How To Show A Girl You Love Her: 50 Ways To Prove You Care

Your girl needs to know that you care for her. Prove it to her with these sweet 50 gestures that you love her. Actions speak louder than words.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Show A Girl You Love Her: 50 Ways To Prove You Care

Actions speak louder than words

Everyone around today is talking about woman empowerment, that women are as strong as men and about women liberation. While all this is definitely important for a better world today there are certain aspects which remain old school and definitely need to be done for the fairer sex. Women have always been more emotional, softer and they expect a lot more. For them, a relation is not just about great compatibility, space, and great sex. They need to feel pampered, cherished, celebrated, reminded about being loved and treated like a queen. Whether they admit it or not, women love to fussed upon by their boyfriends. Blame it on their hormones or their delicate approach to relations; women have to be shown that they are cared for. Only words are sometimes not enough to express your love and concern for your girlfriend. That definitely does not mean that you have to load her with expensive gifts, but there are numerous ways in which a man can prove his love to his girl and show her that he genuinely cares. Below is a list of 50 such sweet gestures.

Prove it to your girlfriend that you really care

1. Remember your anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions of your lives. Women give too much importance to such special dates. They even remember dates like the first time you both kissed, the first time you both made love and the first time you proposed to her. 2. Treat her parents with respect and love. This is very important for every girl. She would expect you to treat her parents with the same love and affection that you give your parents. Do all the little gestures for them as you would do for your own parents. 3. Cook for her at times. If she cooks for you every day, surprise her at times with delicious meals. Cook her favorite meals from time to time and let her relax. 4. Mutually divide the household chores. Paying bills, laundry, vacuuming, taking the pet for a walk, cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, the household chores are endless. Either divide the tasks mutually or at least do all the tasks which she finds boring. 5. Treat her occasionally. Girls need to feel pampered. Take her to lovely restaurants and hotels from time to time and treat her like your queen. 6. Gift her with cute gifts often. These need not be expensive. A handwritten card, a sweet little black dress, a sexy pair of lingerie and such items are all-time favorites of every girl. 7. Plan a trip with her alone at least once a year. These great adventures or relaxing trips help you spend quality time together. 8. Pay attention to small details in the house. Every woman is a house proud person and would keep adding to the decor of the house. Compliment her and give suggestions whenever she does small changes in the house. 9. Compliment her often and always notice the small changes she makes in her appearance. A new haircut, a new dress or a new hairstyle, she does it all for you to notice and appreciate. Compliment her whenever she makes an effort to improve her appearance. 10. Suggest her at times to wear something that you like. This will make her realize that you take a lot of interest in her appearance. She would love to dress to impress you. 11. Make your sex life exciting and passionate. This will also assure her that you love her body and desire her. 12. Watch her favorite drama re-runs on weekends. Even if that bores you to tears, watching them at times just to give her company would make her feel special, and you bet the next time you watch your favorite cricket on TV, she would accompany you too. 13. Offer to cook for both of you from time to time. 14. Gift her with flowers or fresh groceries on days that she has had too much work. That will show how concerned you are about her and will also relieve her of additional work when she too stressed. 15. Treat her like your queen in public and have your eyes only on her. Women love being cared for in public. Its boosts their confidence and removes their insecurities. 16. Give a lot of importance to her opinions and values. Respect and value her opinions and ideas. Ask her opinion on important matters of your life. 17. Send her love text messages from office to let her know that you are thinking of her. This way you connect to her and also let her know that she is your world and you think of her even while you are at work. 18. Hold her hand while watching a movie. 19. Take her to the doctor when she is sick. 20. Compliment her on her food and every effort she makes to make you happy. 21. Call her if she is late than usual from her work. 22. Offer to pick her up from office if she has been working till late.

Your girl will know that you love her if

23. You show it with your body language. You always want to hold her hand; you make a lot of eye contact with her when you speak to her. 24. You give her some space too by not being too demanding or dominating. You let her chill in your 'own' time and give her complete space and freedom. 25. You let her have her own say in household matters. You do not dominate over issues regarding the house. 26. You do a crazy stunt publically. At least once everyone should have done this like maybe a public proposal, dance, a public kiss and stunts like that might embarrass her at that time but will give you fond memories of a lifetime. 27. You touch and care her when you talk to her. Women like this a lot, and they feel pampered and cared for. 28. You communicate with her as much as possible. Never let communication gap come in between both of you. Discuss everything. 29. You spoil her. From time to time, spoil her and pamper her with a costly gift. Let her rest while you work, and this will make her feel spoiled and loved. 30. You show interest in her work. Ask her in detail about her daily work. 31. You are protective of her. The fuss over her coming or going anywhere alone and always be protective of her.

Sometimes expressing is important, no one can read your mind

32. Your girl needs to know that she can share anything with you. Always be her most trusted confidante. 33. Respect her opinions but also guide her where you feel she is wrong. If you don't do that she might lose respect for you. 34. Share your stuff with her. Tell her in detail about your entire day. 35. She should feel that she knows you inside out. Do not hide anything from her. 36. Leave small meaningful notes or letters in her cupboards or drawers. This will make her feel special. 37. Leave her exciting text messages about a dinner date or a surprise plan. Such gestures will keep the spark in your relationship alive. 38. Fill your social media page with her pictures or write something about her on your social media accounts. 39. Massage her or play with her hair. 40. Always try to take her to her favorite food joint rather than yours. 41. Listen to her with a patient ear when she feels like venting it out. 42. Hug her in her sleep. 43. Be forgiving. 44. Don't laugh at her opinions or questions. 45. Be supportive. 46. Spend as much time as you can with her. 47. Do not compare her with others. 48. Take pictures with her. 49. Give her cute nicknames. 50. Make her feel like your queen.

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You will get more love in return than what you give your girlfriend

Women are gentle beings. If you give them so much love and care, you will definitely get manifolds in return. You don't have to go out of your character to show your love to your girl. Love makes you do all this unknowingly. It will come out at the right moment, and that will definitely create a good impression. If you feel comfortable making all the gestures mentioned above for your girlfriend, then you will know that your love is real. If you show so much love and concern for them, they will shower you with greater love and affection.

Such sweet gestures towards each other help to keep misunderstandings at bay

Don't burden yourself with a compulsion to do all the tips mentioned above to show your love to your girlfriend. Doing so out of pressure will look fake and artificial. Let these tips come naturally. The biggest problem in relations is lack of communication and no respect for the other person. Always make sure you sort out your differences before going to bed. Never let your girl sleep upset with you. However big the fight, communication can solve biggest problems. And remember, saying a sorry even if you don't feel like it won't harm you in any way. It will even melt your partner's heart and forget the fight. Sometimes, text messages work their magic when communication becomes difficult. A simple sorry written in text solves the biggest problems and prevents the relations from breaking. Always weigh the pros and cons of the issue. Is it bigger than your love for your partner?

It is very easy to show love if you genuinely love your girl. Some men are not very expressive and feel that their women should read their hearts and mind. There are some fortunate such men whose women are satisfied with their ways. But a larger number of women prefer to be told and shown that their boyfriends love them. Expressing love verbally and through actions is a sweet way of showing your feelings. There is no fun in keeping your feelings hidden.

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