8 Ways to Stop Being Horny and Be Productive

Turn your sexual energy to be your best productive secret

By Hana O.
8 Ways to Stop Being Horny and Be Productive

Do you know what's worse than having no motivation to be productive? Being sexually frustrated and having no motivation is a pain in the ass.

The woes of being horny all the time

With or without a partner, there will always be those days where you just feel extra horny. "I want to get laid," your mind tells you again and again. Your imagination runs wild whenever you close your eyes. You think about your partner or someone you want to have sex with running their hands through your body while kissing you passionately.


Due to your sexual desires getting the best of you, your to-do-list for the day may only have one accomplished task. Time is ticking, and you still have many things left to do yet you can't get out of your slump.

8 Ways To Turn Horniness To Productivity

It is time to turn your sexual energy into your best secret for productivity.

1. Google yourself

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of all the sexual energy and finally be productive is to masturbate. There's no gentler way to put it. Pull up a sensual video or comic, whatever gets you going, and get the deed done. 


Many people are not able to function properly when all they can think about is sex. There is nothing wrong with you; blame your body's natural response to wanting to populate the earth. 


After you have finally released all of your sexual desires, your mind is clearer. This is the time to get up and get some work done. Complete that essay that is due the next morning or get ready to greet your day with a smile. 


Now that you're no longer just thinking of getting laid, you can finally focus on other things. 

2. Burn some calories

If you're tired of having to get yourself off all the time to get rid of your pent-up sexual desires, and having sex with your partner is currently not an option then it's time to look into other methods of clearing your horniness. 


The average amount of calories you lose in a 25-minute steamy session with your partner is around 100 calories. Why not burn some calories by exercising to get rid of your sexual energy?


Put on your running shoes and go for a nice jog around your neighborhood, head to the gym for some lifting, or put on an exercise video and do a home workout. Whatever your method may be, it does not matter. The important thing is to get your blood pumping and turn your sexual energy to an afternoon workout. 


At the end of the day, energy is energy. Use that extra energy to lose some extra pounds. 

3. Take a cold shower

Need to catch a deadline but finding yourself in the ditch on how to get rid of your sexual tension after getting turned on? Why not take a cold shower to wash out the sexual energies and get your creative juices rolling? 


Throughout the years, taking a cold shower to calm one's sexual energies has been tried and tested to be helpful for many people. The white tiles in the bathroom, the bright light shining on you, and the sound of water dripping can be therapeutic to a lot of people. 


Taking a cold shower can help you redirect your sexual energies and turn them into something else. When your body begins to relax while you're showering, your brain will start to release creativity-boosting, feel-good dopamine. 


Not only did you get rid of your sexual energy, but you also got a nice productivity boost. 

4. Divert your attention

Another quick method to stop being horny is to kill the mood. When a person gets turned on, generally you are in the mood to have sex. It could have been a sexy video you saw while browsing through the internet or it could have been something your partner told you that got you turned on. Whatever it was, you now find yourself with increased sexual energy. 


An easy way to get back on track is to kill the mood by doing something counter-erotic. You can watch a funny video, listen to some of your favorite music, read a random page in a book, and the like. Doing activities like these will help kill the mood quickly. 


Many times, getting turned on is something we do not have control over as our bodies can react to the simplest things without any warning. What you do have control over though is your actions. Will you let your mind get the best of you or will you take the upper hand? 

5. Try meditation

Similar to the point above about diverting your attention, meditation can also help with your libido and productivity. You commonly do not find topics on sex and productivity going hand and hand, but you would be surprised to see that it can actually work if used correctly. 


Our mind is a powerful thing. If used correctly, you will be able to redirect your sexual energy into productivity. It's really quite simple. When you feel horny, find a quiet location in your house or wherever you are at the moment, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. 


Practice your mental discipline. Imagine your sexual energy as an object and imagine letting go of that object. If you need to physically hold on to something for extra aid, then go ahead and do it. As you empty your mind of your sudden urges, you start to feel lighter. 


Though these sexual energies are not a negative aspect of your life, it can disrupt your day-to-day productivity. Learning to empty your mind will help with your focus. 


Try it. You'll start to see positive results right away. 

6. More sex

It may sound counterproductive to many, but more sex can actually lead to a lower libido. When our bodies undergo the same activity again and again, there is a possible chance that your mind gets tired of that repeated action. 


The same thing can be said about other aspects of life. Let's say your favorite food is homemade lasagna. If you ate this dish every day for all three meals a day for a whole month, you'd get sick of it. Could we even last a week? 


When we are handed with something repeatedly, there is room to get tired of it. If you had sex every day and more than once a day for a whole month and still have to keep up with your regular work-life balance, do you think you can handle it? 


In time, you will begin not to feel as horny anymore. Many factors can lead to this- age, diet, lifestyle, stress. 


That is having more sex could just make you less horny. 

7. Eat more junk food

Growing up, we have been told to avoid junk food. "It's bad for your health," "It will make you sick", and the list goes on. Although these things are right about junk food, eating particular unhealthy food can stop you from being horny all the time. 


Some unhealthy foods you can try to eat are any processed food, fried food, microwave popcorn, and soda. 


The next time you find yourself in the mood for some sexy time, pop open that coca-cola and order takeaway fast food. You will be too busy wiping away the grease from your burger and fries to think about having sex. 

Talk it out

If you've tried everything, yet still find yourself horny all the time, then maybe it's time to pull out the friend card. 


Talking about your problems with your friends, family, and a special person or even a random person (with the consent of course) is always an excellent method to clear out your mind to help you find a solution. When we voice out our thoughts, we are able to see the issue at hand in all angles. You begin to realize that maybe your problem was not even that big to start with or you realize that you were actually wrong. 


Talking about sex and even harder, problems revolving on sex is not as easy as talking about a problem you have at work or at home. Many times, we feel awkward and ashamed to talk about it with others. There is nothing wrong about it as sex is what makes us human. 


You can begin by telling your friends about your sex problem. Tell them that you feel that your productivity is getting affected because you feel horny all the time. Just voicing this out will help you in getting through your situation. 


If you even want to take it up a notch, you can seek professional help. 


You can start by telling yourself not to be ashamed to talk about sex. Once you have that engraved in your mind, you'll find yourself in a better place. 

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Apart from the things mentioned in this article, there are many other ways to stop being horny all the time and to be productive finally. It boils down to finding the best method that works for you. Try different things until you find a way that works for you. 


Everyone is different. Be adventurous and explore the different ways presented. 


Remember, sexual energy is energy. You can be productive by redirecting your energy. 


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