Why The Third Date Is So Important and How to Make it Count

You went for a first date followed by the second date and now you are aiming for the third date. What do you do to make it count? Read on.

By Gerald Matiri
Why The Third Date Is So Important and How to Make it Count

What each date means

You may have read a lot of write-ups offering tips on the first date. Probably, you have read tips on how you are supposed to act, dress and even pretend to be a very decent guy. However, the truth of the matter is that this is only the easy part. During your first and second date, you are still excited about meeting your crush. However, when you get to the third date, you get something that is completely new. While there are some quarters that suggest that this is where sex becomes a possibility, going into the date with this advice in mind will not work for you. According to Whitney Casey who is a relationship expert at Match.com, sexual pressure only serves to kill the romance. On the other hand, the only reason why you are planning a date is that you want to know her and to show that you are ready to put in the effort. While you will start becoming familiar with your date after the first and second date, you should still aim at leaving a good impression if you want to be assured of the fourth date. This is why you should follow the right advice.

1. The first date

This usually acts as the interview as you ask one another questions. You will be putting her under scrutiny on this date and you can expect her to put her best foot forward. However, it is up to you as the man to impress her. You will definitely be put under the microscope. You will be nervous and will try to please her. If you land the second date, it means that you were able to answer her questions well and now she is ready to meet you for the second date.

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The second date

Getting a second date is not complicated unless you are a dunderhead who doesn't follow advice. This is actually the most important date. During this date, you will need to be careful what you do and what you say. Be careful about the amount of information that you divulge on this date. Also, another important tip to follow is to avoid asking her too many questions. A common mistake that many men make is to throw caution to the wind as they feel as if they have succeeded. This should not be the case and you still need to be cautious as you got a long way to go. Remember that the first, as well as the second dates, acts as interviews with the aim of securing a long-term relationship. In order to achieve this, you will need to project an aura of confidence, show her respect and be careful with your choice of words. You will also need to answer all her questions well. Consider the progress so far as a minefield that you are supposed to navigate if you are to attract her interest and possibly win her heart. The good news is that if you have already made it to the second date, it means that your second date was a success. You managed to cross her emotional wall. If you do well during the second date, this will serve to cement the physical attraction. While this is good news for the men, it can also prove to be deceptive as your goal is to not only win her emotions but also her heart. This is why you will still be aiming for the third date.

The third date should be a charm

When you have gotten to the third date, it simply means that you have been talking for a considerable period of time. Things already look great. However, during this date, you will be looking forward to knowing your partner beyond the good looks and personality. The goal is to know whether the two of you will match. Whether the goal is to pursue a more serious relationship or it is simply to hook up for fun, this is the right time when you should make your intentions known. There are studies that suggest that when you go for 3 to 5 dates with a person, this can go a long way in increasing the likelihood of becoming compatible. The reason for this is that the couple begins to overlook one another’s negative qualities and start to make exceptions because they will begin to get attracted to one another. It is essential to introduce your new crush to your friends. This will give you an opportunity to get an honest opinion prior to getting involved. That means that if you don’t see any flaws after the third date, it will become more difficult to get him out of your mind as the connection will start to develop. The fact that both of you have gotten to a point where you are ready to go on the third date means that you are both interested in getting into a serious relationship. During the third date, you will have achieved to bring the wall down and you can speak with little restraint. You will also be taking that odd leap of faith. This is where you will now start to flirt with little reservation. The fact that you have managed to sit across your desired girl means that the tips you used on the first and second date worked. In case you don’t take your chances now, you will end up blowing it away. This is the reason why the third date is what you should always be aiming for. This is the date where you will be displaying the kind of personality that your father more or best friend knows about; the personality where you act in a spontaneous, silly and crazy way without caring. The goals of the first and second date were to leave a good impression. The third date, on the other hand, is about substance. Your character is the key here, rather than how you dress. During this date, your sense of humor will take you further as compared to your hairstyle. An honest and open conversation may result in a night that passionate kiss.

Be original

My advice is that during the third date, you will need to unveil your air of mystery. This is because you already know the reason why you are in this position. There is that attraction that you want to explore as well as the possibility of having a serious relationship. With the first two dates, you were able to set your table. Now on the third date, you will be aiming to take the relationship to the next level. This may even in the physical sense and you may be lucky to get a kiss. This means that you should not expect any form of intimacy on the first and second date. But you may do so on the third date, where it may be okay to ask for a kiss. The key thing to remember is that outcome of a third date will be determined by the relationship’s tone. It can serve as a great symbolism that represents the feelings you have for one another.

What to do on the third date

What steps do you take on the third date to ensure that you foster that deep relationship? While the third date is also about expressing yourself fully, the nature and location of the date should be left open. Many men plan and orchestrate the first as well as the second goal with a single goal; impress her and leave her wanting more of him. This is more than a game that is meant to court and also produce interest. Once you manage to spark her interest and leave her impressed, there are high chances that you will be in a better position to get a third date. However, during the third date, you will need to show her that there is more to you than the glamour and glitz that come with the great date plan. If you are dealing with a smart woman, she may be impressed by your expensive taste. However, if you don’t impress her during the third date, you can be assured that she will not accept your move. If you are wondering what to do on the third date, here are tips that can prove to be helpful.

1. Go to an amusement pack

There are studies that show that engaging in activities that make your adrenalin to spike can mimic the feeling of being in love. This may even make your date to have some love feeling s for you.

2. Take a tour

There are various places that you can take your date on the third date. Whether it is the local museum, the neighborhood or even the local cinema, there are lots of cool things that the two of you can do. A tour may not be the right choice for a first or even a second date because you will hardly have the time to talk. However, by the time that you are going for the third date, you have shared enough and already understand each other well. This means that you will be in a better position to know whether something sounds cool for both of you. Common experiences are good in building relationships. Even where something goes wrong during a tour, this can turn to be something that helps both of you to bold.

3. Engage in a fun activity during the third date

You can agree on an activity that you will engage in during the third date. This could be a spin class, hike or even run. In case you feel flirty, you can even compete in a short race. This can work wonders as competitions tend to raise the level of testosterone and this can serve to improve your libido.

4. Go to the zoo

When you go on a third date this will prove to her that you are not after any monkey business. There are also studies that show that by triggering a feeling of nostalgia, this can increase the bonding feelings. This will make it easier for you to feel more comfortable with one another.

Final words

When you follow the above advice you will be ready to take the relationship to the next level. Who knows, you may even get your first kiss.


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