8 Reasons Why A Big Penis Does Not Mean Great Sex

Why a big penis is not a sexual desire but rather a painful one

By Diana Nadim
8 Reasons Why A Big Penis Does Not Mean Great Sex

Big Penis Misconceptions

Well, from what pornography portrays, men think that most women are impressed by the one-eyed monster hidden in their trousers. Women will tell you that size means nothing when it comes to having great sex. This is because, as a man, you have to be extra careful when making love if you have a monster penis. It is even worse when you have a curved monster penis because the penetration becomes hard, and your partner may end up not liking it.

In addition to this, only 55% of men are satisfied with their members. On the contrary, 85% of women are reported to be satisfied with their partner's penis size. This means that the size factor is primarily on the men's head and not an issue to the women. On average, only 3% of the men have smaller than average penis size, and there is no reason for these guys to perform poorly in bed.

Below is a simple understanding of what size of penis size is said to be big and quite a more straightforward meaning of what excellent sex means and may entail.

What Penis Size Is Regarded As Big

The average size of the penis is believed to be 5 inches when erect and anything bigger than that is said to be larger than average. However, having two or more inches of a larger penis than the average will make you feel confident and have the one on the receiving end to gain more pleasure.

Remember, this may be 'too big' for most women. It's worth noting that it's only the first two inches inside the vagina that provide most of the pleasure. Men with a bigger penis should take this into account so that they may not hurt their partners during penetration.

What Does Great Sex Mean?

Most people regard great sex as when you have your sexual gratification fulfilled. This is more so when you experience orgasms during sex is what makes sex great. This can be through the use of toys such as vibrators to increase stimulation and pleasure.

Apart from the actual penetration, mental preparation is a very important key when it comes to making great sex. Your partner must be forearmed about your intentions so that you can both be ready. Ensuring that you are properly aroused before penetration is also very important.

For women especially, you must ensure that they reach an orgasm, maybe through oral sex or using sex toys before penetration. This helps to widen the vagina muscles and makes it wet, ready for penetration. However, that said, here are the 8 reasons why a big penis does not mean great sex.

8 Reasons Why A Big Penis Does Not Mean Great Sex

1. Doesn’t fit normal condoms

The bigger the penis, the harder it is for you to find extra-large condoms. Condoms are one way of preventing the transmission of diseases to your partner. If you engage in unprotected sex, simply because you can't find the right condom size may translate to sex that is not great enough. This is because it gets you worried about what happens if you contract a disease.

Additionally, the use of protection during sex helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Now imagine having a spouse who doesn’t use protection and then it amounts to many children. It’s not even enjoyable since you have to keep worrying about pregnancies each time you want to engage in sex.

2. Doesn’t fit the vagina properly

According to studies across the world, it is evident that a woman's vagina can accommodate up to 7 inches of a penis in depth. That is just the average size of the penis, which means that if you have a bigger penis that's in terms of length and circumference, it may lead to discomfort during sex.

It is further believed that the penis, when erect it is 33% longer than the average vagina size. Now imagine what happens when you have to accommodate that during sex. However, with this said, there are ways that you can use, such as trying to ensure proper lubrication before penetration. This, at least, helps to reduce the pain or discomfort that may occur.

3. Cystitis

This is the inflammation of the bladder. You are aware that sex involves much rubbing. Now with that in mind, when engaging in sex and you have a bigger penis than average, the rubbing is worse since your meat gets to fill your partner’s vagina.

If it's not well lubricated, it may lead to intense inflammation. This leaves your partner with a bruised urethra that makes it hard to pee comfortably. Engaging in sex in such a condition, you will agree with me that as much as you would like to confess, it is not pleasant.

4. Anal sex is more painful

As couples with many years of living together, you may want to try out new styles. One of the most common styles apart from the change in sex positions is having anal sex. You can imagine, the vagina that has all self-lubricating features, getting discomfort during sex. What happens when you engage in anal sex? You find that as much as you want to improve those bedroom skills by spicing them up with new experiences, it becomes harder and unbearable during penetration.

5. Measured sex

This is in terms of the preparation you need to take before penetration. You got to ensure that your partner is well lubricated and ready to have sex. That way, you cannot engage in fast, rough, and hardcore sex without causing a lot of pain afterward. You can all confess that sex is more fabulous when you both start at a slow pace to fast and rough sex. With the big penis, it may not be as enjoyable as it seems, or many may term it be to.

6. Lubrication is a must-have

If you must have sex, then you must have a lube. Take, for example, you want to have a quickie, and neither you nor your partner has the lube. You either end up not fulfilling your desires, or if you choose to go ahead with the act, it won't be as enjoyable as it would have been. You find that those with an average penis it would have been very easy to have a quickie with just a few minutes of foreplay.

7. Difficulty in position change

You can agree with me that if you have a bigger than average member, you end up engaging in just one or two positions. It is difficult for you to engage in sex, for instance, having your partner on top, sitting down, from behind, sides, and so on. Changing between one sex position only can be boring and monotonous, especially if you want to explore more positions and the pleasure that comes with these positions.

8. Bleeding

You might end up experiencing bleeding after having sex. Bleeding is in no way presentable, and if you know that sex with a partner who has a larger member will cause bleeding, then it is automatic that you won't enjoy sex. Even when prepared psychologically, it might still pose a problem due to the bleeding. It may also occur when you make inaccurate and unfortunate shots.

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It is clear that the big 'cassavas don't always make the sex great. This further means that perfect bedroom satisfaction has nothing to do with your penis size. You must know your partner's expectations and sexual desires before having sex lest will not have enjoyable sex.

On the other hand, women think that men tend to glorify the big penis as a way of trying to get confidence. It is well believed that women don't find any fuss with the penis just as illustrated above. Women may orgasm even through oral sex and the use of toys, so the issue of idolizing having a big penis is overrated.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that you don’t have to become boring because you have a larger member, and you are afraid of hurting your partner. You can ensure that you use enough lubrication before penetration and also engage in adequate foreplay to make sure that your partner is ready and well prepared. This will help if you have a larger than average penis to enjoy sex without hurting your significant other.


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