15 Sex Terms Used in Porn That No One Dares to Ask

NSFW: Please don't access if you cannot handle kinky stuff

By Kimmy
15 Sex Terms Used in Porn That No One Dares to Ask

NSFW: The magical world of sex terms

Porn is never as shallow as you think. Beneath the categories on BGB (boy-girl-boy), GBG (girl-boy-girl), there are so many more sex terms used in porn that feels no less than professional jargons. All these sex terms specifically describe a category in porn that can't be put under a big category. Each category in porn branches out into all those little branches.


If you choose to stay, you're about to find out all the sex terms in porn that you've been wrapping your head around and couldn't figure out!

15 Sex Terms Used in Porn That No One Dares to Ask

1. Bukkake ("Facial")

A Japanese word for "facial by many men". When a single man ejaculates on a woman, it's called "facial". But when multiple men ejaculate on a woman at the same time, it's called bukkake. The term is famous as it's commonly used in all the Japanese orgy porn movies.

Another instance where this term caught the attention was when news broke out saying a young Japanese porn star drowned in bukkake while filming. It's not hard to imagine the internet didn't respond to this news with much sympathy but just sheer laughter. It was later proven to be fake news but still, the joke made everyone laugh and surely spread the word bukkake to be a popular term in the porn world.

2. Pearl necklace

Want a graceful pearl necklace? Playing on the color of sperm resembling that of pearls, pearl necklace means when a guy ejaculates onto a woman's neck, giving her the pearl necklace. A very common scene in porn to cum on the girl's neck.


You probably have heard of this term and know that it relates to rough sex, but what does BDSM stand for? It stands for "bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism". BDSM is a form of porn where usually the female is subject to a series of torture in order to be disciplined and obedient to her male-dominant counterpart.

BDSM is usually rough with a lot of tools aiding the process. Girls are tied up with ropes, beaten with sticks, get slapped in the face, and many more. In BDSM porn movies, girls usually are depicted with enjoyment during the process.

Some find it satisfying with the feeling of being dominant while some find it unsettling and degrading. But one thing for sure, many people keep saying BDSM without even knowing what they stand for!

4. Impact play

Any acts that cause an impact on the body can be considered an impact play. From spanking your partner with bare hands to the use of ropes and even planks, impact play has no limit. Impact play is widely considered to be the first step for BDSM. Usually, a safe word is chosen in case your partner can't handle it anymore.

5. CBT

"Cock and balls torture". BDSM is majorly flooded with the male being the dominant one and the female being the submissive one, CBT porn caters to men that wish to be dominated by a dominatrix or females that wish to take over the power.

CBT refers to any acts that inflict pain upon the male's genitals including his balls and cock. This dominatrix play is a form of porn that begins gaining popularity when men now find dominatrix sexy and hot.

6. Edge play

Edge play refers to any sexual acts that involve extreme violence. Indeed, that's a thing. Remember, all those acts are dangerous and can and WILL lead to death if not carried out properly. There always has to be a safe word, mutual agreement on how far this will go, and how to carry this out.

Another thing to know is that edge play you see in porn movies are really just...movies. Same as how you think most porn stars cum inside the girl but in fact, they haven't even finished when the camera stops rolling. A lot of it is really just for the show so do bear this in mind when you try this out because that's one thing porn doesn't teach you is how dangerous this can be.

7. Cuckolding

One person in a relationship stands by and watches as their partner has sex with someone else. Usually, the one watching is tied up or something that plays into the scene that he is unable to do anything about his partner getting penetrated by someone else.

This is a very popular play for a dominatrix. Cuckolding is fairly harmless as many couples in amateur porn film it while they experiment with it in real life. All you need is to hire a third person that plays into your little fantasy about being tied up or getting screwed as your partner watches on.

8. Squirting

Squirting refers to when a girl's vagina expels fluids during sex. A lot of people call it pee but it's really just an abundance amount of fluids that come out of a girl's body when she is hitting orgasm. Many believe it's when the girl uncontrollably pees during sex as they lose control of their bladder when they cum. That is actually not true. Squirting is different than peeing. The fluids actually come from the vagina itself.

It's a stimulation by your vagina when you are getting aroused and close to climaxing. Making a girl squirt is the life goal for many guys as it makes them feel accomplished. Not every girl squirts though, that's something to remember when you feel you can't get your girl to squirt ever. It's nothing personal, just body structure.

9. Queef

You know the sound the vagina makes after having intense sex? Well, the vagina farts? That's what a "queef" is. The vagina farts that many tend to laugh at. It's really just air in the vagina that got pushed in by the penis during sex. Unlike real farts from your ass, a vagina fart doesn't smell. So don't worry if you're going down on her and she farts with her vagina. It's really just air, literally.

A queef really makes sex awkward sometimes, especially after intense sex where lots of air tend to get trapped inside the vagina. Try not to make fun of your partner for it.

10. Water sports

As fun and exciting that may sound, water sports in bed is really no jet-ski and water slides, it means sexual acts involving urine. It can go as far as drinking it, just like how you drink some seawater in water sports. A very famous water sport is the Golden Shower where you pee all over your partner to give them a shower in the urine.

Whether water sports constitute sexy sexual acts are highly debatable, it's noteworthy that in porn, the Golden Shower is often portraits as enjoyable for both rather than a punishment as you would think. There are other types of water sports too. Anything with pee, your name, can be a water sport.

11. Felching

The act of sucking semen out of a surface (mostly anus) with a straw or some sort after ejaculating into your partner. You may or may not swallow the semen. The hygiene of this is surely not as desirable so do make sure you thoroughly clean the body parts involved. Porn stars take their body very seriously and are always doing body checks and keeping a clean body. If you aren't up to that standard, don't try something as nasty as this.

12. Fisting

Fisting is the act of putting your fist inside your partner's body as opposed to using your penis. It's extremely common to do fisting in porn and for people to get off of it. Fisting should be done gradually with smaller objects to get the vagina used to it, otherwise it can cause some serious damage.

13. Figging

Do you know how ginger can be so spicy and burn? Figging means putting peeled ginger into your partner's butthole. It's going to be quite painful and unbearable. This is a punishment type of sex that is believed to have originated from a non-sexual related backstory.

14. Docking

When two men uncircumcised penises have sex together. The name is actually pretty romantic if you think about it.

15. Aftercare

A very important term that you should learn. The act of taking care of your partner after the intense sexual acts which might be rough to make sure your partner is comfortable and feels good.


All the sex terms can be really mind-blowing and overwhelming. Lots of time you hear it in porn without truly knowing what they mean. Well, with our guide to all these commonly used terms, you don't have to frown any more next time you hear these phrases!


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