90 Fun Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text and Get A Good Laugh

Do you know the right type of questions to ask when you are texting a guy? Learn how to start a conversation filled with good laughs.

By Dorothy
90 Fun Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text and Get A Good Laugh

90 Fun Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text and Get A Good Laugh

We all know why you’re even reading this article, to begin with. You are totally in love with this guy. Yes, it may be a shocker, but the fact that you want to ask this guy questions gives you away! But, what are the right questions to ask? No, let me rephrase that, what are the “fun” questions to ask a guy through text? A guy wants a girl who can have a conversation that includes good laughs and hilarious questions that reveal more about them right? Fortunately, we have the answers for all of your questions on what questions to ask a guy through text.

Before You Read On Texting Guys Questions

An important thing to learn before you ask any questions is to figure out what kind of guy he is. I know this sounds counterproductive. How are you supposed to know what kind of guy he is before you ask the guy questions through text? Well, for example, what kind of conversations does he have with his friends? How does he dress? What does he do when he is answering questions from other guys? All of this matters on how you approach your guy. A guy, while no complex, is still an individual. Each different guy that you ask questions through text will give you a different answer. Some of these questions might work for a funny guy who knows how to get a good laugh out of you. Others, you will need to coax and coach with specialized questions. Texting is also another thing that you have to be aware of. Somethings you might say in a normal conversation might come across as rude or disrespectful. Asking the wrong questions through text may really put the guy you want off. Make sure that even in good-natured insults that you are aiming for a smile or laugh. These fun questions can be the perfect way to break the ice and get unlimited conversations going with the guy you are texting with.

Personality Type Questions To Ask A Guy

The first type of questions is personality questions. These type of questions really open a guy up to his innermost character. You will find out what type of guy he truly is when you ask him these questions via text. 1. If you had a million dollars, what would you like to spend it on? 2. If you could ask God for one thing what would it be? 3. If you could ask your parents for one thing what would it be? 4. If you could ask your friends for something what would you ask? 5. If you could ask somebody dead for something what would you ask for? 6. What is the worst lie that you have ever said? 7. What superpower would you ask for if you could have superpowers? 8. If you could change anything about your life, what would be different? 9. If you could change one thing from your past, what would you ask to change? 10. What name would you ask your parents for? It can be anything such as random noises. 11. What body part on you would you change? You can also attach body parts. 12. If you could save one person from dying, who would it be? 13. How do you want to be buried or put to rest? What do you think you would save them from? 14. What question do your parents ask you the most? Why do they ask you this question? 15. Do you cry over spilled milk? What have you cried over before in your life? 16. How would your ex-girlfriend describe you? Be descriptive on personality. 17. How many selfies do you have on your phone? If you don’t, how many selfies have you taken today? 18. What is your least favorite subject at school? Why do you dislike this topic over the others? 19. What is your go-to activity when you’re bored? 20. What is the best joke that you have ever heard? 21. Where is your happy place? 22. If you could find anything in the world, what would you try to find? 23. What is the lamest joke that you have ever heard? 24. What do you think would happen if you have up all of your technology for a weel? 25. What kind of vehicle do you think is the best for transportation? Pros and cons. 26. If you could be a woman for one day of your life, what would you do and where would you go? 27. If you could be a married woman for one day of your life, what would you ask your husband or wife to do for you? 28. What crime would you commit if you could get away with any crime in the world? 29. Are you happier when you’re single or in a relationship? 30. Would you rather find true love or cash out for the rest of your life?

Interest Type Questions To Ask Through Text

These are interest type questions that you can ask your guy through text. This will open you up to what he likes and what he dislikes in media, food, and relationships. 1. What kind of car do you like? Do you know the type and models of your favorite cars? 2. Do you watch anime? What is your favorite anime and why? 3. What is your favorite Western cartoon and why? 4. If you could ask your favorite cartoon creator anything, what would you ask? 5. If you could drive any car in the world, what would you ask for? 6. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you ask for? 7. Who is your real life superhero? What questions would you ask them? 8. Who is your favorite fictional superhero? What questions would you ask them? 9. Who is your favorite actor of all time? What questions would you ask them? 10. Who is someone that you would like to text? What would you text them? 11. What did you do before you met me? 12. Who did you text consistently before you started to text me? 13. Do you like to text as your main form of communication? Why are you texting me? 14. If you could text your favorite celebrity one thing, what would you text them? 15. Who is your secret guy crush? Why is he your secret guy crush? 16. What is the most guy thing that you do? Why do guys do this? 17. What is your favorite food? 18. Who makes you want to laugh the most in this world? 19. Which celebrity would make great conversation at the dinner table? 20. What is your favorite sport to play? Do you play sports with different guys? 21. Do you like to watch stars, moons, and suns? 22. What kind of video game is your favorite genre? 23. What is your favorite genre of music? 24. Who is your favorite musician of all time? What is your favorite album? 25. What is your favorite movie of all time? Why is it your favorite movie? 26. What is your favorite TV show of all time? Why is it your favorite? 27. What period of time is your favorite? Would you want to live there? 28. What kind of style of clothing do you think you fit the best? 29. Who is the greatest superhero villain of all time in your opinion? 30. Who is the greatest president of all time in your opinion?

Romance Type Questions To Ask Your Guy Through Text

This section is the romance type questions that reveal how romantic a guy is and how he shows his romantic gestures. If a guy is willing to answer these questions, you may have a giant information weapon in your arsenal. 1. Where would you have your first date at? Why this location? 2. What kind of questions do you like to ask? Does it ever get sexual? 3. Would you rather date someone you loved or someone rich? 4. What is the worst rumor an ex has ever spread about you? 5. Can you cook? What kind of foods are you good at cooking? 6. What household chores did your mom do for you? 7. How would you ask somebody to marry you? 8. Are you still in love with someone from a previous relationship? Who is it? 9. How do you get when you are drunk? This can be very important. 10. Where is the farthest place you have traveled to visit your SO? 11. Have you ever cheated on someone? Why did you cheat on them? 12. Have you ever been slapped in the face? If so, why did they slap you? 13. Who was your very first celebrity crush? 14. What is the prettiest way you have ever gotten back at someone? 15. What kind of texter are you? What texts do you like sending? 16. Have you ever texted two girls at once? What texts did you send? 17. What really turns you on? What part of a girl's body turns you on? 18. Do you have any kinks? Can I ask what they are? 19. What emotions do you feel the strongest? 20. Who can you never forgive? If I may ask who? 21. What is your go-to sex move? Why is this move so special? 22. How do you get someone to get in bed with you? What questions do you ask? 23. Who had more control in your past relationship? 24. Who has more control in your parent’s relationship? 25. What are your parents like? 26. If you could make one gigantic romantic gesture, what would it be? 27. Where would you go for your honeymoon? 28. Would you rather get married in a church or somewhere unconventional? 29. What would you say in your vows? 30. Who is the most important person to you in your life?

In Conclusion

Guys are weird creatures, and the only way you will know if he is interested is if you keep texting him. You need to ask him eventually, but that is another thing entirely. Also, remember that guys that your text will often text back. They will often text back with repeated questions because they think that YOU'RE not interested. There is a sense of instability in boy's mind whenever girls approach them first. Funny how that works right? People are people, and they will always be nervous or self-conscious. If you can work past that, some great guy things may be ahead for you to enjoy. Don't be afraid to ask the guy that you're texting any of these questions. They will undoubtedly lead to something or another. Don't forget to be careful when texting as sometimes intent is lost. Have fun and get to texting your guy the right way!


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