Can You Know How Much He Loves You by His Kisses?

Uncover the amount of love with the way he kisses you now!

By Caren M
Can You Know How Much He Loves You by His Kisses?

Kisses, a Window To His Love?

Men are from Mars and women from Venus and so understanding each other sometimes is the difference between night and day. On the one hand, women are highly attuned to their emotions and speaking them out whereas men prefer to keep things on a down low and look for other ways of expressing the way they feel. Enter expression number 1, kissing.

Kissing is the most common way of expressing one’s feelings and it’s done across the board by all animals. Cats, dogs and other mammals show affection by licking each other’s faces, elephants put their whole trunk in another elephant’s mouth while birds click beaks.

For a woman that’s interested in a man, looking for little cues like how he kisses you is one way to tell how he really feels... and how you feel too because kisses are really powerful tools of communicating what’s happening inside and one kiss will tell you all you need to know.

Getting into the kiss

A man that wants you will put that fire and passion of want into the kiss because that’s his way of saying, ‘I feel a whole lot and I want you to just experience it because I don’t think I could properly put it into words.’ Yes, just one kiss can tell you all this and so much more. Some other ques to be looking out for to tell you where this hunk is at is to look at other body language cues.

i) His eyes

He keeps his attention through his eyes on you. I mean, they are fixed on you almost to an uncomfortable degree but it’s not creepy at all. and if he’s really into you, his pupils will be dilated and they’ll be inviting you to come and take a plunge in them, also known as the pull of the eyes. This is probably the time to start practicing staring deeply into the soul’s window if you’re shy about it.

He’ll also probably look intensely into your eyes, then lips, back up to relay his message of wanting to lock lips with you. This is a very effective way of getting those chemicals into action because your entire system will be anticipating his lips.

Pay attention to his eyes, if he flutters them closed before kissing you, but don’t be too weird or obvious about it. A guy that keeps his eyes open during a kiss is probably not that into you.

ii) His touch

Not groping you all over the place, but how he can’t seem to keep his hands beside his body, where they should be and instead has his hand on some part of you. Whether it’s a light tap on your elbow or tucking your hair behind your ear. He’s using these little touches to get close to you, to make you feel comfortable when he fully invades your space. He may also place his forehead on yours and place his hand at the back of your neck just before he kisses you. It’s super romantic and intense because he’s saying that he feels so much he’s grounding himself with you before he takes that dive.

Combining his touch and the way he looks at you to create that vibe before he kisses you, is his way of letting you know that he wants you and those few moments before he puts his lips on you are so crucial because combined with his kiss, you’ll know exactly where the two of you are headed.

What does his kiss tell you

There are various types of kisses and they communicate different messages. Be warned though that some of them may communicate different types of messages and it’s the seconds before the kiss like we discussed up there that will determine what the message is.

1. The peck

This is simply a closed mouth kiss where your lips touch for a split second as a hello or goodbye. This kiss is really good because it leaves you wanting more, especially if you just started dating and is guaranteed to keep a glowing smile on your face. You know there’s more to come at the end of the night. It’s also a good way of him saying that he’s not afraid to be seen giving you affection in public. 

2. Slow kiss

This is the best kind of kiss in the romance department and is associated with deep affection and love. When a man is in love, or something close to it, he wants to take his time and savor the moment because it’s something he wants to remember. He wants to extend this moment, just the two of you and the melding of your souls in this embrace. Everything in this kiss is also felt on a different level, from the caressing of tongue and lips to the smooth tilting of the head as he goes in for more. And it’s also really romantic when he uses his hands to frame your face and support your neck. You feel this kiss all way to your toes.

3. Cheek kiss

A kiss on the cheek could mean two things 1) that he’s being affectionate and this is a really cute way of showing appreciation and affection.  He’ll lean in deliberately and may make eye contact first and close in like he’s going for a lip kiss before taking a detour first. He’ll kiss you closer to your lips too and linger there for longer than necessary.

2) He could kiss you on the cheek because he just sees you as a friend. Often a quick smack on the cheek and he pulls away quickly too.

4. Forehead kiss

This is the most heartwarming type of kiss. It shows a mutual trust between you two and his primal need to protect and keep you safe. This means you’re tapping into this man’s evolutionary trait to protect his woman and he’s definitely in love with you.

5. French kiss

A French kiss may be a sign that he’s into you but it could also mean that he’s just looking for a good time. The thing about a French kiss is that it’s great foreplay if you’re sexually active and can be a substitute for sex if you’re still taking your time. It would be best not to read too much into this type of kiss because it can give you mixed signals. You should instead consider other factors like how your relationship is in general.

6. Shoulder kiss

A man kissing your shoulder or back is an indicator of a strong emotional bond. He’s showing you love in his way. It’s a move of assurance and protection. He’s thanking you for all that you are to him and showing you that he trusts you.

7. Neck kiss

This is another type of kiss that could mean two things. 1) sexy and sweet- he knows it’s a weak spot and he uses it to provoke you to passion. It could also mean 2) that he wants you and he wants you right now. This is a lusty, rather than emotional connection. Your relationship status plays a factor in detecting what his intentions are.

8. Upside-down kisses

Lip kissing in an upside-down position is sweet as hell-not literally. It’s really affectionate and creative. It shows that he’s put a lot of thought into kissing. It could be romantic and mean that he’s thinking about you constantly.

9. Upper and lower lip kiss

This kiss starts off a slow kiss but eventually sucks on the upper or lower lip and may move on to the cheeks, chin, or jaw. It’s an intense lusty kiss that transitions from a slow kiss to a French kiss.

10. Butterfly kiss

This kiss is shared between two people that are in love. It’s intimate without being too much and only a certain level of connection and intimacy will help you achieve it without it being weird. It is achieved by coming close to each other and then fluttering your eyelids together.

What if he kiss you a lot?

Most men give their affection in small doses but sometimes you get a guy that wants to kiss you all the time. He has his lips on some part of you when you’re near. It feels good when he gives you all this attention without you having to explicitly beg for it. This is usually a good sign that he’s into you and wants you two to make a stronger connection.

Kissing is usually accompanied by other cues like touch and eye contact like we mentioned above so keep these things in mind too when he’s kissing you. Notice all these gestures to help you get more insight into where his mind is at.

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Paying attention to the way a man kisses you will give you insight into his feelings without him having to say the words. Pay attention but make sure you don’t read too much into a more platonic situation. Pay attention to other factors like eye contact and touch that will help guide you. Listen to what your body is saying, get out of your head a little bit, and enjoy this journey with him.


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