Do Guys Really Get Blue Balls and what is It Like?

What happens when guys get aroused without climaxing, is it true?

By Fred S.
Do Guys Really Get Blue Balls and what is It Like?

Some types of pain are limited only to one gender, such as that of childbirth, and a kick in the balls. While there are many examples of these, we’ll be focusing on a particular condition that every man knows all too well; blue balls. We’ll talk about what it is, how it happens, how it feels, and finally, how to get rid of it. Let’s get into it! 

What are Blue Balls?

The term ‘blue balls’ has been thrown around for years to represent a general state of sexual frustration in men. But it’s not just a figure of speech; it really happens and can be quite problematic. While it’s not going to leave any long-term effects, the temporary discomfort could be enough to ruin your day.

How does it happen?

When a guy gets aroused, blood flows to the penis and scrotum. The penis consists of spongy muscle tissue that absorbs the added blood flow, leading to an erection. Though, if the erection stays for a long time without much ‘action’ to release it, this can potentially lead to blue balls. The additional blood puts pressure on the testicles, causing minor pain if prolonged.

It’s not likely to occur naturally though, because the body has its ways to disperse pressure when a man isn’t aroused anymore. But, intentional blockages or blood-flow constricting devices like a cock ring are common causes. This is because they prohibit the blood from exiting the shaft, hence maintaining the pressure on the testicles for longer than usual.

Besides the use of devices, some delaying techniques like edging or prolonged foreplay could also lead to blue balls. Anything that puts off an orgasm long enough while maintaining an erection can cause blue balls. Though the ‘blue tint’ is super unlikely to occur, the discomfort and pain itself isn’t a far-fetched possibility.

How does blue balls feel like?

Quite simply, it’s an aching sensation in the testicles’ area, sometimes accompanied by a visibly darker shade. In more severe cases, there’s even a bluish tint to the testicles, which earns this condition its name. 

Blue balls can cause you to cancel some of your daily to do’s because they can affect you physically – at least for the time being. It hurts, and in most cases, even walking could be painful due to the heaviness and soreness around the testicles. 

Does blue balls go away on its own after a while?

Yes, but you might have to wait a while. Sometimes, even the slightest movements could be painful before it goes away. The testicle area becomes more sensitive to touches or taps, so you’ll have to be careful. Though the quickest way to get rid of it is to simply orgasm, that’s not an option in some scenarios. You could be in an office or something, in which case, waiting it out is the best option.

The less you move, the lesser it’ll hurt. Minimize the number of times your own thighs tap your testicles because even that can be painful. Sit still and distract yourself with work or entertainment. Give it about 20 to 30 unaroused minutes, and the aching sensation may start to die down. In most cases, blue balls don’t last longer than an hour as that’s more than enough time for the blood flow to disperse elsewhere.

If you’re looking to get rid of them quicker though, take a look at some of the stuff you can try below.

Easy Ways to Cure Blue Balls


The best, most reliable cure to blue balls is to let it all out. The quickest way to bring an erection down is ejaculating, which helps release fluid pressure almost immediately. Most of the blue ball pressure consists of the added blood flow when aroused, but some of it definitely consists of semen. Hence, getting rid of both the pressures at once logically is the fastest way to solve the blue ball problem.

Get Rid of the Boner

Blue balls are caused by arousal that’s not followed up by a release of pressure. You can’t get rid of blue balls without first getting rid of the erection itself. While ejaculating is the quickest way to do so, it’s not the only one. Simply waiting it out could also get rid of the boner, which lets the buildup subside, causing the pain to go away. The relief won’t be immediate though, as the process takes time to simmer down the pressure.

If you’re going the no-ejaculation route, you might as well speed things up with activities that help. If you’ve got a reason to resist rubbing one out, the tips from here onwards are for you!  

Take a Cold Shower

Without ejaculating, the quickest way to get rid of a boner is to hop into a cold shower. An erection is essentially an increased blood flow to the penis area. Diverting the blood flow elsewhere gets rid of the boner!

A cold shower is a fast way to achieve this. In a matter of minutes, cold showers can start dropping your body temperature if the body doesn’t respond immediately. Defense mechanisms kick in, and you immediately go flaccid down there, because the warm blood is needed to maintain your body temperature. This is why cold showers cause penis sizes to be at their most humbling – all men understand.

There’s another advantage though; cold water also helps with swelling. The whole blue ball scenario can also cause some irritation around the area in some cases. Coldwater is great at soothing that pretty quickly. It’s why cold showers are faster at killing boners than just distracting your mind. If not for anything else, the discomfort of cold showers can be good to distract you from the pain in your testicles. It’s a win-win!

Think About Other Stuff

While a cold shower wins at being the quickest boner killer, there are other techniques right behind it. Mental techniques to achieve, control, sustain, and end an erection shouldn’t be underestimated. There are many ways to simply ‘think the boner away’, and most of them consist of fully distracting yourself.  Thinking about absolutely anything except sex can help, even though it’s not the easiest to do. In an awkward situation of a sudden strike, this might just be the only option at hand though.  

You’ve got to have a preplanned arsenal of anti-erection thoughts and imagery. Defeating blue balls mentally isn’t easy, and you might need super disturbing thoughts to fight it. Think about stuff that grosses you out the most, and really live it in your head. It’s gonna suck, but probably not more than blue balls pain.

If you think your mind isn’t creative enough to create gross images on the spot, don’t worry. A little google search can give you tons of reinforcement in this battle. If you feel like going light, just look up something you’re interested in (besides sex) and spend some time involved in articles or videos. If you successfully get interested in it, you’ve won the battle already!


Yes, even the thought of exercising is dreadful during a session of blue balls, but it works. Anything that encourages normal blood flow in the body is a good way to ease the pressure buildup down there. When we exercise, the heart starts beating faster to pump blood into the muscles in use. Some pushups, weight lifting or cardio can direct blood flow to other parts of the body, getting rid of your erection in a couple of minutes. Not only will you cure blue balls this way, but you’ll also get a tad bit fitter every time. Why not?  

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No matter what, health is immensely important. If the pain is extreme and doesn’t go away quickly enough, go get help as soon as possible. You’ve most likely experienced blue balls before reading this article, so you should know what it feels like. If at any point, the pain feels much worse and refuses to subside, there could be a different cause. Don’t take it lightly and visit your doctor!

This article was meant to help you with enough knowledge to make your next encounter with blue balls go smoother. The tips shared in the article will not only help you with blue balls but also in tackling awkward boner situations when you’re out and about. Besides, having more control over your arousal and erection could only bring good things in the bedroom, and the techniques mentioned above will help you achieve it. All the best!


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