Top 10 Signs He Doesn't Love You Deeply Anymore

Are you in a dilemma over the state of your relationship? Want to know what your partner is up to? Find out if he loves you deeply or not with these signs.

By Tanya Sinha
Top 10 Signs He Doesn't Love You Deeply Anymore

Does he love you...?

Do you really know the meaning of true love? It is said to fall in love is very easy, but to maintain that love relation forever is not everyone's cup of tea. Love is a pure feeling. Love is something you can't negotiate with. It's important for you, just like oxygen is. If your love connection is strong, you will be happy both mentally and physically. Love brings out the glow and charm in your face. Love is something which you don't have to express it or you don't have to prove it time to time. It is a feeling that is conveyed without words. It's a person's actions that say how much they love you, they will show you with every move of theirs. Those small gestures to make you feel special, those special moments spent with each other, those small fights. These are signs of true love and signs that say you are so lucky to have found true love in today's life. True love is very hard to find. If you get it, cherish each and every moment of it. But does love last forever? You have surely heard of this, that people change, things change. They never remain the same as they were before. Good times don't last forever. Those signs of perfect love and relationships start fading away. Do you get this feeling that love of your life has started keeping secret from you? Or he doesn't spend much time with you? Or he is much more into himself now? Or he doesn't care about you now? Do you feel he has changed? If yes, then you need to figure it out. You need to know what he is up to and what path your relationship is taking. Because, sweetie, you deserve true love. You deserve to be with someone special. Don't waste time on a person who doesn't know the value of you and your love.

Signs he love you or not:

Is he giving you any signs that you feel he is cheating on you? Is he giving any signs that you feel he is with someone else? I know, you are desperate to know what's in his mind and you are absolutely right to feel that way. You should know. But let me tell you one thing, if you are really looking for these signs, there's something fishy in your relationship. Don't you worry, baby, we have got a solution for you! Read these signs and figure it out what's up with him. That way, you can make a decision to move on if you both are not in the same page in your relationship.

1.) Signs he doesn’t to love you anymore: There is no trust

Trust is an integral part of relationship. You surely, would have heard of this, "Without trust, there is no relationship." You have started doubting him. You don't have any idea what exactly he is doing in his life. He has stopped showing his interest in you. He has started lying to you. He is not even keeping his promises or not sticking to his words. These are the signs of a dishonest person. A real man won't do this ever. He doesn't even give you time anymore. Whenever you make plans to spend time with him, he is always booked. Sometimes, it's because of his friends, or because of his family, or because of his health. These are the reasons which you will keep on listening again and again. He also, stopped sharing his problems with you. You talk less now. He doesn't have time for you. He has started lying to you when you confront him. These signs clearly shows that he doesn't love you deeply, anymore. You are becoming his second option now. Maybe he is in love with someone else. Maybe he is showing you these signs intentionally to make you realize that he doesn't love you anymore.

2.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: He doesn't compliment you and compares you to other girls

Love doesn't need perfection. No one is perfect in this world. You can't judge anyone. You fall in love with a person's flaws and imperfections. No matter how you look, no matter how you dress, if it's a true love, the person will accept you as you are. Love doesn't demand change until and unless you want it. If a man gives you any signs of judging you or comparing you with someone else, then he is not in love with you. He used to compliment you even when you were in your pajamas or when you woke up in the morning with your messy hair. But now, you don't even remember the last time he complimented you. You don't feel good anymore when you are around him. Do you feel respected, valuable or loved? No. Instead, you feel humiliated, insecure, depressed, and terrible about yourself. Your self-confidence is declining when you are with him. Always remember, when a guy stops complimenting you, this is a sign that he is losing his love for and interest in you. He is clearly showing signs that he is not looking at you as his girlfriend anymore or that he is not deeply in love with you anymore. Also, he will start comparing you to other girls. He will say things like: Why can't you dress like her? Why can't you carry yourself confidently like her? Why can't you lose weight or become fit like her? Why are you always so possessive? Why can't you behave like other girls and be chill and let me hang out with other girls? Take a lesson from your best friend for new trends and styles. These signs show he is really not into you. A real man will never say something that would make you feel frustrated or low. If he is doing these things, it's really the time you should ask him to stop comparing you to other girls. Even if he does so, it's a clear sign that he is not deeply in love with you anymore.

