Softie in Love: 6 Signs A Cancer Man Is In Love With You

Cancers are soft beings, and here's how they are when in love!

By Evelyn
Softie in Love: 6 Signs A Cancer Man Is In Love With You

What are the Personality Traits of a Cancer (Sun)?

When you first start dating someone, there is some basic information that you need to know about him. Where he's from, what does he do for a living, what sports is he into, and of course, his birthday! Knowing his birthday is important because then you'll know his zodiac sign and this can really help understand his behavior better. If you happen to be dating a man born between June 21 and July 22, you're dating a Cancer man. What can you expect dating him? Is he the right guy for you? What are the personality traits of a Cancer man? Are you compatible with him? Will he want a relationship? How's he in bed? 

Keep on reading because we'll help you answer those questions so you'll know if dating a Cancer man is the right choice for you. Let's talk first about his personality traits. Cancer is represented by the Crab and his elemental sign is water. Men born under the Cancer sign are known to be emotional, highly intuitive, and nurturing. They can be insecure (at times) and very sensitive. They tend to be shy too, like real crabs they tend to retreat into their shells and it'll take the right woman to get them to open up. Here are some other personality traits of a Cancer man.


This is the most noteworthy personality trait of a Cancer man. It may be difficult to connect with him at first, but once you get him out of his shell, you'll have his commitment forever. Just be patient because it doesn't happen fast, it takes time. If you gain his trust he'll have your back no matter what. His ability to empathize is what makes him a loyal partner.


Like Crabs, Cancer men rely more on their intuition than on their practical sense of judgment. This skill comes handy when someone wants to deceive them, it gives them a sense of security. A Cancer man can make decisions fast and effectively based on his intuition, so don't try to lie to him or fake something because he'll see right through you.


Cancers are extremely protective of their loved ones. Family and friends are deeply cherished by them and they go to extremes (sometimes) to protect them. Home is where a Cancer man feels more at peace so he will protect it and everyone inside it. This personality trait can be overwhelming sometimes but it comes from a place of love and a truly devoted heart.

Kindness and caring

Cancers are kind, caring, and incredibly nurturing because they have an emotional personality. If you happen to be the romantic partner of a cancer man you've got yourself a very generous man by your side, you just have to reciprocate to make him happy.


Due to the complexity of their emotions, Cancers can be moody. The changes from extremely happy to extremely sad happen fast. If he feels uncomfortable or upset he'll retreat into his shell and you'll have to be patient and prepared for all the mood swinging.

What Does a Cancer Want in Love, Relationships, and Sex?

Now that you have in inkling on the personality traits of a Cancer man, are you still interested? If you are, you'll be asking what does he want regarding a romantic partner. What is he like or what does he expect when in love. What does he want in a relationship? What turns him on? What does he expect during sex? 

Cancers are emotional, intuitive, and sensitive so they are motivated to make emotional connections longterm. When a Cancer man is in love he likes to form deep attachments. He doesn't like lies and deceptions, he'll respond to honesty and steady affection. He'll reveal himself if and when he feels safe. He'll remember every moment shared, and he'll shower you with affection. Beware that he'll be constantly afraid of being hurt and will recoil.

Cancers are homebodies, they like to spend their evenings at home cuddling up with their significant ones and they expect their relationships to feel like home (they require a certain amount of security). If you're in a relationship with a Cancer man you'll see that it moves along gently and steadily, no big surprises or alarms. Since he's a nurturer, he'll take very good care of you. Actually, he'll have a blind spot for you, he'll easily overlook your flaws. A Cancer man takes trust and commitment very seriously so he'll need a lot of reassurance and open communication in a relationship. You'll have a great listener in him but he'll need encouragement from you for him open up about his feelings. Expect a lot of PDA, charm, and chivalry.

Sexually, Cancers are true romantics and they look for intimate and erotics moments as turn-ons. Sex will go very slowly with a Cancer man, expect lots of body contact as well as emotional connections. You're in for a treat because he'll be dedicated to pleasing you (lots of oral sex and orgasms in your future). Also, expect cuddling after.

6 Clear Signs a Cancer Man Is In Love With You

Do you fancy a man that can provide fierce protection and takes such good care of you that you'll have no doubts about his love and commitment? That's what a Cancer man can offer you, he's the dream partner. You'll have to be patient though because it will take a lot of time for him to fall in love but once he does, it'll be worth it.

Since being a Cancer means he'll not be so open up about his feelings and he'll be kind of shy, it's kind of tricky knowing for sure if he's falling in love with you. How can you tell? Here are 6 clear signs that the Cancer man of your dreams is actually in love with you.  

1. He shows his feeling through actions

Cancers are shy so they struggle to find words to express how they feel so they do it through actions. Actions for them are more powerful than words. He won't tell you how he feels, he'll show you through a series of caring actions because that's how he can be straightforward about his feeling. Be prepared to be showered with flowers and amazing dates, and loving details. 

2. He likes to make you laugh

He may be a terrible joke teller, nevertheless, he'll do his absolute best to make you laugh. You have his interest now, so if anytime you're around him he's teasing you and trying to make you laugh, he's falling for you alright. Tease him back, he's expecting it because he wants to hear you laugh and he wants to laugh with you. 

3. He opens up emotionally

Cancers are incredibly sensitive and always afraid of being rejected, that's why it takes them a while to fall in love. However, if you provide for your Cancer man a trusted and secure environment then he'll start to show you his innermost emotions and deepest secrets. If he has started to open up about his dreams and about his future and the conversation are more on the emotional level, then it means that he trusts you and sees in you a potential partner for life. 

4. He invites you to meet his family

For a Cancer family is the most important thing so if he wants you to meet them then it's a clear sign that he sees a future with you. He's bringing you into his most cherished environment, he trusts you with their company and would love for you to interact with them and get to know them and for them to get to know you.

5. He won't play games

Cancers don't take love lightly, they take it very seriously, once they found their mate that's it for them. He won't play games with you, he'll make it clear through actions that his feelings are sincere and straightforward and he won't put up with you playing games with him. 

6. He spends most of his time with you

Cancers are dedicated boyfriends when in love, so he'll be looking to spend most of his time in your company. He's just happy to be around you, he likes to please you by doing things you like. He skips plans with his friends to be with you, especially if you have had a bay day and need some cheering up.

Why Would I Want a Cancer Man to be My Lover?

Cancers are sensitive, intuitive, imaginative, and active to name a few of their personality traits and all this is what makes them a thriller in bed. Why would you want a Cancer man as your lover? Because under the sheets he'll be very sensitive to your needs and will make it his business to turn you on and take you to the next level. He's not into one-night stands and he needs to feel a connection for things to go forward.

He loves sex but since you're his life partner, he makes love to you. He can be tender one minute and the next you can both be flying. He can be adventurous but only with you. He'll be willing to go out of his comfort zone to please you.

What Signs are The Best Matches for a Cancer Man?

Cancers are most compatible with water and earth signs. That's why a Cancer man is best matched with water signs like Scorpio or Pisces. Other good matches are Virgo, Tauro, and Capricorn.

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There are many ways in which a woman can please a man in bed. But if you want to please a cancer man in bed, then you will have to go the extra mile.


A Cancer man in love is the dream partner. You'll have a tender, sensitive, intuitive man by your side. Just make sure he feels secure around you, once you gain his trust he'll open up and you'll have a partner for life.


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