Upskirt Photos: What is so intriguing about looking under?

Answering the mystery of men and upskirts to clueless women

By Sameet
Upskirt Photos: What is so intriguing about looking under?

Repeated Offenders: Taking Upskirt Photos

This world is full of perverts who find every possible way to annoy you with their dim-witted minds. There’s this menace of taking upskirt photos of girls which is getting out of hands and needs to be stopped. Many people take this issue as mere prank or a teasing act but people need to know that this is a sexual offence which can be reported to the law for serious punishment to the offender.

So who are these people that are so messed up in the head that they just have to take these photos? Some of them do it on impulse, some are repeat offenders who don’t deserve empathy from us.

Voyeurism, an addiction

Did you know that this pathetic act is also an addiction? Of course, there is no excuse to this behavior whether it’s out of mere pleasure or addiction but one should be aware that there should be another kind of approach to put an end to this. Psychologists say that they are facing a rise in number of people suffering from sex addiction disorders which lead to sex offences and voyeurism is one of them.

Often these people have suffered a difficult childhood or have been abused, been through severe depression or had some other disorder like Bi-polar disorder etc. According to a forensic psychologist Dr. Julia Lam in July 2017 said in an article for the Law Gazette:

“Voyeuristic behavior is on the rise…Learning theory suggests that an initially random or accidental observation of an unsuspecting person who is naked, in the process of disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity, may lead to sexual interest and arousal; with each successive repetition of the peeping act reinforcing and perpetuating the voyeuristic behavior.”

The legal aspect

Upskirting is currently a criminal offense in New York and some other states but not yet in all states although there has been a push to make it a law where the punishment for this offense will be up to two years in prison. We hope that with the media attention, the lawmakers will legalize upskirt offense to be a considered illegal worldwide. 

5 Reasons Why Some Men Are So into Upskirt Photos

One can only wonder why the world is so corrupt and why some people have nefarious intentions. What could possibly be going on in those wicked heads that compels them to carry on such disgusting deeds? Here are some common reasons why some men are so into upskirting:

1. The pleasure


Now one would think if someone gains pleasure by seeing nudes and bottoms, then why they don’t watch porn instead? If someone likes lingerie, he or she can satisfy the desire to see it in an advertisement and simply entering a lingerie shop. However, when the event becomes accidental and forbidden. The desire to obtain the forbidden "fruit" is much higher and satisfying.

When someone accidentally sees something that they weren’t supposed to, like when a girl’s skirt is swayed a little by the wind in public, even if it’s her partner, he is bound to get aroused. Similarly, trying to take a photo of a girl, without anyone knowing seems like pleasure in itself to these perverts.

2. They don’t think it’s wrong

As ridiculous as it sounds, these men justify their acts by giving certain explanations like, they’re not really taking nudes, and they’re not making it viral by posting it on social media. While some think that the girl’s face isn’t showing so it doesn’t really matter. What they don’t get it this is just as wrong as any other sexual offence.

3. Personal Revenge

Guys often take things too personally, especially those with an ego the size of a mountain. Just like that ‘revenge porn’ is also reported many times, this is a similar issue that is not yet handled properly by the authorities. It is extremely satisfying for guys who have some personal grudge held against a girl.

4. The addiction

Simply, they can’t help it. Research has shown that mentally sick people who find gratification in sexual offenses and such public acts cannot function normally without them. Most of these guys are doing it just for themselves and their own personal gains. Reports have told that when raided, these persons withhold hundreds of videos and pictures. Upskirting habits and other voyeuristic acts are undesirable no matter what.

5. For the fun of it

Believe it or not, these are just little games for sick people. Even if they aren’t using the pictures or even deleting them instantly. Even if it’s just a bet with a friend, they do it for the fun. Getting a pat on the back, or getting validation by the same group of mentally perverted guys, it’s all a fun game for them. Not realizing what kind of emotional impact these things cause, they keep doing it until strictly acted upon.

How to Protect Yourself from Being a Victim

Looking out for yourself can be the best thing you can do for yourself. No one should be allowed to breach your privacy and here’s how you can prevent it:

Be generally aware

There’s no harm in looking out for yourself. If someone is staring at you or seems odd, if you think you’re being followed, even if it’s just a gut feeling, don’t ignore it. This becomes a habit and when someone tries to get too close and attempts to take a photo, you would know and catch him right away.

Put up a strong profile

It is natural that people get intimidated by the mere appearance or body language of a person. Guys are easy to fool in that matter. For example, if there’s a girl looking all nervous and anxious, there is a sign of worry on her forehead, she’s slouching a bit as if scared that something might happen, she’s an easy target to such perverts. But on the other hand, if a girl is standing tall with a tough look and keeping a look out, making eye-contact, then a pervert will most probably think twice before approaching her.


Just like any other form of harassment, if you even feel the slightest touch of a person down where it’s not right, turn around and react. Tell them you’re not going to tolerate such behavior. Similarly, you can help your fellow girls out. Not only look out for yourself but others too. If you see someone sneaking up, shout and alert surrounding people.

Spread the word

Most of the people are blissfully unaware of such monstrous acts and they need to know so they can protect themselves. Spreading awareness protects the whole society and of course, you too. This creates a sense of attentiveness in people even the good guys. If the good guys are informed of such acts, they will look out for pervs too.

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People have found new and modern ways to please themselves. Upskirting has risen along as the smartphone industry has spread. Same goes for the inventions of spy cameras and such equipment in a very affordable price, they have encouraged this unacceptable behavior.


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