20 Obvious Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Breakup is difficult. And when your ex sends you sign he wants you back, it gets more troublesome. Here are some signs to look out for.

By Tanaya Nath
20 Obvious Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Signs Your Ex Is Still Pinned On You

The breakup is already bad, but what makes it harder is the mixed signals from your Ex. He would call and then disappears, he would say he is over you but keeps coming back to you for lame things, he would try to get your attention when you are with someone else, but will avoid you when you are trying to get his attention. It not only confuses you but also makes your heart break harder to forget. He sends signals but never admits. So how will you figure if your ex really wants you back. Here are a few signs for you that will tell you if your ex wants you back in his life.

Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

If your ex wants you back after the breakup, he will not admit it but will act in a certain way. If you read his behaviour well, you would know if he is still pinning on you but pretending to get over you. But before anything, you must be sure about your feelings for him, whether you want to get back with your ex or not. Let's talk about two scenarios- when you are still in touch and when you are not in touch.

How To Know He Wants You Back When You Are Still In Touch With Your Ex

After the breakup, your ex keeps telling you he doesn’t want you in his life and yet still calls you, this might confuse you. It will often make it hard for you to get over him and move on. It is hard for him to admit that he still have feelings for you. The way he talks and the things he talks about will give you an idea of what he is thinking. The aura about them and their attitude will tell you a lot about your ex. So, if he dismisses while you are talking, it is not a great sign. Does he talks about himself and you? Your ex must be missing you and is comfortable around you. If he talks about his future but without you, it is a sign that your ex have moved on and is happy. If he asks you about your social life, it probably means he wants to know if you are dating. So read the signs to be sure if your ex wants you back.

Sign 1) Your Ex Contacts You Frequently

If he is calling you often for silly reasons or if he keeps texting you or sends you messages and comments on Facebook, it might be a sign he is still thinking about you and he might want you back. But let him be the one to call you. Let your ex admit he wants you back. It will let you know how sincere he is.

Sign 2) He Shares His Life

Does he keep telling you what’s going on in his life and share even a silly problem with you? He might not admit but it is a sign he still cares for you and wants you back. It also means he still values your opinion and trusts your judgement. Through this, your ex is trying to let you know whether he is dating or not and trying to signal you he misses you.

Sign 3) Takes Interest In Your Life And Backs You Up Like Old Times

If he is interested in what you are doing in his life and he might keep enquiring if you are dating someone else. Does he act jealous when he sees you with someone else and demand your attention? These are the signs that your ex wants you back in his life but doesn’t want to reveal.

Sign 4) You Are The First Person To Know

If he always comes to you first to share any new development and significant stuff in his life, it is a sign that your ex wants you back. It also means he still values you and that you still hold a special place in his life. Let him know you appreciate being that important person in his life, even after the breakup but just don’t jump up and down in front of him because he has yet to admit that upfront.

Sign 5) Dilemma Of Dating Means He Is Still Held Back

If your ex is still not sure about dating anyone else and have let you know his dilemma about it, it is a sure sign he wants you back. Even if he doesn't admit. If he has been on a date and doesn't let you know because he thought you will get hurt, it means he still cares and is not sure about anyone else. There may be times when he doesn’t take the first date to the second because he finds the girl not up to the mark set by you.

Sign 6) Ex Moving Back In Memorylane Is A Sign

Is your ex reminding you of your sweet old memories? Does he keep talking about the places you have been to together and things you have done together? If he misses the trips you both took together, it is a sign he wants you back.

Sign 7) He Is Sorry And Wants To Turn Back Time

If he often brings up the reason for your breakup and often talks through the things that went wrong in your relationship, it means he regrets the decision of the breakup and thinks things could have been done differently. But listen carefully if he is still blaming you for the breakup. It would mean that your ex is not yet past the bitterness of the breakup. But if he is thoughtful and empathetic, it is a sign he wants you back.

Sign 8) Your Ex Flatters You

If he keeps complimenting you on your dress, looks and other things, if he gifts you flowers without occasion, it means that your ex still notices you and wants you back. If he still calls you by the sweet names and takes notice of even the small changes in you, he might not admit but it is a sign he is still pinned on you.

Sign 9) Your Ex Stealing Touches

Have you ever felt unnecessary harmless touches from your ex like holding your hand, cleaning a non existing crease on your dress and touching lightly on the small of your back while escorting you? It is a sign he still cherishes your company and craves for your closeness. It also shows that he wants you back.

