Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign, Ranked From Best To Worst

Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign, Ranked From Best To Worst

By Sophia R
Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign, Ranked From Best To Worst

Are Similar Habits Or Traits Common Between People With The Same Zodiac Signs?

To speak of Signs is to speak of the energy of life. The psychology of each zodiac sign, and its characteristics, is the reaction of the collective and particular human psyche to the corresponding energy or sign. So, do the zodiac signs influence our personality or are they just coincidences?

Each person is in tune with certain energies or signs more than with others, although we all have in essence the entire zodiacal mandala.


It is the Planets, our psychic functions, and filters of consciousness of reality, which make us identify with concrete signs, in such a way that we take on the characteristics of that archetypal energy.

The most emphasized signs in our Natal Chart speak of our genetic or hereditary disposition, our innate character, our needs, our inner motivations, our particular way of being.

What Aspects Of Astrology Make These Similarities Happen?


Astrology is a science that studies human behavior. The birth chart is the photograph of how the planets were located in the sky at the time of our birth. The exact time we leave the womb will help us to make an astral chart with extraordinary accuracy. In the interpretation of the birth chart, we will find all the characteristics of our personality as well as the physical aspects with which we are born. The characteristics of an individual are defined by their time of birth, which will be the basis for calculating their rising sign.

It does not matter that we are of the same zodiac sign, the ascendant is the one that determines the behavior and characteristics of an individual's personality. No two ascendants are the same because their calculation is based on the time of birth. For that reason, if we find another person with our same sign, we will observe that we are different in all aspects. I

How Does Knowing A Zodiac’s Worst Traits Help A Person?


Each sign has its positive components and we constantly talk about it, but there is also a less successful side. Here we will talk about this other side: what about what each one can contribute to the fluidity of life through defects?

From identification and knowing these negative characteristics, we can grow to improve what does not always vibrate us in an optimal or positive way. This will help us to prevent crazy behaviors or change our negative traits.

Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign, Ranked From Best To Worst

The annoying, the unbearable, the most suspicious characteristic, the thing that makes people turn away from us. Test yourself, what characteristic of your sign is the most annoying? Check them out here:



Aries are, by nature, very proud, and it is well known that they have immense self-esteem. Also, they often tend to develop this defect over time. In reality, this defect is often reinforced and fueled by admiration for their environment. In fact, Aries is very charismatic, they tend to fall in grace and are often surrounded by a circle of admirers. This obviously reinforces the egocentric aspect of Aries.

On the other hand, Aries is also known for not listening to those around them. They are so charismatic and those close to them listen to them and admire them so much that they often forget to empathize.


Jealousy, possessiveness, and territoriality are Taurus' defects. As they are the kings and queens of private property, they tend to accumulate more than they should, be interested, and admire other jewels and purely economic pleasures. Practicing generosity, letting go, and letting go is a huge challenge for them. As they focus on their particular and private world, issues of generosity and dedication to other causes generally cost them. The privilege of their own well-being and that of those closest to them.



Their worst flaw is superficiality and non-commitment. Geminis are in everything and nothing at the same time and that tends to exasperate the rest of the zodiac.

How many groups of friends destroyed themselves because of a Gemini who was carrying and bringing poisonous information from one place to another? Save your words for what is necessary or teach public speaking classes, but don't make us sick with useless data. Double intention (double face, two faces) is another almost unbearable characteristic of Geminis. They can be some on one occasion and others on others, what is the real and true facet? Probably none, but we'll never know. 


Although it seems a warm and affectionate sign, its defects may be, precisely, excessive melancholy and sentimentality. Cancerians can plunge into a deep well that is difficult to access, even for their partner and friends. Crying for no reason is a frequent habit that can exasperate your surroundings. Wishing past times, too. 

They are not liars nor do they usually cheat, but they can be very jealous of their affections. Family comes first and it is possible that nothing can overcome that warmth of home that they received in childhood. Some get stuck in those moments and neither girlfriend nor current wife can have such an important place. They are too shy. In social gatherings or outings with strangers, they are closed to such an extent that no one can enter their heads.


Pride, arrogance, and narcissism are very marked Leo aspects that can drive those who share daily situations with them crazy. They are happy by displaying their enormous hair, drawing attention, and igniting the most irremovable circumstances. But imagine living with them every day talking about them. A big mirror is what they need as a company because that completely satisfies them. They secretly know that there is no one cuter, smarter, and better.


