Multiple Orgasms: Myth or Truth? Find out now!

How is it possible have multiple orgasms as what some claimed

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Multiple Orgasms: Myth or Truth? Find out now!

The Truth about Orgasms

There are plenty of myths about orgasms and why wouldn’t there be? Some of these ideas are extracted from personal experiences but most of them are just picked up from the internet without any context. Here are some things you need to know about orgasms.

Is There Any Truth To Films And TV Shows?

The information surrounding the orgasms has always been a bit hazy. A major reason behind it is that the statistics depend upon the word of the mouth, which cannot always be trusted. Most of the impressions people have of this topic are based on the fiction that has been portrayed in the form of films and TV shows or has been written in erotica. Would you be surprised to know that none of these mediums can be trusted? The works are based on fantasies of men and women which not always conform to the actual realities of life. The truth, however, is quite different.

Is Getting Multiple Orgasms That Easy?

Are multiple orgasms possible? Yes, they can happen but that does not mean every woman experiences them. Watching a man and a woman indulging in such pleasures in a movie make it seem too easy, but it is not something that ‘happens on its own’. The fact is, that most of the women may not be able to experience multiple orgasms, not because it is not possible, but because they are doing it the wrong way. For every woman, the case is different. It is not just about a woman only, but a man as well. Orgasm is a sexual pleasure a person derives and his or her sexual pleasure varies from person to person. While one woman can have multiple orgasms, the other cannot because her partner does not provide her with enough simulation.

Facts And Figures

It has been reported that around 25 percent of women routinely reach orgasm through penetrative sex. On the other hand, that number is three times as high among men which tells us a lot about the misconceptions men have about the female sexual response. This also leads to a huge problem that leads women to fake orgasms. Because of unrealistic expectations, women have no choice but to fake their orgasms as the alternative seems more difficult: asking their male partners to be more cooperative and understanding of their erogenous zones.

A recent American study suggested that the female strategy to fake orgasms may be a strategy to hold on to their partners. It was found that if women suspected their partners were cheating there was a higher chance that they would fake an orgasm or pretend to enjoy sex more. Frankly everyone does it from time to time in order to save the next person from shame. While some say that it’s an attempt to feed the male ego, it’s mostly just a way to avoid confrontation. In some cases, a discussion between the couple on the man’s inability to arouse the woman is not recommended. Such a confrontation can only lead to a disaster as it will not be received positively by a man. Imagine telling your partner he isn’t as good as he thinks? I couldn’t imagine any relationship taking a turn for the better after a comment like that.

8 Myths about Vaginal Orgasms

1. Penetration Does Not Equal To an Orgasm

Many women beat themselves up for not experiencing an orgasm during sex and that can even lead to low self-esteem. The truth is, the anatomy of every woman’s body is different.

According to many psychotherapists, an orgasm is all about the distance between the vaginal opening and the clitoris. The closer the clit is to the vagina, the more likely it is that the penetrative sex will make a woman come. Some women feel the need to rub their clit or use a vibrator during partnered sex and that does not mean that there is anything wrong with them or their partner.

2. Masturbating Has Negative Effects on Orgasms with Your Partner

Many women believe on the myth that touching yourself or masturbating can have negative consequences on your responses during the actual sexual encounter. This is false as there is no empirical basis in it. In fact, it would not be wrong to assume that touching oneself can actually help you understand more about your body. The more you know about your erogenous zones and simulations, the better you would be during sexual encounters with your partners and you can even guide him! The more orgasms you have, the better you will be able to understand your body.

3. Good Sex Must Have an Orgasm

According to various studies, the likelihood of orgasm does have effect on the sexual satisfaction (obviously), but it is not the only variable. Other variables such as conflict and communication with your partner can play a huge role as well. Other research shows that sexual self-esteem and confidence also impact the way you enjoy a sexual encounter. On the contrary, any sexual experience can be horrible even though you did have an orgasm, but other unpleasant factors were involved.

4. Multiple Orgasms during Sexual Encounter Is Perfectly Normal

No, it’s not! As mentioned earlier, not every woman experience orgasms during penetration, let alone multiple ones. This is a myth that needs to be busted especially among the millennials who have formed unrealistic expectations from watching too much of television. Women do happen to have multiple orgasms but the percentage is extremely low. Women who are not among those numbers should not feel bad about themselves as it is not their fault. These things depend on every woman’s body which is unique and different!

5. Orgasms Take a Lot of Work

It is true that not every woman will experience an orgasm during a sexual encounter. However, the reason is related to the body and not because ‘it needed too much work’. Each body responds to different stimuli and the art is to find the answer to that ‘how’. What works for one woman will not necessarily work for another woman. Unfortunately, when this happens a common disbelief is formed that the sex needed too much work, when in fact, all the male partner needed to do was ‘understand the woman’s body’.

6. Female Orgasms Feel Different From Male Orgasms

A widespread belief is that female orgasms are more pleasurable than male orgasms. A study done on the subject found that when men and women were asked to describe their orgasms, they all used the same vocabulary. The only difference here is between the body anatomies. The way men and women take pleasure is no different! This also makes sense because both the female and male genitalia developed from the similar structure in the womb.

7. Female Orgasms Evolved For Reproduction

Some scientists have proposed that female orgasms’ job is to suck in the male sperm efficiently so it has a higher chance of meeting with the egg. That is a myth and nothing more. For once, there is no correlation between the number of times a woman has an orgasm and the number of times she gets pregnant. The relationship is arbitrary here and nothing else. One reason behind the existence of female orgasm could be to tone the pelvic floor muscles, as a byproduct of male orgasms.

8. Emotional Connection Is Needed For Orgasm

Orgasms in women do not happen based on feelings but because of the right simulations. Not all women experience orgasms during sex, and most of the times, they attribute it to the lack of emotions which is false. A woman has more control over her body than she or anybody else knows. The mystery behind a woman’s orgasm is not related to some emotional feelings but rather to the anatomy of her body and how it is treated.

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Turns out there is a lot of misinformation spreading around regarding orgasms. The biggest myth we need to bust is that every woman experiences orgasms during sexual encounters. A woman’s ability to have an orgasm does not in any way define her or her sexual life. It is only a matter of how her body works differently and nothing to be ashamed about. Having said that, there are a lot women who need to learn about their bodies so they can help their sexual partners understand as well!


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