3.) He openly flirts with everyone except you

A real man knows only one woman is enough. He doesn't need other women in his life for love. He is a one woman man and he knows the real meaning of love. A real man will put his all effort into being with you, to make you feel how special you are for him. He will show all the signs to make you realize how much he loves you. If he real for you and worthy of your love, then you really don't need to watch for signs. You miss those moments with him when he tried to flirt with you. You miss those chats with him that made you smile automatically. You miss those times when he took his eyes off of other girls. You miss those moments when he looked at you secretly. He doesn't do these things anymore. He flirts with other girls in front of you. He doesn't even give a second thought to how you will feel, he is just busy with other girls. He is on the phone all the time, texting and chatting with other girls. Whether it's afternoon or midnight, he is always online. On asking with whom he is chatting, he will get annoyed or will say that he is talking with his friend about something important which can't be discussed with you. He is using those flirty lines with other girls that he used to impress you. He compliments other girls in front of you and even tries to approach them. Though he might make you feel special and he might use impressive lines with you, he is doing the same things with other girls also. The relation he is having with other girls is the same as yours. This is not a sign of true love. It's a sign to end the relationship. Girls, don't ignore these signs or don't take these signs in an easy way. Something is really fishy with him. Pay attention!

4.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: It's all about him now

It's a universal truth that people remember things that are important to them or if the person really matters to them or if they really love someone deeply. He will give you all the positive signs of being a perfect partner. A guy will never forget the things you said to him the last day or one year before if he is really deeply in love with you. He will always put extra attention towards your needs and your happiness. Carefully watch the things he remembers about you or not. Your love relationship has reached the point where you consider yourself alone now. It's more like a one-sided relationship. He has become more self-centered now. You stand no-where for him anymore. He is more into his studies, his friends, his family, his office works, but not you. He has time for everything but when it comes for to you, he suddenly becomes busy. He hardly even focuses on you now. What you want, when you are sad, when you need him the most, he doesn't care anymore. He doesn't seek your opinion anymore. He doesn't even consider to share his thoughts with you. He tries to keep you away from his private life. He doesn't want you to interfere in his life. And when you confront him for his selfish behavior, he gets irritated and tries to avoid you. He doesn't show any efforts to change, instead, he just goes away. He shows you signs that he is getting irritated with you. Ladies, this really shows he is losing his love for you. He is not the one anymore. He is a changed person.

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5.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: He doesn’t respect you anymore

Love needs respect for each other. Until and unless you respect each other, it's pointless to be in a relationship. With time, love grows with respect. If you are seeing signs that it's opposite in your situation, you really need to sort it out to keep from of hurting yourself again and again. If he is not treating you with respect, you really need to discuss with him. For a girl, a respect is everything and if someone doesn't give you respect, you should move on. A real man knows how to treat girls. He knows that each and every woman needs to be treated with respect and not with insults and humiliation. He has started taking you for granted. He insults you or makes fun of you in front of everyone. He doesn't even respect your feelings. He makes fun of them, too. Whenever you share your emotions with him, he mocks them by saying you are an emotional, foolish person, you should take the things lightly. He always makes jokes about your clothes or your health or your behavior in front of your friends and family. These are clear signs that he doesn't love you deeply. These are the signs that clearly say that he is taking you in a for granted.

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6.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: He ignores conversations with you

Do you really think that you are being heard by him? Do you think that your concern is being noticed by him? Does he tell you about his feelings, what is going on his mind? Communication is the first sign of being in a healthy relationship; it's a sign of being in true love. Love needs to be communicated. If you don't communicate with each other, there is a chance of misunderstandings that can ruin your relationship. He loses his temper and gets irritated when you try to have conversations related to your relationship. You sometimes try to talk with him without any fights or any arguments to solve the things between you two, but still he gets annoyed and tries to get rid of you. He doesn't even try to solve the problem. He puts all the blame on you. He is not ready to accept his faults. He tries to avoid the conversation by giving you reasons like he isn't in the mood, he's busy or he's tired. These are the reasons you get when you try to solve your fights. If he has outbursts without any reason, try to find out the reason behind it. And if still, after all your efforts, he is showing signs that he is still not OK, then you should really give it a second thought before loving him more.


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7.) He doesn’t make you feel special anymore or he makes you feel alone

Love is all about celebrating small moments. Love is all about making each and every moment special for our loved ones. Love is all about making the person happy with all your efforts. These are the signs which you really need to watch when you really want to be in a serious commitment. Whether it was your birthday, your first day on your job, your month or year anniversary, it was always special. He always showed his efforts to make it special just for you. Your special days were special for him, too. You have always been treated as a princess by him. He has overwhelmed you with his love. He never missed a chance to make you feel special. After all, love isn't all about this small, sweet and cute gestures. But now you miss all these things. He doesn't even remember your birthday anymore or your anniversary dates; he has forgotten all. It's you now who recalls these days. He doesn't even plan his birthday with you now. His plans are with his friends. He doesn't make any effort now to make you feel special. You don't even remember when you two spent quality time together. Not only this, he also keeps you away from his plans. He doesn't make you part of outings anymore. He also doesn't allow you to meet his family or friends; he tries to keep you out of it. On asking, he says he doesn't want other people when he is with you. He makes you feel completely alone. He is not there anymore with you when you really want him. Try to figure out with him, where the is problem? If he is doing this deliberately, it's a clear sign that his love for you is not that deep now.