Complaints abound from the rest of the zodiac of Virginian obsessions. They are true maniacs, ready to fill psychological offices with boring trifles that haunt them incessantly.

Many say that cleanliness and order can occupy them entirely, but we have also seen other Virginians concerned with perfection when writing a text, when composing a melody or when designing good calligraphy. Not everything has to be so perfect!

Relaxing for them is impossible, as it is also impossible to indulge in deep human feelings. They have to control everything with their head and they almost always fail in the attempt. Love, rampant and uncontrolled passions, scare them. It is difficult to come to know what they are feeling because even they themselves do not know deeply, it is under layers and layers of tangles and thoughts.


They are changeable. Depending on where the weight and opinion are put in a conversation, they are positioned on the other side to show side b. But this can change when the situation changes. They usually make big judgments about things but they pretend they are impartial.

They find it difficult to fully commit to relationships, sometimes they have one leg inside and one outside of the bonds, evaluating something else that can satisfy them more. They are not satisfied with what they have, they are anxious.



They are accused of being dark, twisted, and too intense. It is not easy to deal with the energy of the Scorpios, their psychological labyrinths are populated with dragons, vampires, and other dark creatures. They can suck your energy, suck you dry if you spend many years with them.

In social situations, they tend to make the spiciest comments, say things without filter and be ironic, which is usually scandalizing. Sometimes they put their tail in and are critical of friends and family, without mercy. Although they are frontal with certain questions, they can keep the odd secret of their intimate life, as deep as it is unbearably tortured. 


Although it is one of the cheerful signs of the zodiac, it has its annoying side. One of their flaws is that they believe that they are always right. It is difficult to argue with them and make them see things from another point of view, from their gaze, nobody investigated, lived, and knows so much.

They are so risky that they are sometimes in danger and put into complex situations by being overconfident. They want to live on vacation, be eternal adolescents, perpetually up and drunk. Limits cost them. They easily overindulge in drinking and toxic habits. They are irresponsible.


Capricorns are accused of being pessimistic, boring, hyper responsible. They see life too gray. Routines, excessive work, correct performance, usually sit very well for them.

Because they are too realistic, they tend to be pessimistic and think the worst. Therefore, you should not ask them for advice before taking the risk: they will throw you down. It is difficult for them to vary, change, and move. They go to one side and hold the goal, even if it takes years. They are not usually expressive, cheerful, or adventurous.


They are disconnected and uncommitted. They are often in one place but they evade and want to be in another and end up not being anywhere. They think they are too free and fashionable, but they are eternal adolescents proud of revealing themselves against everything (preferably against senseless stupidity). They want to draw attention to where they go and their comments mislead the rest, being provocative and misplaced.


They have little ability to concentrate on a topic, they jump from one place to another looking for something that captures their attention. They talk about futuristic issues that no one cares about and everything traditional, like religion, custom, or obligation, bores them tremendously. 


The distraction of Pisceans is often exasperating. They get lost in a fantasy world and hang permanently and it is not known for sure where in the cosmos they are. They get lost in routes, streets, and roads. They lose their ID, driver's license, and wallet. They don't lose their heads because they are wearing it.

They love to get away with music and alcohol and find it difficult to incorporate a socially productive routine. The labor and economic world seem like a great waste of time. They are eternal hippies or eternal anti-system adolescents. They would like to live in a community but they end up being very phobic about it. They suffocate quickly if there is too much contact.

Should I Feel Bad About These Worst Traits?

It is stupid that I get like this because of this nonsense ”,“ I have no right to feel bad ”,“ I am a weeping and weak person ”,“ With the things that happen to other people, I will seem absurd to you for being like that because of this stupidity ”, "I am very selfish for worrying about these things", "I should be happy and content with the life I have", "I am a bad person for feeling this way" ...

Remember, yes, that the objective is not to resign yourself to suffering, but simply not to feel bad or guilty if you have bad traits, because this will only make things worse. Everyone has them, there is absolutely no perfect human being. The important thing here is to have more good than bad, as with pretty much everything. But absolute perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t even think of feeling bad about your negative characteristics.

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It is going to be way easier to accept your flaws and others after reading this article. Now you know what are the worst traits of every zodiac sign, so you can deal with them in a better way and understand people more. It is important that you remember that everyone has flaws, so there is no use in judging yourself or others, just trying to be our best selves in every situation.


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