When You Are Not In Touch With Your Ex

Even when you are not in touch with each other and are not on talking terms, you will still find certain signs that will tell you he wants you back in his life and is secretly hoping that you are missing him too. He will do things like mentioned below if he is still not over you.

Sign 10) He Is In Touch With Your Friends Behind Your Back


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If he is friends with your friends even when he is not in touch with you, this means he is trying to keep the connection between you and him alive. If your ex is also in touch with your family and often keeps tracks of their whereabouts, it is a sign he is not over you and wants you back.

Sign 11) Your Ex Asks About You

Have you ever heard your friends hinting that your ex is still interested in you even after the breakup because he keeps asking about you? Do your friends and family members feel that your ex is still interested in what are you doing and what's going on in your life? Even though he might not admit, it is a sign he is pinned on you still. He might be eager to know if you have moved on and dating someone or you, like him, also want to get back together again.

Sign 12) Gloomy Facebook Status


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If you ever come across the gloomy Facebook status on his profile, it might be a sign he is missing you and hoping that you read the status and understand what he is trying to say. It might a sign from your ex to let you know he wants you back but has no courage to say to you upfront.

Sign 13) Your Ex Keeping An Eye On You

After breakup you bump into your ex one day and he seems to be knowing everything about you, don't be surprised. It means he is keeping an eye on you and is eager to know everything about you. It is a sign he is still interested in you and wants you back in his life but doesn't want to admit.

Sign 14) The Sign Of Accidental Meetings

Are you having a lot of accidental meetings with your ex wherever you go? Does your ex sounds surprised but doesn’t look like that on those accidental meetings? It is because he is always looking forward to seeing you and hence he always tries to find out where you will go so he could plan that accidental meetings. It is a sign he like seeing you and wants you back. But if he seems genuinely surprised, don’t think too much. There must be times when you both will accidentally meet because you both had the same circle for a long time.

Sign 15) Drunk Calls From Ex

Have you been receiving calls from your ex when he is drunk? Don’t worry. It is just a sign he is still not over you. Alcohol gives him the courage to talk to you directly. But always keeps your ears open to what he has to say. If he blames you for the breakup and curses you, stay away from your ex. But if he apologises for the mistakes he has made or accepts that he still likes you, it means he wants you back with him.

Sign 16) Your Ex Is Keeping Your Things

If he still carries your gifts and cards and have not returned your stuffs still, he probably wants them with him. It is a sign that your ex feels closer to you with your things and gifts around him and he treasures them. There is a possibility he is still not over you and is hoping to get back with you. And if you have not given your ex’s things back, let him ask for them first.

Sihn 17) Always Available For You

Just know your ex still cares for you and wants you back if he always takes your call and is always ready to help you in any possible way. It is a sign he is still in love with you. Because the guys who get over their exes hardly take their calls or are available for their help. If your ex is doing both, think about it. He is probably trying to win your trust and affection.

Sign 18) Your Ex Working On Himself

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Have you been noticing changes in your ex? Does it look like he has been working on himself and the complaints you had for him? It is a sign he is trying to impress you back and wants you to see he is putting an effort in changing himself the way you like. If he is working on the issues he had neglected earlier even after your mentioning, it means he wants you back. But don’t jump at any conclusion on just this sign. Your ex might just be working on himself for his sake, or he might be dating again.

Sign 19) Rage And Disappointments

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Your ex sees you with someone and bursts out into a rage. Does he acts annoyed when he sees you flirting with someone else? Is he acting protective around you even after the breakup? He might even keep picking flaws in the men you date. It is the sign he is still hooked onto you bad. If you see him looking at you when you are not looking, just know he wants you back. If your ex looks sad when he doesn’t get your attention and acts broken-hearted every time you mention you have moved on, it is the sign he hasn’t moved on yet

Sign 20) Other Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

If your ex still wants you back, he would say in words of appreciation to your friends and his about you. He would just praise you about everything in front of them. This is a sign of his affection for you that he has come to realize after you are gone. Other sign is that he will openly tell you he misses you and the time you both had together. If your ex says he misses you, you must consider getting back with him. If he wants to get you back, he would still act cozy and warm towards you even after the breakup. He would just touch you affectionately and whisper sweet nothings into your ear or even a joke that he wants to share with just you. It is another sign that your ex is missing you. When you see more that usual number of posts and photos after breaking telling the world, especially you, that he is happy after breakup, it is a sign he is just pretending. It usually means he is missing you and wants you back but doesn’t want you to know. He could tell you about someone he is dating, praising her in front of you, this might mean two things, either he is trying to make you jealous or he has found someone he is happy with. So, don’t jump onto the conclusions here. Wait for other signs from your ex and read his dating life with these signs, you might get a clear picture. You can also wait till he clearly says he wants you back.