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8.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: he gets irritated by your habits

Have you noticed that he gets irritated by your small habits? Those habits that he used to say were cute. Those habits that made him fall in love with you. But now things have changed. He gets irritated or he shouts at you without any reason. Whenever you try to show your love for him, he gives you signs that he is not liking it or he simply tries to divert his attention from you. He doesn't even apologize for that. He even gets annoyed when you try to flirt with him or when you try to initiate those lovey-dovey conversations. He just pushes you away from him. He has stopped saying I love you anymore. You don't even remember the last time when you had a romantic time. He doesn't intend to invest in this relationship anymore. He is giving you signs to be away from him or signs that he doesn't love you deeply anymore.

9.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: You miss his affection and jealousy

If a person is jealous when you give attention to others, that is a sign of true love. This is because you mean something to them. This is because someone is afraid of losing you. Jealousy is that part of love where you feel someone is there who really wants to be with you. Jealousy is a sign of a pure and real love. When you are in a relationship, care, support, and jealousy play an important role. You love when someone takes care of you. You love when someone keeps every tiny detail of your needs, who always keeps a record of where you are going, with whom you are roaming, and at what time you will reach your destination. These signs show how much a person is really, deeply, madly in love with you. Now, you are in such a position with him that he doesn't even care whom you are talking to. He stopped giving reactions if you tell him that you are talking to your ex or with a guy who likes you. He shows no interest in your life now or with whom you are hanging, with whom you are talking to, where you are going, at what time you are leaving the house or coming back. He doesn't pay attention to it. These are the signs which clearly indicated that he doesn't want to be with you.

10.) Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: No physical connection

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Have you heard of a "magic touch" or "magic kiss"? Intimacy, cuddling, a kiss on the forehead, biting ears are small things which make you smile without any reason. Intimacy plays an important role in the relationship. It's always not about having sex. It's a feeling which can never be expressed in words. When people have an intimate moment, you feel each other. When he kisses you after having sex, that's a sign of love. You miss all these things now: the spark, the essence of the relationship, the chemistry of being physical with each other. A guy's hug, kiss, and cuddles give you true signs as to whether he is in love with you or not. You can sense the feeling of love through his touch. Ask yourself these questions to find out the reality: Do you feel the same way while intimate that you used to feel before? Does he cuddle with you? Is the chemistry between you two still the same? Does he make you feel special when you are being physical? Is he intimate with you out of love or with love? These are the questions which you really need to figure out. You really need to know whether he enjoys being with you or not. Maybe, he doesn't want to keep the physical relationship with you. He gets irritated when you try to get close with him, or he simply ignores. Also, he has stopped sending you those naughty texts or having romantic talks. If these are really the signs, you need to figure out things between you two. You need to ask him whether he loves you or not. You really need to watch his signs and actions when he is intimate with you.

When you ask what you really don't want with your love partner, you will have many things to note down, but when you are asked what you want, you have to think about it a lot. The problem with us is that we always focus on what we don't want instead of what we really want in our life. Love is something which you handle with care. Love needs to be nourished with extra affection, with little sweet gestures. We believe that love is something that just happens. When you plan to fall in love, you will end with disappointment, because love comes when it has to come. You don't plan to love someone, it just happens with time. You will yourself not be aware of the fact that you are in love. Remember, there is the difference between old age love and modern love. The definition of love has been completely changed. You have read these signs and you know what you have to do with your love relationship. You know what your boyfriend is up to, whether he loves you or he has moved on with his life. If these signs match your boyfriend/husband's qualities, you really need to decide what you have to do. You are left with two options: either forget him and move on, or make him fall in love with you again. If you really love him deeply then fight for him. Don't let him go. He is the love of your life; he is the one without whom you can not imagine your life. Show him signs of how much you love him, how much he really means to you, how much you love being around him. Go and shower him with your love, make him feel special. But don't avoid the signs which give you feelings he is not the one for you or he is not the one who deserves your love. I hope these signs and this article have helped you out!