He Says We're Friends But Acts Like He Wants You

Mixed signals, much? His actions seem different from what he says

By Aey
He Says We're Friends But Acts Like He Wants You

What Does It Mean When He Says He Just Wants To Stay Friends?

If he has communicated to you that he just wants to stay friends, he is just interested to be your friend and nothing more. His actions might confuse you because if he has feelings for you, his actions will give it away but if he doesn’t his actions will match his words. Don’t expect anything more than a friendship when he isn’t man enough to step his game up and ask you to be his girl.

How Do You Tell If He Just Wants To Stay Friends?

If he just wants to be your friend, he will keep his distance and not lead you on. Here are 10 signs that you will not see in a guy who just wants to stay friends with you. If you’re catching these signs, chances are, he wants you but there might be a valid reason as to why he cannot ask you out.

10 Signs He Likes Your More Than A Friend

1. He gives you special attention

Even if you have your whole friend group around, his focus is always on you. He makes sure your drink is refilled, he saves a seat for you and he drapes his jacket when it gets cold – he’s very considerate when you’re around. Why? Because this is a sign that he likes you more than a friend. These gestures aren’t fake, there is a high chance that he isn’t even aware of how his behavior changes when you’re around because he has caught feelings for you.

2. He gets upset when other guys hit on you

You see his expressions change whenever a guy makes a move on you. This is because he is getting jealous and the thought of another guy taking you away is quite sitting right with him. Jealousy is an emotion that’s very hard for people to hide hence it’s the easiest way to catch whether someone thinks of you as more than a friend or not.

3. He calls you a lot

Having friends you keep in touch with regularly is normal. Having straight same-sex friends who you talk to a lot every day is normal too. What is not normal is talking to an opposite gender straight friend every minute of every hour of every day. What isn’t normal is him calling you all the time to just know what you’re up to and have a conversation with you. If this is what your friend is doing, girl, he sees you as more than a friend.

4. He notices details about you

Trust me when I say that most guys won’t even notice if you wear the same clothes for 3 days in a row. If he sees you as more than a friend, he will notice every detail about you. For instance, you just got your hair trimmed and none of the other friends noticed it but this guy did. This is because he looks at you differently and takes in every element and feature of yours. 

5. He is interested in everything you have to say

He’s your listener. Even if you’re going on about the weirdest thing in the world, he listens to your like you’re Beyoncé. He remembers every slip of your tongue that gave away your vulnerabilities, every conversation that had a piece of you, every silly joke you made, and just everything you said in general.

6. He is protective of you

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Again, most guys are careless unless it’s someone they love. If you were just a friend, they see you like a bro and they forget about you when you’re out of sight. It is the opposite if they see you as more than friends because then you’re on their mind for most of the day. They’ll text to ask why you seemed like you’re upset, they’ll call to ask if you’ve reached home safely and they’ll go out of their way to make sure you’re safe. You need to start taking note of this behavior as it is a sign that he likes you.

7. He takes a special interest in your love life

He’s especially interested in your love life. He asks you a lot of questions about a date you went on recently just to know if you’ve developed an interest in that guy. He visibly gets uncomfortable when you tell him that had a great time with another guy. This is a definite sign that your guy friend wants you and the idea of another guy having you is making him anxious.

8. You’ve caught him looking at you and checking you out

Eyes are the windows to your soul. When we admire something, we like to look at it. Hence, one of the major clues that your guy friend secretly wants you is you catch him looking at you when you had your attention elsewhere often. Sometimes, his eyes just had sweetness in them while at times you’ve also noticed hunger. If he wants you, he cannot help but let his imagination run wild with you in it.

9. He prefers to hang out alone with you

If he is into you, he’s going to want to be alone with you. If he’s always suggesting plans that involve just the two of you or if he tries to take you away from your friend group just so that he can spend some alone time with you, that’s a huge sign that he wants you!

10. You feel it

If you feel it in your gut, it probably is true. Women are very sharp when it comes to catching signals other consciously or subconsciously sends their way to get attention. If you feel like he wants to be more than just a friend, you’ve caught on to one or more signs mentioned above and you’re here to get a second opinion because you don’t want to risk your friendship with him. Well, you’re right – he does want you.  

Can A Girl And A Guy Only Be Best Friends?

Yes, of course, a girl and a can be friends but whether they can be best friends is debatable. A mixed social circle is healthy but do you spend one-on-one hang out or sleepovers with an opposite-gender friend? In most cases, if a guy and a girl hit it off to be best friends and they’re both not in a committed relationship, they’ll end updating each other.

How To Tell If He's Cared Of Telling His Feelings?

You’ll know that he is scared of sharing his feelings. This is because, he won’t be able to hide his jealousy and other signs mentioned above but if there is something that is scaring him, he will try to avoid you. If you share the same social circle, you’ll know why he’s reluctant to date you. Some of the common reasons are that both or either of you are in a committed relationship or he is just scared that if it doesn’t work out, you both will lose the precious connection you share.

How To Learn To Read His Behavior

The most efficient way to read his behavior is by comparing his actions towards you with another guy friend. You can also discuss his behavior and how he treats you with another guy friend whom you trust or who belongs to a different friend circle of yours. Guys know guys the best! He will decode all his hidden messages in a matter of seconds.

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If you are in such a situation and you cannot date because either or both of you are dating other people, the best way to deal with this is not to hang out one-on-one. If you’re attracted to him and both of you are single, maybe he will never step up because he is scared of losing you or scared of embarrassing himself. The best thing you can do in such a situation is flirt with him or straight up, suggest casual dating. Most of the time, dating after being friends gives you the best time of your life. Guys are simple, they can be confident hitting on strangers but when it comes to friends, they are careful and sometimes – too careful for their good.


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