Ways to Enjoy And Maximize Your Couple Massage

8 tips to maximize a couple message while adhering to the rules

By Sophia R
Ways to Enjoy And Maximize Your Couple Massage

Why You Should Go For A Couple Message

Who doesn't love a massage? I mean, seriously, how could someone not like getting sent directly into relaxation mode by magical hands? Yes, that is exactly what we think: no one. Getting a massage could possibly be one of the best feelings on earth. And let us not even begin to talk about how great it feels after you have already gotten the message. It is as if you lived on the clouds: no stress, no pain, no thoughts, just happiness, and relaxation. It can sound exaggerated, but no, it is not, it actually feels as great as we are saying. 

In relationships, It is very nice if your partner gives you a message and vice versa. But living this experience together, getting massages from actual professionals, has a series of benefits that we want to show you, so you can take advantage of the opportunity and be encouraged to live this moment and make your relationship and mood way better. Are you curious about how this new trend works? Well, keep reading and find out everything there is to know about couples' massages!

Years from now, massages were thought to only be for women, but little by little men have been adding to this experience and enjoying the benefits that this practice brings, especially in a world where stress commands our lives.

However, this practice remains private and both women and men go by themselves and ask for decontracting, relaxing or reductive massages. Most commonly, if they decide to have a company, it is the same sex, a friend or a family member. But now, the trend in the most prestigious Spas is to take a couple's massage and share that experience together. Also, if the date is Valentine's Day, this may be the perfect gift.

But are there any actual benefits in taking a massage together? Even if you don't believe it, since it's not just being in one place at the same time, but it's about sharing energy, relaxing together and being in the same harmony.

Massage therapy for couples can refer both to people receiving a massage at the same time, in a single room, or connecting rooms. And when both receive a massage at the same time, the same speed will be transferred. It can be a bit difficult when a person returns home very relaxed, and next door the couple is in another tune, and with stress or even thinking about work.

This practice was not very required popular some years ago, but little by little, as people started finding out about how amazing this practice is, it has become more common within couples' activities. In these couples, both have similar views on the need to take care of their bodies, which reduces stress on their systems and keep their muscles in a healthy way.

the thing that is pretty cool about couples massages is that people who take them are also able to share and learn the techniques used by the massage expert, to try to repeat them at home. They talk with the therapists, experts in oriental massages, who have a much greater healing and relaxation power, and ask them for advice to when they cannot go to the massage place, try to perform each other's messages and thus relieve stress.

This joint practice also has health benefits and if both receive these benefits together, even the relationship can improve, which are:

Help in the circulation, blood flow, and tense muscles

Promotes deep breathing and deceleration and reduction of heart rate

It also stabilizes blood pressure

It helps in reducing the secretion of stress hormones and increasing hormones to feel good, that is, endorphins. And if endorphins are the hormone of happiness and both feel good thanks to this therapy, much better if, in addition, everything is accompanied by rose petals, flavorings, candles, and chocolates, you know, just add ons you can have to make it all better. Get creative and make it even better than what it already is!

8 Tips to Maximize a Couple Message

Now that you know how beneficial and positive couples massages are, we are sure you are very interested in trying them out. But before you do, it is important that you know these couple of tips in order to maximize and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Keep them in mind, practice them, and you will love couples massages!

1. Don't bring your problems in

The secret to enjoying a couple's massage to a 100% is not to bring your relationship or any other life problems in. From the moment you step into the room for the massage until you leave the place, leave all your problems behind. Just don’t think about them. Remember all the reasons why you are doing this, and don’t let anything make you worried or stressed for all that time. I mean, this is not an experience you can have every day fo your life, so why screw it up with unnecessary thoughts that could wait. Your problems can take a break from you too!

2. Really sink into the relaxation

Relaxation is key in order to enjoy a couple's massage to the fullest. If you don’t actually sink into the relaxation, the massage won’t be as great as it could be. How to do this? It’s not as hard as you might think. Just take deep breaths, try letting go of your thoughts, and just enjoy the moment and the feeling of your muscles slowly becoming relaxed by the massages. 

3. Book a hotel nearly (if you can splurge)

A great couples massage also includes a great and relaxing setting, so it would be better to have this experience in the best place possible. For that, a hotel that offers this service will be the best option, but it can be quite expensive generally. If you can actually splurge a bit and give yourself that treat, don’t even hesitate for a second! It will make your experience 100% better.

4. Make it a surprise

There might be nothing better than a surprise massage. Seriously, imagine getting home and having your wife or husband tell you that you are having a couples massage in an hour, or having them take you somewhere secret and arriving in a massage place. That can change anybody’s days completely and for the better. Trust us, it will make the experience more amazing if that is even possible.

5. Make it a present

Having your anniversary soon and you don’t know what to get for that special someone? Or for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Bday? A couple's massage is just the perfect option for you! And it will be a gift they are gone love, that is for sure.

6. Have it regularly

As we have already said, couples massages can be expensive. But, if you can actually afford to have them regularly, you must start making them a part of your routine. You can do so however you’d like, every week, every 15 days, once a month; that is your choice. It will surely make your relationship better.

7. Read about it before having it

If you really want to enjoy a couple's massage to the fullest, read and inform yourself a bit about it before having it. For example, look up relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, or anything else that might help you enjoy it more. You are already kind of doing that as you read this article, so congratulations on that!

8. Take that day off

The day that you are finally having your couples massage must be just for that. No work, errands, or any other thing before or after the massage. Just concentrate on the massage for the day. That way, you will entirely relax and the massage will be so much better. No other things or stuff in your mind for the day!

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We know you are crazy about getting a couple's massage after reading this article and learning about all the benefits it has for your relationship. Soy why wait any longer? Surprise your partner, or just suggest it like the next date you two have! It is now time for you to get into the world of this amazing experience and enjoy the relaxation and fulfillment that comes with it. We hope you go get it and love this experience as much as everyone that has it does, which is a great deal of love. Heck, some are even obsessed with it! We certainly are! And you certainly will be as you try it, too!