15 Undeniable Signs that She Likes You Very Much

How to reciprocate love from a girl to a girl or decline gently

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15 Undeniable Signs that She Likes You Very Much

Signs That Your Best Girlfriend Is In Love With You

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The world of dating is not an easy one. Sometimes you wonder if the person you're talking to is actually flirting with you, or if they're actually interested in you (romantically) or if they have an outgoing personality that compels them to treat everyone they meet with the same enthusiasm. Things get a little more tricky if you're a straight woman and suddenly you start to wonder if the girl you're talking too at the bar or at the coffee shop is interested in you. It gets a little more baffling if, due to some strange behavior from your best girl, you start to wonder if maybe she has romantic feelings toward you.

If she's indeed your best friend, you'd know that she's gay, and she knows that you're not. You have been friends for a long time and you value her friendship so if you don't want things to get uncomfortable between you two, (because you can't reciprocate her feelings) you need to be sure first, that you're not imagining things; and second, you need to in this case decline her interest in you gently.

Here are some signs to tell you for sure that she's interested in you beyond friendship. 

15 Undeniable Signs That She Wants To Be Romantically Involved

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Sometimes the signs are not obvious and you won't be able to tell right away, but if you notice a couple of them while you're spending time together, then you should really consider your reaction or your next step. Take a look at these undeniable signs that she's into you. 

1. They send lots of smiles your way

You're a naturally smiley person, that's how you say Hi! to the world. Some people are going to smile back at you, some won't. On the other hand, your friend is not the smiley type, she's even kind of grumpy but that changes when she looks at you. She's sending lots of smiles your way, the changes in her demeanor when she looks are you are obvious (at least to you). 

2. She's actually flirting with you

That should clue you in, right? She's being flirty anytime you two get together. If you know she's the flirty kind (she flirts with everyone), then you've got nothing to worry about. Also, if she's flirting when you're surrounded by other friends, she may just be showing off. A sure sign she's interested in you romantically is if she starts to flirt with you when you two are spending time alone.

3. A prolonged eye contact

You know that when you're speaking with someone, looking at that person's face and making eye contact is important because it shows that you're paying attention to what they're saying, it matters to you. That applies to friend's conversations too. it's nice to know that your friend is listening and paying attention to what you're telling them and vice-versa. The sign you should pay attention to is the constant direct eye contact, friends don't usually do that. 

4. She's constantly leaning in

When someone's attracted to you, you'll be able to tell by their body language and how they lean in whenever you're near. She can either start giving you subtle hand touches or she can be leaning in your direction with every little pretext. If you've noticed that she's not the touchy type, she just does this with you, then you've got a sure sign that she's interested.

5. Her compliments toward you are a little more personal

It's common between women to compliment each other when we like what our friends are wearing, or their new hairdos or how well they're doing at work. It's nice to be nice. When the compliments go beyond that, or when she saves all the compliments for you and is giving them to you on a regular basis, that's when you should clue in. Also, the compliments are going to be about more personal stuff, not just how you look.

6. She starts messaging you constantly

Constant messaging amongst friends is totally normal, you need to update your friends about what's happening in your life and sometimes you want their input about an issue, or you just want to say hi and chat for a while. In this case, she would be sending you more personal messages, like "It was great to see you", or "I was invited to this party on Saturday, would you like to go with me?" That alone is a sign that she's looking for more than friendship.

7. She chooses to be close to you when things get tough

If she's attracted to you, she'll seek your company when things around her start to get tough. She knows you have her back, so It'll seem the most natural thing for her to lean on you, but the thing here is that she'll seek more than her best friend's comfort. She's aiming for close proximity, to find a connection with you.

8. Pay attention to her body language

If you have your suspicions about her being attracted to you, then start paying attention to her body language when you're talking. You can tell a lot about the other person's interest in you by monitoring their body language. For example, if you're chatting not facing each other and then suddenly she opens up and faces you, or leans in to whisper something. There could be a lot of accidental touches that were not happening before.

9. She wants to be near you as often as possible

It would seem that this is her mission, she's doing anything to always be near you. At work, she wants to be involved in some way in all your projects. She finds out where you'll be and she starts to show up; when you're on a group she always finds a way to stand close to you. She enjoys your company and she wants you to notice her in a different way, so she'll go out of her way to make that happen.

10. She'll start asking a lot of questions

You're supposed to know pretty much everything about your best friend, so the constant need to know things about you should be natural. But you'll know when things start to change, she'll start asking more personal questions and not just to you, she'll try to get her answers from your other friends or colleges or family.

11. She gets tongue-tied around you

If you've noticed that lately she's acting kind of weird around you or she get's tongue-tied in your presence, that's a sign that she's interested in you. Usually, she's got a lot to say but not anymore, and now things are awkward between you two.

12. She's sending you good morning texts

Those kinds of messages are one of the benefits of being in a relationship. Friends may text each other to ask about plans, but if her morning texts are more in the "I was thinking of you" form, then you should be clued into what her intentions are.

13. She's always giving you gifts

Gift-giving among friends for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas is normal but in this case, she's going beyond. We're not talking big gifts, it's more like little details. Maybe she left your favorite cookie on your desk at lunch or a flower with her name on it. She's trying to make you feel special and that should be your clue.

14. She always tries to make you laugh

Having a good time while hanging with your bestie is what is all about right? But with her being into you, she goes out of the way to make you laugh, finding jokes she knows you enjoy and have a good laugh with. She'll also find humor in things you say, even when you're not that funny. If you're hanging with a group and when you tell a bad joke she's the only one laughing, then you have your sign.

15. She'll ask you out

This is the most obvious of them all. She'll either be very clear or you'll have to read between the lines but either way, she'll make her interest known. 

How To Reciprocate or Decline Nicely

You're good people, right? So you know that there's nothing worse than hurting someone or making them upset. When it comes to figuring out how to reject someone's romantic interest nicely you need to think it through. You want to be clear but don't want to sound heartless or uncaring. You can do it nicely this way.

Declining Nicely

  • .Be honest: Even if it stings, you have to be honest about how you feel. Find the right words but always speak honestly.
  • Tell her in person: Rejection is always painful so don't hide behind technology or others to tell her you're not interested. Be upfront and tell her face to face.
  • Find the right words: You want to be clear but not hurtful. Think it through and once you find the right words, tell her exactly that

Reciprocating her interest

If you're into her too, then things should be pretty easy. You can accept her invitation to go out and get to know each other. You'll then know if that interest can grow.

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We hope the signs listed above can help you clear up your doubts about her interest in you. Whether you're going to reciprocate or decline her interest, communication is key. Always be upfront and honest.


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