23 Sexy Nicknames To Hint That Your Sexual Libido is High

Ways to hint that you are feeling horny and got to get your fix

By Kazuko Otsuka
23 Sexy Nicknames To Hint That Your Sexual Libido is High

The Horny Feeling: Even Girls Get Horny

Throughout our lives, society leans on defining men as the “hornier” gender. This preconceived notion has become a norm for many people to the point that when a woman says they are horny, people tend not to believe them. Sex is part of life, and everyone gets horny at one point in their lives. Even the most asexual person you can think of had at least one dirty thought in their mind. Don’t deny it, and just accept the fact that even girls get horny. 

1. Fantasizing Like There’s No Tomorrow

May it be your love interest, that hot movie star you have a crush on, or a cute guy you just passed down the road- when you’re horny, you can’t help but fantasize about doing sexual acts. Sexual fantasy is an outlet to release all of that horniness enveloping you, but we all know what’s the best way to get rid of the desires. Wink. Wink. 

2. Restless and Lack of Focus

It’s hard to stay focused when all you can think about is getting laid. Sexual frustration is a real problem that even women face and, at times are shy to overcome or talk about. If you have a hard time staying focused or falling asleep at night, better think of some outlets to let some steam out. Accept it; you’re horny. 

3. Tingles All Over Your Body

A big sign that you’re feeling horny and turned on is feeling tingles down under. This physical sensation happens because when you’re aroused, blood flows to your genitals and causes a tingling sensation. If you start to feel these tingles, then you’re definitely looking for that fix you haven’t been getting in awhile. 

4. Extra Wet Feeling

When you’re sexually aroused or feeling extra horny, you feel extra wet down under. This sign doesn’t always mean you’re horny straight away, as it could also lead to other signs that don’t relate to anything sexual. But, if you’re showing all the other three signs mentioned above plus this one, then it’s time to get busy. 

5. Everything Turns Sexual

Another sign that you're feeling extra horny is everything turns green. You might not be a green-minded person, but when you're sexually frustrated, everyday tasks and interactions become sexual. Pictures and dialogues that don't even hold any sexual connotation suddenly turn into something green with your current state. If you notice your friends start remarking on the influx of green jokes, you utter each breath, time to reevaluate your next decisions in life. 

23 Sexy Nicknames to Hint That Your Sexual Libido is High

Nicknames For Your Man

When you’re horny and want to hint to your man that you want to get some action, an excellent way to tell your partner is through pet names and nicknames. There are numerous nicknames that you can use like “Sexy Beast” and “Hot Daddy.” Imagine your man's reaction when he hears you call him these nicknames- an instant turn on. Say it with a sexy tone and add some hot gestures, and you can wave your horniness goodbye. Take a look at the other sexy nicknames you can use on your man to hint that your sexual libido is overflowing and needs some attention. 

1. Hot Stuff

2. Drill Sergeant

3. The Hulk

4. Mr. Big

5. Sexy Beast

6. Tiger

7. Sugar Daddy

8. Hot Daddy

9. Lady Killer

10. Sexy Cowboy

11. Loverboy

Did any of the nicknames strike your attention? Was there one that you want to try the moment you see your man? The nicknames you can use are endless, and these are just a few of the sexy nicknames you can use to hint that your sexual libido is overflowing. 

Nicknames For Your Girl

Now, if you’re a man and looking for a nickname for your girl to get them in the mood, there’s a lot of sexy names you can use like “Hot Mama” and “Pretty Lady.” It’s not that hard to hint to your partner that you want to get some action like a man. Compliment her like there’s no tomorrow and give her some kisses and affection. Blow on her ears and embrace her from behind and call her “Hot” and “Sexy.” You’ll be getting some action in no time. Read on to see other sexy nicknames you can use on your partner below. 

12. Baby Girl

13. Goddess

14. Hot Mama

15. Hot Thing

16. Lioness

17. Lover Girl

18. Pretty Lady

19. Princess

20. Pussycat

21. Sexy Lady

22. Temptress

23. Sweet Peach

What do you think, men? Can you imagine yourself calling your girl, "Hot Mama?" There are a whole lot more sexy nicknames out there. Try out the ones above and see what fits with your women. Each nickname will have different reactions depending on the type of girl you're with. Trial and error is the only way to see what they like to be called. 

When Your Partner is a Blockhead

You’re lucky if your partner is fast in picking up on your hints of wanting to get some action in bed. Sadly, there are loads of individuals who are blockheads when it comes to sex. Even when you’re parading naked in front of them trying to get their attention, some people just can’t read the mood. Here are some tips you can try if you’re embarrassed to say you want to get laid blatantly. 

1. Drop Subtle Hints

Whether you’re the man or the woman in the relationship, a good tip to try is to drop subtle hints throughout the day. Try grabbing their behinds in public or whispering or blowing in their ears whenever you get the chance. Surprise them with sweet kisses and tell them how lucky you are to have them in your life. Make them feel wanted to the point that it’s quite clear what you’re in the mood for. 

2. Seduction Game

This trip requires a bit more confidence. Play the seduction game. Wear some sexy lingerie, and if you’re a man, do some workouts in front of your girl to let her bask in your naked splendor. Walk around the house only in your underwear or even naked if you don’t mind. Be sexy and strut like there’s no tomorrow. 

3. Watch Adult Videos Together

Watching adult videos together is a great avenue to tell your blockhead partners that you’re horny. If the nicknames and all other tips failed, try this one out. If you’re too shy to open the activity together, you can start by telling them if they want to see what kind of videos you’re into. Get comfy and watching and wait for the magic to happen! 

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Feeling horny is not a sin. To overcome this human need, the first step is to get over the negative notions it holds. Getting past this is the first step to succeeding. Girls get sexually frustrated, as many guys do. The only difference is that boys are more open and vocal about it. When you’re in dire need of a fix, use the nicknames and tips mentioned in this article. 



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