9 Reasons You Should Add Dry Humping Into Your Sex List

Why dry humping might be even better than sex and how to try it

By Kimmy
9 Reasons You Should Add Dry Humping Into Your Sex List

Wait, What is Dry Humping?

Is that a thing? Is it a type of fetish? Who does that?

Dry humping, non-penetrative sex, refers to the at of stimulating sexual pleasure while not having actual intercourse. To put it bluntly, you have sex with someone with your pants on, just rubbing back and forth so you both feel the sexual stmulants without actually banging.

This non-conventional way of having sex is very popular. People that want to have the sexual satisfaction without having the dick-in-vagina action would opt for dry humping. Or just anyone that wants to have fun but don't have protection.

The experience varies with different people. Some find jeans actually very arousing and provide much better sensation due to the grip and fiction. Some like a think layer of sports pants or leggings to feel the body parts well without actually touching it.

New to this dry humping deal? Well, you've got lots to learn. Read on and find out why dry humping is worth a shot!

Why Dry Humping is Not Just for Virgins

1. No pregnancy

Dry humping is definitely not reserved for virgins that aren't ready for the real deal only. It's the best option for all those that don't want pregnancies but don't have proper protection at the moment. It's safer than any contraceptive methods. A lot of couples and hookups prefer dry humping over conventional sex as they don't have to worry about getting pregnant.

However, dry humping doesn't protect you against STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Although there's no body fluid exchange, and no skin-to-skin contact, dry humping can still lead to STIs if not practiced safely. During dry humping, fluids may penetrate through pants and touch you without you knowing. And as always, even kissing can pass on STIs.

Practise dry humpig safely and talk to your partner about the risks if one of you has STIs. Always be responsible

2. You can do it yourself!

Yep, that's right, you don't always need a partner to dry hump. Find any objects without sharp edges and any texture that pleases you and get the party started! Dry humping is about stimulating the effects of actual banging. It doesn't have to involve another partner. Like sex, you can always go for a dildo.

A vast majority of people actually enjoy dry humping with an object a lot more than with a person. The reason is that you need to move around more than actual intercourse to feel the pleasure while dry humping. Moving back and forth with another person and be tiring, especially if you aren't coordinating it well. With an object, everything is in your hands. You can control the intensity and speed for maximum pleasure.

Don't think dry humping an object is weird. It's only weird because you haven't tried it. Try it and you will see a whole new world from above.

3. Orgasms can easily be achieved

Yep, that's right. Dry humping isn't just for virgins as a lot of people cum easier this way. Statistically speaking, only 35% of women can cum during an intercourse as compared to 95% for men. Not being able to cum is a challenge and frustration for women around the world. Vaginal penetration is less sensitive and harder to bring you to climax, while rubbing the clitoris can bring women to climax much easier.

That's why dry humping is prefered, mostly by women. They feel it's easier for them to finish. After all, you both worked for it. It's not fair that usually men can finish. Orgasms for both are easier this way. Couples prefer it as well.

How to Dry Hump Really Well

4. Pick a good outfit, texture is the key

People have their own preference, although it's not uncommon that some enjoy thick, hard demin, most prefer softer material so you can feel your partner's private part closer and apply more pressure on your clitoris. If you're doing it with your partner, find out each other's preference and what suits your needs the most. If it's with a stranger or it's unplanned, go with something silky, or leggings, something smooth and seductive can never go wrong.

Don't be shy to pull down your pants and strip to your underwear for the best experience. Rub your genitals against each other for sexual climax. Understand that for some, they do find jeans to be arousing because of its hard texture. If there's ever conflict in your preferences, talk before procedding so you can both enjoy.

5. Foreplay is always a must

Like any convetional penetrative sex, foreplay is essential in getting each other into the mood. Making out and having the right settings can help you achieve orgasm much easier. Do it like a regular foreplay. Take a shower so you feel clean, definitely shave as well like you normally would even if your partner won't see it.

Imagination is the key to achieving orgasm in dry humping. There's no penetration so you will have to picture that part for yourself. Set up the room with candle lights, rose petals on the bed, light music in the background. Dry humping may require more foreplay to get each partner into the game. Don't be shy! Do it like how you normally would, just with pants on!

6. Don't be shy with the toys

Seriously people take dry humping so weirdly that they treat it like it's something else, but it's not. It's still just sex. If you can add a toy to your regular banging or blow job, there's no reason stopping you from enjoying it with a good dry hump.

Put a dab against yourself for the thrilling, indescribable feeling when your partner puts pressure against you. Don't feel shy to bring toys into the pictures. Lots of couples find it awkward to bring toys into the picture. Introducing them to your sex life with dry humping is perfect. You're trying something new, so why not try two new things at the same time? You're going for the fun, exciting experience so let's double the fun and prolong the orgasm!

7. Practise it with an object

That's right. It's okay to be nervous about your first time dry humping. No one wants to seem inexperienced or bad at sex. Too nervous to try it with a person? Try it with yourself to perfect the skill! Remember all the grinding, the positions that make you cum. Understand your needs and how to enjoy it. Do it a few times with yourself until you get a hang of it and you won't be so awkward doing it with a partner.

Any smooth objects will do. Change positions often too so you know how to make yourself feel good in different positions.

8. Change positions

It's can be pretty dull to stay in one position for long. Be adventurous with positions. Try out new positions. What makes you easily cum during a D-in-P action might not be the same with a dry hump. You have to venture out to find positions that make you climax. It's a whole new territory. It can be a position you've never tried before or even a position you hated during intercourse.

Dry humping stimulates your sexual parts differently than intercourse. You may not get the same feeling with the same position. That's why people that like to dry hump always say it's a totally different experience. You don't even know what makes you cum in a dry hump. It's more unpredictable due to clothing choices. Always try out new positions for better experience.

9. Move your body

Do you realise that in sex, usually one partner is doing most of the work and the other one just enjoys? It's not quite like it with dry humping. Both partners have to be involved and grind it like you mean it. Without the D-in-P action, both have to work it to cum. Don't be a lazy person and let your partner do all the work.

Find a way that you both are comfortable with and move your body with it. Communication is important if it's your first time trying. Figure out each other's preference, what makes you climax and how to achieve it. In short, you have to be more active in a dry hump than a conventional intercourse.

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Dry humping is fun, arousing and erotic. It's not something for nerds or virgins. Most people that have tried it enjoyed their experience a lot. If you're a newbie to this, you should feel pretty confident and interested in trying it, whether with yourself or your partner!

An intimate experience that brings your relationship to the next level. You will be surprised by all the fun you have been missing all these years by saying no to dry humping! It's cooler than you'd ever thought about! Follow our tips and go at it now!


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