Advantages Of Marriage And How People Benefits From It

Just in case you are wondering if there's any advantage to marriage, here are some exciting benefits of this union which may guide your decision.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Advantages Of Marriage And How People Benefits From It

About marriage

Top on the list of the world's most anticipated ceremonies and relationships is marriage. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have caused more heartache and pains than it. Not even the earthquakes, terrorism, poverty and bad leadership witnessed in many parts of the world. Thus, it may not be incorrect to describe marriage as a universal desire and headache. Marriage is one of Nature's gifts to humanity. In the context of this piece, it is the coming together of a man and a woman that is backed up by law for purposes best known to both parties. Part of the reason many people get married includes but not limited to love, companionship, and procreation. Howbeit, one very important factor in deriving the utmost benefit of this union is the very intention for which it is formed. Considering how most marriages today end just at the point when they are being instituted, one may wish to ask oneself whether it is actually worth it. Is there really any advantage to this agelong union? The following 10 points answer the question with an emphatic YES!

1. One great advantage of marriage is mutual encouragement

We've all been at that moment in our lives when we need encouragement; no matter how little. A gentle pat on our backs, a gentle “Sorry,” a warm smile on someone's face to get us going. Married couples get enough of these. A married man comes back home all worked up from the day's task. The wife's warm embrace fixes the whole stress thing. The woman is engaged in a very difficult task or project at her place of work; the husband stands in to encourage her. The kind of lessons married people learn in their marriage encourages them to grow. This, in turn, enables each of them to achieve even more in life. Don't get it twisted; you can receive encouragement too even while single but it may not be as mutual, warm and in-depth as you would have it in a marriage setting.

2. Marriage promotes selflessness

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The world can only become a better place when everyone is selfless. This is one lesson marriage teaches. When married, you almost, if not totally, lose sight of self and focus more on your partner and kids. Your resources, time, and energy are spent to better the lives of your immediate family. This attitude can be translated to post-marriage issues. In workplaces for instance, rather than being self-centered, a married person thinks more about others and how the whole company moves forward not just about him/herself alone.

3. Financial security is another advantage of marriage

In most marriages, both the man and the woman contribute to the family's income, and this ensures some better financial footing compared to when one is still single. Of course, you may want to argue that expenditure of two people also surpass that of a single person but here is the basis of financial security in marriage: Married people often make yearly budgets, and most do not go against the plan. This ensures financial prudence which in turn, translate to financial security. You may even be lucky to get married to a very rich partner who may lift you up from your financial struggles. Apart from that, married ones also get some tax reductions and exemptions which single ones do not have access to.

4. Effective child-raising is another benefit

Single parents understand the difficulty of bringing up children. Broken homes produce broken society. Charity, they say, begins at home. Children raised in stable homes are safer and more secure than children from broken homes. In an ideal marriage setting, the man and woman are able to pool resources together to raise their children and where those kids need emotional support, both parents are there to offer it.

#5. Emotional support

Single guys and ladies often find comfort from their friends when faced with life challenges. The truth, however, is that these friends also have their own cross to bear. In fact, in most cases, they may be unavailable when desperately needed. Having no one to lean on during a turbulent period may lead to depression and even suicide. This is not usually so for married people, especially where love reigns. Married ones always have their spouse to comfort them when the going gets tough. Married couples are for each other from the day they walk down the aisle. Couples provide emotional support for each other, and they can be sure they've to get each other's back. You can be sure that if the whole world deserted you when things are tough, your spouse would be the last.

#6. Fulfilling and safer sex

This is another obvious benefit of marriage. In today's world where sexually transmitted diseases are the order of the day, getting married is one of the safest ways to not be a victim. If faithful to your spouse, you can almost beat your chest you wouldn't be contracting any of those STDs primarily because you know the health status of your partner. Also, having a single sexual partner which marriage advocates, makes it quite easier to communicate your sexual needs and expectations with your partner. And by that, both of you can devise ways to meet them. The result of such open and honest communication is a wonderful sexual experience between partners. You are less likely to enjoy this benefit with a man or woman you just have sex with casually outside of marriage. In addition, marriage seems to be the safest environment for any sexual activity. Go check it out, both pre and extra-marital sexual experiences are not usually as in-depth, pleasurable and fulfilling as you would find it in a marriage setting. If we would be sincere with ourselves, sexual affairs outside the confinement of marriage are usually associated with something wrong or not working. With marriage, sexual intercourse between partners is love-making, but outside of it, it can be selfishness or someone trying to use the other person. Married partners enjoy sex more because there is practically nothing to fear. Sex in marriage is legitimate both by the civil and religious tenets. Both feel secure. It means, therefore, that for a worldwide maximization of this gift from nature, it would have to be done within the confinement of marriage.

#7. Healthier life (Eating habits)

As a married person, you have your stomach "insured" because someone is concerned about what goes in there. You come back from work, and the table is set by someone who cares for you passionately. Your partner, being your love would seek to guard the things that you consume to ensure you stay fit. Single individuals consume more of junks than solid, beneficial foods. In most cases, it's because of lack of time. Go check out a man before and after marriage. The chances are that he has grown bigger, fatter and fresher than he was while still single. What has changed? It's not necessarily his income, but he now has a wife who cooks for him as and when due. A healthy meal would mean a healthy you (ceteris paribus) and then a healthy society. Your eating outside is now controlled, and you can better monitor your diet.

#8. Security is equally a great benefit of marriage

The security mentioned here is not the one supplied by the police or military. It is a feeling of being complete, responsible, and assured. It can come in terms of emotional, psychological or financial security. Married people just enjoy that state of mind. There's someone always to watch your back and stand in and up for you anytime, anywhere. Never should this benefit be underrated. A lot is usually achieved by partners in a marital union because of such assurances. Things either partner would not have done if alone are now done because they know they are covered.

#9. Companionship

One of the basic reasons for getting married, alongside procreation, is companionship. Every human being needs a companion and marriage gives you a lifetime companionship with your spouse. Let's get this right, companionship varies. You can get a companion even as a single person, but marital companionship is simply incomparable. Only a marriage companion can fully know your plans and feelings. You are going on a vacation, and he or she is there to travel with you. You sleep and wake together, and when your friends are at home enjoying themselves, he or she is there with you bearing your burdens together.

#10. Understanding

Having someone who understands you and still sticks around you is one of the beauties of marriage. Married couples accept each other, understand each other, stick around for each other, defends each other, understand the reason for each other's motives. This is very advantageous especially since one can always expect that not everyone would believe in one's dream. When it comes to making the necessary sacrifice to achieve a goal, everyone may disagree with you but your spouse would not likely. He or she already buys into your dreams and trusts your judgment. This alone can make you go beyond your ordinary limit to get great things done.

Bottom Line

Marriage is a sweet thing especially if you are married to the right person. The benefits of it are numerous and far-reaching. If there are no genuine reasons for abstaining from marriage, it is highly recommended. Two good heads will always be better than one anytime, any day. When married, you tend to become more emotionally and physically stable because you've got someone having your back. There are, of course, challenges to marriage. These challenges may include repeating same arguments over and over again, irritating habits which do not go away, freedom restrictions, having to deal with a partner's family, the large cost of marriage ceremonies, continuous emotional or physical abuses – where such exists, and a host of others. One out of two marriages end in divorce, sad isn't it? Amidst all these statistics and disadvantages, people, a lot of people for that matter, still get married for one reason or the other. The advantages quite outweigh its disadvantages, it just depends on which side you find yourself. The ground rule for getting more of its advantages is to take your time in the selection process. When you get your choice of partner right, the rest is simple.


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