What Should You Do

When he is trying to reminisce the good old times and if that’s what you want, don’t hold yourself back. Encourage your ex to talk about it a little more. It will make you help your mind if you can think about going back together with him. It is a good sign he remembers the good moments you both created together. So, relive them in words if you want to. Also, when you are happily remembering those times, it could give him a signal that you have moved on and the memories with him doesn’t hurt you. So, if he really wants to get you back, he will take some serious measures to win you over again. If he tells you he has been working on himself and the issues with him, encourage him for that. Tell him you appreciate that. If you are noticing changes in him, compliment him. If he seems thrilled and proud over your compliment, it means he still values your opinion and is fishing for the compliments from you. If he talks about a future with you, talk to him about how you see your future with him. Don’t talk about family and kids if he is talking about a vacation or how he wants to spend the coming summer with you. Let him know you like the idea of spending that time with him but don’t hint him that you see your forever with him. If you also want your ex back, let him give you signs you keep reciprocating back subtly. If you push, you might drive him away. When your ex tries to talk and resolve the issues between you two, let him. Discuss with him everything that you have been holding back. This will not only give him insight on how you feel and have felt through the relationship but it will also give your ex a sign you are now no more scared to tell him the truth in his face. You have accepted that your relationship is over. But if he hurls in abuses and blames on you, don’t involve yourself in it. It will only drag the issue back to nowhere. Tell him calmly that everything between both of you is long over and you are not ready to get back into it anytime. But if you are interested into getting back with your ex and he is sincerely trying to discuss what made your relationship fall apart, stay positive. Don’t try to throw his mistakes on his face. Listen to what he is laying down on the table. Look for the signs if he genuinely wants to correct the mistakes and that he is not just stalling around to get your attention for his ego. If he asks you to go out with him like a friend and flirts with you, go out with him and let him flirt with you and flatter you. Enjoy his company but don’t drool over him. A little play of hard to get will make you attractive to him. He will feel more drawn towards you and will finally come clear in saying that he wants you back in his life.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t stalk him over social media and stay away from commenting on his every post. Don’t bug him with your messages and flood him with your unwanted attention. It will only worsen the things between both of you. It will drive your ex away and will kill all the signs about him wanting you back. If he is dating and not telling you, don’t question him when you come to know. It will make your ex think that you are still pinning on you and he will not get any chance of missing you in his life. He will not realise that he wants you back. Don’t plan accidental meetings with him, your ex will know that you are finding ways of seeing him. Even if you meet him accidentally really, don’t pay him too much attention. Don’t just give your ex back his stuff, let him ask for it first. Never initiate contact with him or call your ex on a regular basis for help or support. It might make you look desperate.


The longer you have been into a relationship, the harder it is to cut yourself out emotionally from it. When such relationship ends, it leaves a lot of emotional impact on you. In a relationship you create beautiful memories and experiences. You also make some mistakes and go through some hard times. It is natural that after breakup, when your anger and your frustration is all packed up inside you, you will focus on the negative side of your relationship. And after a while, when you have cooled down, you will start missing your ex. Your ex will also send some signs to let you know that he is missing you as well. Heart is not like a switch where you can turn it off against the emotions in a second. It will take both of you some time. Whether or not you and your ex get back depends on the balance you maintain between letting your feelings grow and allowing them to disappear. Also, it is important that you give out a balanced sign to him and not overload him. Also, you must understand the signs he is sending. You have to patient and try not jumping onto any conclusion. Like a casual email is a very weak sign. Your ex might just be thinking of staying in touch with you on a friendly terms. Same is with the text. It is not a sure sign that your ex is looking to get back with you. However if he texts you frequently, calls you often and always keeps bumping into you or asks you for meeting him, it is a strong sign of your ex missing you. But before anything, you must be sure of your feelings towards your ex. Do you really want to get back into the relationship with him? Answer this question honestly. Don’t let other people, especially your ex, influence you on anything. Don’t let his emotional messages, calls and talks fog your mind. If you have thought over it long and hard and are sure that it is never going to work between you two, don’t give in. However, if you are confused, read the signs from his side and yours too. Take your time to become sure about getting back with your ex. A mistake can lead you back to the heartbreak you have just gone through. So be patient and decide. Hope the article helps you.