18 Sex Games For Couples To Get Over Boredom

Naughty games to get your blood pumped. Absolutely no boredom!

By Sophia R
18 Sex Games For Couples To Get Over Boredom

Sexual intercourse is one of the greatest pleasures that people can enjoy. However, not everyone has the same mentality about sex, as there may be very liberal people who like to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest, and people who, due to a series of prejudices, see sex as prohibitive. or that you should stick to a script and very rigid roles. 

As pretty much everything, sex can become routine and even boring, which is totally the opposite that it should be.  Sex is all about trying new things, spicing things up, making your relationship better, and there are literally infinite ways it can be practiced, so it is literally a waste of pleasure not to do so. 

Enjoying sexuality and having an open mind is synonymous with health. In this article, we present a series of sexual games that you can play with your partner to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures. 

The truth is that sex is a healthy practice that no one should deprive themselves of. When we fuse our bodies with the person who most attracts us, the experience leads us to ecstasy. But sex is not only positive for the sensations and the pleasure that makes us live, but science has shown that it has many benefits:

  • It improves the immune system by releasing large amounts of the hormone DHEA.
  • It rejuvenates and makes you feel younger.
  • Extends life
  • Improves physical fitness and cardiovascular health
  • It improves mood by flooding the brain with neurochemicals such as serotonin or endorphins.
  • Reduces stress

18 Sex Games For Couples

I mean, come on, do we even need to tell you more? Leave everything behind and plan those sexy nights to try out these 18 sex games to increase the desire and fun In your relationship.

1. Body painting

Do you want to try something new and exciting? Why not play painting each other. You may not be a great artist, but what individual does not want to use the body of their excited partner as a canvas. For this, you can try all kinds of instruments, such as thinner, thicker brushes, paint, markers, whatever you may think of  ... the important thing is to lose yourself in the sensations, and when the masterpiece is finished, to enjoy, if you know what we mean. 

2. Chocolate and ice cream

There is nothing better than combining sweet taste with sex. Come on, the only thing that is stimulated in this game is not just the palate. For this, it is necessary that the two members of the couple are naked, and then you can begin to trace paths of chocolate and ice cream throughout the body. Then, without using your hands, you should not leave a trace of the sweet. The flavors and sensations of cold ice cream and wet tongue will make this moment magical. 

3. The bomb

The bomb is a simple game but it will make you explode with pleasure. To do this, you just have to take a watch and decide on a time interval in which penetration is not allowed. For example, 20 minutes. Kisses, caresses, bites ... everything is possible except penetration. The good things make you wait. At the time you will be able to do so, sensations will be way stronger, and you will not be able to keep it calm for long. 

4. The blind

To play the blind you just have to blindfold your partner, take them where you want, and do what you want. Not being able to see gives free rein to the imagination and can be very exciting, which will make the experience way better and more exciting for them. 

5. The prisoner

This next one is a classic of stimulating sex. The blind man's game leaves the person unable to see what is happening, but the prisoner immobilizes them, making them sort of like a slave. For example, you can try doing it against the bed or on a chair. This feeling can be very provocative, as they are not able to do anything whilst the other has complete control and power. Also, if your eyes are covered, the situation is even more erotic, so you can combine these two games to have the ultimate pleasure experience. 

6. Oily massage

Oily massage is a classic of sexual games, but many couples, when they have been together for a long time, do not resort to this stimulating technique. Doing it is easy. One of the two should be placed in a comfortable place face down. The other must perform a sensual massage, but with lubricating oil. There are many on the market, some even contain very stimulating smells and flavors. The touch, the smell, and the sensation left by the oil make this way of having sex different from the conventional one and, of course, more exciting.

7. Naked Twister

This game can bring us to childhood, but there is nothing childish about it. Twister is one of the skill games that many generations have enjoyed the most. It is a game that requires physical dexterity as well as motor coordination. In order for it to become a sexual game, it is necessary that the two members of the couple are naked or in underwear. What happens next is up to you. We will just say one word: flexibility. 

