort of unnecessary formalities when it comes to behaving and interacting with him. His relationship won’t be a source of stress for you. He will make you enjoy his company.

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In the end, I hope that this article has helped you in figuring out if, he wants a relationship or not. Remember that a guy too looks for something special in a woman so that she can be his loyal companion and help him raise a family and become successful in life. That’s about it. Just hang in there; life’s got a lot good to give.


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