Help! Husband Is Always Talking About A Female Coworker

Is your husband talking about that certain coworker again?

By Aey
Help! Husband Is Always Talking About A Female Coworker

Workplace romances have been around for a very long time. We’ve all heard stories about affairs like these that ended up breaking a marriage. If you’re worried about a certain office friend of your husband, you’re not crazy.  After all, husbands spend 40 hours a week at their offices and sometimes even go out on work trips with their colleagues. It’s natural to be skeptical about an attractive work friend suddenly walking into the picture.

Most of the time, work friendships are platonic. The reason being that people tend to keep complications out of their office as rumors at the workplace are worst. It’s good that you’re here. Keeping check for the sake of your peace of mind doesn’t hurt anyone. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Attracted To Someone Else?

• Less Romantic Attention

Noticing when a person’s behavior shifts are easy for people especially when it’s someone you live with. Husbands and wives are aware of each other’s love language. This is why even the slightest change in romance and the way of being affectionate of a person doesn’t go unnoticed by their lover. If this change persists or gets worse with time, it a sign that there is someone else your husband is attracted to.

• He hides his phone

You cannot assume that your husband has another lover just because his way of expressing love has changed. Treat it as a wake-up call to pay more attention. But when your husband starts to be mindful about where he leaves his phone and keeps face down and silent when you’re around, this is when assuming that he’s been talking to someone he’s attracted to won’t be completely crazy. When this happens, discuss your doubts with him.

• They’ve been checking someone’s social media

There is a specific account that your husband has suddenly gained a lot of interest in. Whenever you look over, there he is scrolling and zooming in on her picture. This is a sign that your husband is attracted to someone else.

Can A Married Man Be Only Friends With A Female Coworker?

Yes, a married man can be friends with a coworker. There will always be people of opposite gender around. Some will be more attractive, some will have better humor and some will have a crush on your partner too. The only thing matters are how strong the bond shared between the two of you is. Do they know how to uphold boundaries with other females or coworkers so that it doesn’t threaten your marriage? Do they have values? Are they loyal? If the answers to these questions are in your favor, you don’t have to worry about that coworker friend of his unless it’s Beyoncé.

How To Prevent Your Partner From Getting Close To Another?

1. Discuss boundaries

Making agreements is an effective way of keeping confusing and unnecessary drama out of your married life. Sure there are some assumed agreements in a committed relationship but what isn’t clearly stated can have loopholes. One of such assumed agreement is being faithful to each other. This is just the end result but what about the events that lead up to it? He can talk to his attractive female friends outside the workplace? Ok, they’re just friends. That escalates to them communicating at odd hours. That is justified by friendship too. Having one on one lunches during the break… um, okay maybe they’re just close. But where does this stop? This is where having clear agreements is necessary. The actions that one considers out of bounds may be simple friendly gestures for the other. Discuss and first get on the same page on limits that are considered safe.

2. Water your garden

You cannot just expect your relationship to go strong at pilot mode. Both of you need to put in the effort to grow together. This can be done through activities and things that keep you up to date on your partner’s changing needs, ideas, preferences, and desires. Spending time together and having healthy conversations is the key for both of you to keep up with changing needs and keeping the spark alive.

3. Occasional Counseling

The times have changed and long gone is the stigma of going to couples counseling. Research and get a good therapist for proactive and positive relationship building support. Occasional appointments will help you stay at the top of your marriage game. Don’t wait till things go beyond repair to seek help. Treat it as a full hospital checkup that’s recommended to detect health issues that don’t show symptoms at initial stages.

Signs Of Jealousy Of Your Partner's "Friend"

She is trying to create misunderstandings

In a casual conversation, you noticed your husband mention how a certain coworker friend thinks you’re uptight. You let it pass as a one-time thing but after a few days, your husband drops another comment that how his coworker friend mentioned that you have a weird fashion sense which she noticed on your husband’s Instagram. Well, this is a sign that your husband’s coworker “friend” is jealous of you. Talk to your husband because he shouldn’t make her comfortable enough to be able to pass remarks on you.

She gets uncomfortable when you are around

You’re at the annual dinner arranged by your husband’s workplace. You’re well aware of your husband’s workplace friends. You know about one close coworker female friend about whom your husband told you about but she’s acting weird. Her discomfort around you is very obvious. This is a sign that she is jealous of you.

She doesn’t want to be where you are

She avoids being in the same place as you. For instance, in a similar setting as the scenario mentioned above, she doesn’t stay a second longer than she has to. You’ll notice her disappear into the crowd after the formal introduction. This is a sign she is jealous and cannot stand to be around the wife of the guy she has a crush on.

How To Deal With Jealousy On The Husband's Female Coworker?

If you’re insecure about your husband’s female coworker while you’re generally not a jealous person, chances are that you have caught onto a few signs that are making you uneasy. The most effective way to deal with this jealousy is having a conversation with your husband about it. Communicating that you need reassurance and discussing the possibility of him having stricter boundaries with that specific friend or only maintaining a level of communication that’s needed for office work. Getting to personally know her may also be a good way to deal with this kind of jealousy. Next time you’re at your husband’s workplace event, go up to her and strike up a conversation or invite his friends to dinner. Not knowing people creates an image in our heads that may threaten us. Once you actually get to know them, that image is usually replaced by a warm fellow human. Try out these techniques and watch your jealousy go out the window.

Why Is My Husband Always Talking About Another Woman?

If he’s always talking about another woman, there may be chances that he admires her as a human. If your husband actually had ill-intentions or was being unfaithful to you, I’m pretty confident that he would do everything in his hands to hide that fact from you. Sorry to break it to you but your husband is just a big yap. Talk to him about the fact that him paying close attention to another woman is making you uncomfortable. This is the time where you can apply the above tips to bring your heart ease. Remind him of your discussions about boundaries and take his opinions about that other woman constructively. Maybe there is something he likes about her that you shall consider applying to yourself. Sometimes people aren’t aware of the fact that they’re attracted to a certain trait in another person that they would like to see in their partner.

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Marriage is a journey that takes lots of unfamiliar turns. Having a phase where your partner is attracted to a coworker is common. Common doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it seriously. If he is attracted to someone else, it is a sensitive issue that requires you to move very carefully. Hope this article helped! No go and knock some sense into your husband (not literally)!