8. Naughty sticky notes

This game is simple but it can make the sexual encounter very exciting. It is simply necessary to take two jars  (one for each member of the couple) and insert a series of pieces of paper. There will be hot verbs on the pieces of paper in a jar, such as a lick, suck, bite, etc .; and in the other, there will be parts of the body (neck, breasts, etc.). The idea is to go taking one from each and enjoying the things it tells you to do in the places.  

9. Guess the taste

This game is a variation of the blind man game. When one of the two is blindfolded, the other has to put strawberries, ice cream, chocolate, liqueurs ... in their mouth. Then they have to kiss and the blindfolded person has to decide what the other person has in his mouth. If you do not succeed, the other person who had a mouth with flavors has to smear an erotic area with the food and the other has to lick it gently to give pleasure. This one is incredibly hot and pleasing! 

10. Strip poker

Within the foreplay, strip poker takes the cake out of board games for couples. The game consists of playing poker and the person who loses must take off their clothes instead of betting money. If you don't like poker, it is possible to play other card games. The idea is that one of the two ends up naked. And then, you know what will happen. 

11. The war

You might freak out about its name, but this game is not intended to be violent. To play, it is necessary for both of you to undress and hold a cushion. Then, a battle must begin between the two without physical damage. The goal is to make love and not war. 

12. Close your eyes and open your mouth

To play this game, it is necessary for one of the two members of the couple to lie down on the bed with their eyes closed (or blindfolded) and their mouths open. The other places different parts of the body in the other person's mouth (fingers, breasts, genitals ...), and the other person licks, sucks, bites or kisses these parts. An exciting game that can cause the sexual temperature to rise.

13. Cold or hot

This next one is one of the most provocative and enjoyable games. The game consists of performing oral sex but not in a conventional way, as you need to put ice or take a hot drink alternately so that the mouth is impregnated with cold and heat whilst performing it. When carrying out the act of oral sex the sensations will increase and, consequently, the pleasure. 

14. Costumes

One of the fantasies of many people is to have sex simulating an RPG or dressing up as part of foreplay. As a schoolgirl, as a firefighter, as a pirate ... any costume can provoke very stimulating moments and full of passion and feed any sexual fantasies you two might have. You can get really creative here and just let your mind flow.

15. The flashlight

For this game,  you will, of course, need a flashlight, as the name says it. When you are with your partner, you must turn off the light and then use the flashlight to illuminate the parts of the body where you want your partner to pay attention. It is not about hiding shyness, but stimulating attention and the senses. The flashlight is a guide for your partner to do everything you want, so use it to your advantage.

16. Temperature

It is even more stimulating if we combine the prisoner and the blind with the temperature game, which consists of taking ice or a hot drink and soaking your mouths with these, which will produce different temperatures. The difference between this one and the other one we mentioned that involves temperature is that this will only be used for teasing, not direct oral sex. For example, it is possible to use the ice, and when your tongue is cold, pass it through the body of the other. Now, it is also possible to put the ice directly on it, but it is not recommended to do the same with the hot drink. This change in temperature can cause very erotic sensations. 

17. Choose a card

A very challenging and fun game is choosing a card. It consists of making paper letters in which each one of them has a motive or action to perform. For example, one can have striptease written, another oral sex, and another massage. Each of the couples must take a card and do what it says on the card. For example, if the letter says oral sex, the person who has taken the letter should give pleasure to their partner.

18. Knots

This one here is perfect for the people who are looking to get themselves into the sexy world of BDSM. Knots consists of tying each other up in different ways, playing with positions, pressure, pain, strength. It can become very arousing once you start to master it.

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There is literally no way that sex can become boring or monotonous to you after having this amazing list that will keep you occupied for a long, long time. Lose all fears and start enjoying your sexuality to the fullest with these amazing games. They will give you your best sexual experiences ever!


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