How To Make Out With A Guy -- The Perfect Way!

Never underestimate the great power of touch and sensation.

By Fred S.
How To Make Out With A Guy -- The Perfect Way!

Wondering if you’re a good make-out partner? Nervous about sparking things up for the first time with your partner? Or just looking to step your game up in bed?

Well, maybe your man says you’re the best at it, but he could just be being polite. Either way, here’s a guide designed to make you a better make out partner instantly. So, keep reading!

How Do Guys Make Out?

Guys are a lot easier to turn on as compared to girls. Most of the time, they’re the ones who initiate sexual activity, as they’re naturally more driven to sex. One slip of your shirt down your shoulder could be enough for him to start thinking naughty – all day! When guys make the first move, they’re driven by the passion for touching their partner and feeling the thrill of getting closer to them.

Guys can be super creative with how they begin, often starting by kissing your neck, shoulders, and grabbing your waist before moving to your lips.  These actions build anticipation and sexual tension before the make-out session officially begins. It’s essential to match your partner’s energy when he’s being a tease and delaying kissing you – feel free to show him that it’s working, and you can’t wait to kiss him.

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what guys enjoy and what they don’t in a make-out session. You’ll find out everything, ranging from where to touch him, tips/tricks to spice it up, to the things you need to do before making out with him.

What Do Guys Like When They Make Out?

Remember, the only thing that matters in a make-out is having fun. Making out with your partner should be an enjoyable experience, without any pressure of pleasing the other person or failure. It should be a mutually pleasurable session, where you’re having just as much fun as him, maybe more! Don’t focus on only doing the things that guys like, because guess what, he ‘likes’ pleasing you as well.

If he has a good time, but you don’t, he’ll know. If you enjoy the make-out, but he doesn’t, you’ll end up feeling bad about it later on. The key is to focus on making out ‘together’, taking every moment in without any pressure of performing well.

With that said, let’s discuss a few pointers to remember to achieve the objective of ‘having fun together!’

Guys like a girl who’s there to enjoy the process with them and won’t judge them for being awkward or bad kissers. It’s important to give off kind and welcoming vibes to him, and at no point should you let him feel that you’ll judge him for anything.

Where Do You Touch A Guy When Making Out?

The answer to this question should come straight from your imagination. The entire point of a make-out is to have fun freely with the person you love. A make-out session gives you all sorts of green signals to mutually experience whatever you want to with your partner.

Let your imagination go crazy, and try all sorts of new things to spice things up with him. However, to keep things hotter for longer, it’s better to follow an ascending order of sexual advances. For instance, you could start by touching him on safer spots, such as his chest, arms, neck, and face. Moving deeper into the make-out sesh, you could feel his butt, legs, and inner thighs. Later on – and I mean really later on – you could touch that one thing you’re already thinking about.

What Are The Things To Do Before Making Out With A Guy?

While making out is more of a wing-it task, preparation is still required to make sure you’re ready to get all over him. You don’t need to overthink it or anything, but some little checks here and there go a long way.

• Your lips should be kiss-ready!

For instance, it’s essential to make sure your lips are moisturized and smooth before you start to kiss your man. If you’re a garlic bread lover, skip it on the big day – you know, because of breath issues.

Do regular lip scrubs, keeping flaky, peeling, chapped lips at bay. This is especially true during the winter, keep some balm or chapstick in your purse!

• Bad breath is the enemy!

Worrying about your breath is a natural response before you kiss your partner. Take a quick trip to the bathroom to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Pop a piece of gum or breath mint to make sure you’re minty fresh and perfectly kissable! Not only does this deal with hygiene-related issues, but it also boosts your confidence before it all begins!

• Also, make sure it’s the right time and place

Time and place also play a crucial role in making a make-out session more appropriate and comfortable. For instance, making out on a jam-packed subway train isn’t the best possible choice, even if you’re a PDA enthusiast!

Once the consent is shared between partners, make sure the setting is kiss-safe and won’t be offensive to any other people. Not everyone is comfortable kissing in front of their family members, though, a peck for your partner will be sweet.

Not just the place, but the time should be right too. For instance, if your partner’s pet just died, kissing them isn’t the best thing you can do. Instead, a forehead kiss and a hug would be more comforting and appropriate.  

Steps/Tricks When Making Out with a Guy

Start slow; less is more

Any make-out that begins with two people slobbering all over each other within the first 10 seconds, soon dies down, without either of them ‘feeling’ pleasurable about it. Instead, start with an element of curiosity – move closer to him, hold his hand, touch his thigh, lock eyes with him. These cues send strong messages of anticipation to him, telling him something amazing is going to happen, and that’s a huge turn on. Slowly begin to kiss him on the cheek, his neck, and let him do the same to you. Move your hands to his chest to let him know that the make-out session has officially begun.

Switch things up

Make-outs can go on for large amounts of time, especially if it’s going great. It’s important to keep switching things up to maintain his interest all the way. This involves differing the pace of kissing, i.e. slowing down, with more passionate and heart-felt pecks, then kissing him faster with more tongue.

Keep your hands moving

Another great way to maintain novelty throughout the make-out session is to use your hands well. Touch him in different places throughout the make-out to excite him in all sorts of different ways.

Take the lead occasionally

If he’s a long-term partner who you’re totally comfortable with, this tip could be immensely effective. You could make bolder moves, such as grabbing his hands and bringing them wherever you want on your body. It’s one of the hottest things you can do to make a guy drool over you, making him want more and more!

Feel free to moan

Lastly, don’t you dare hold back any of your moans, as embarrassing as they may be? Moan your heart out. Honestly, guys are crazy about that. It tells them that you’re enjoying the make-out just much like him, and he’s doing a great job. Reassurance on performance goes a long way in increasing the longevity and quality of a make-out.

Post-makeout Thoughts: Shall I ask him out?

Ahem – typically, the making-out comes after the asking out. However, if the two of you happen to have messed that order up, the next step is to ask him out. If everything went well, he’ll probably take the lead and ask you out, or it’ll just be mutually assumed that something has started without much being said. Still, to make things clear, it’s advisable to talk to him about dating, and figure out when you’d like to meet next.

It’s important to note the energy you shared with him during the session, as that’s a good indicator of how much passion and chemistry there is between the two of you. However, if there was slight awkwardness here and there, let that slide, as making out with someone for the first time (whom you haven’t even asked out yet) doesn’t always go perfectly smooth.

Instead of basing your asking-out decisions on the quality of the make-out session, focus on getting to know him and his deeper personality traits well. See if he fits your type to become a long-term partner potentially!

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Making out is one of the most common couples’ activity, and should be done right! Maybe your partner tells you all the time that you’re a fantastic kisser, but you can’t take his word for it. Perhaps he’s just being nice, and secretly wants more? In this article, we’ve gone over all you need to know about making out with your man! Working on these tips and suggestions will instantly make you a better kisser, but perfection comes with practice. All the best!



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