18 Funny Dating Profiles So Hilarious No One Should Miss

Don't read this at school or work, you will burst out laughing!

By Fred S.
18 Funny Dating Profiles So Hilarious No One Should Miss

Dating in the 21st century

When we think of it, our grandparents had a pretty rough life, to be honest. They had to literally suit up, wear their most favorite cologne, rehearse their pick-up lines and had to leave the house to finally hook up with someone. Introverts around the world are cringing so hard right now, we understand. All of this sounds a lot of effort. And if our one-night stand turns out to be not as good as we expected, what a waste of precious time and a good outfit would that be. Who even took so much pain?

Thank God for the internet, everything is at our fingertips, even our next date. Online dating has become the norm and has simplified most of our dating woes. Swipe right if you like and chat till you seal the deal. Swipe left if they do not have that sex appeal. It is really that simple. You do not need to leave the house till you are sure and no need to change out of those PJ’s.

The fact that everyone is on online dating apps with a common agenda, there is nothing much to explain and the whole process has really been made very straightforward. You enlist your preferences and tastes. And VOILA! You are presented with a list of your potential partners.

Key to Making it Work with Online Dating Apps

Your tinder profile needs to be top-notch if you really want this to work for you. Post your best selfie, add a pet or two because people dig furries. Add in your bio whatever you think is the best facet of your personality that might attract your type. You really need to make sure that you mention whatever you think would act as bait for the people that you might get matched with in your vicinity.

Profiles that Just Don't Care about Getting Matched

Most people over Tinder have very fancy profiles to increase their chances of getting matched. There are some Tinder legends who just did not think about who would like them and who would not. They just took a shot at humor, which probably is the best thing about them and even got laid in no time.

18 Funniest Profiles

The list goes on and on for this one, but we have tried to shortlist 18 of the most hilarious dating profiles that will make you laugh like anything. Remember fellows, there is no joy in dating someone who could not make you laugh. Here are these too-good-to-be-true Tinder profiles:

1. Honesty is the best policy

Not a lot of us people have the nerve to admit that we actually suck at whatever we do in life. It is completely alright, but imagine making a show of your clumsiness on Tinder? This lady built up an entire Tinder profile around her accident-prone personality to let the people out there know that she might be worth a shot just because she is the bad girl most people yearn for.

2. You all need Jesus in your life

How many times have you heard your grandma or an elderly family member complain about your ways in a manner that forces them to tell you that the only thing you need in your life is God to find the right way? Use Tinder to finally have your life blessed with the presence of Jesus. Here is one profile that had us in fits. This is exactly the kind we need.

3. Good old Pete with a lot of lady issues

There should be no chains and complete transparency when you date someone, yeah? This apparently 41 years old made sure that he does exactly that. Undoubtedly, this does add to his appeal, but the bunch of conditions he comes with might be a bit too much for you ladies out there.

4. Lady in the streets and…

Some people are worth swiping right at least once to help us find out more about them. 19 year old Hope is one of them. She sounds like someone who can take a joke without making a fuss about it and be good to hang around with.

5. Sassy with that political wit

Learned women who know what they are talking about are a major turn on, aren’t they fellows? This Tinder profile is every man’s wet dream before the dream takes a funny turn and nothing really happens. You go girl, even that disability isn’t something holding her back.

6. Sisters doing it right

Some men just like to play around; however, their partners turn out to be bigger gamers than themselves. Do not be one of these men, people.

7. Using grandma as bait

Imagine being so chill that you end up exposing your entire secret. Guys, what happens on a Friday night is no joke and shouldn’t be let out like that. Anyways, this guy looks fun to hang around with. A plus: Men who love grandma are actually cute.

8. For all those commitment phobic freaks

Don’t let the disease keep you off Tinder, especially when you can use it to hook up just casually. This girl is living her best life. We stan.

9. Get you a girl like this

This Tinder profile is hilarious. If you are into felines, this girl might have a lot to tell.

10. Trips with the guy trippin’

Besides looks, this profile gives you an insight into the kind of adventure this guy loves to go on. He does sound kind of sad, but that dark sense of humor has us in stitches.

11. Some people just have their priorities in order

.. like this lady on Tinder. Let’s face it, no matter how much a profile asserts that it has been made for the sole purpose of making friends, they are all in it for the hookup. This lady just took a jab at all of us with that bio.

12. For anyone looking for a complete package on Tinder

Women have always been mocked for having mood swings and acting like they are an entirely different person within a matter of minutes. This lady just owns it like a boss. We hear you, girl!

13. She makes it sound like a need

When it comes to making it clear, this lady just puts it out there as it is. We hope someone swiped right on this one.

14. We can’t decide if this is funny, romantic, cute or all of it

When it comes to making it clear, this lady just puts it out there as it is. We hope someone swiped right on this one.

15. Some people just want to make the world become a better place

People really are over on Tinder spreading joy with their profile pictures. This is the type of profile we all need to come across to find solace in this cold and dark place called world.

16. We are all sorry for her

This profile just solves the world’s oldest riddle and all of us feel kind of sad. This is not what we saw coming.

17. We can only imagine being her

This Tinder profile is a story we would love to hear more of. Who does that to their sibling? What did you see inside the machine? HOW DID IT FEEL? WE ALL NEED ANSWERS! 

Gotta swipe right for it first, yeah? Clever bait right there!

18. This man has it all figured out

This Tinder profile is all about evil schemes where the result of your deeds just come back to make you regret the entirety of your existence. Would definitely not swipe right, can have a nice giggle though.

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Online dating is all about how good you are with presenting yourself without actually meeting them. You set the entire stage for the first impression that decides if you are going to make it or not. Therefore, it is important that you make it as attractive as possible.

However, one important thing to remember about dating online is to make sure you are not falling prey to the malicious profiles that might not be right for anyone. A lot of crime does take place due to a lack of transparency in the online dating world. Make sure you get the background checked prior to making any serious move.

Play it safe and have fun!