Virgo Man And Taurus Woman: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

The Virgo man & the Taurus woman - Read about their love compatibility and how are this signs when it comes to sex, marriage, and relationship.

By Vera Aries
Virgo Man And Taurus Woman: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

Man Born In The Sign Of Virgo

The man born in this sign is responsible, practical in work, and always doing several duties at the same time. He possesses the over-average intelligence to analyze his life experiences. Towards the approach in life, everything must be planned in details, and he does not allow anyone to step aside from that plan. He always fulfills his promises. The unfulfilled promise bothers him and provokes a real nightmare. He is especially capable as an organizer and can combine and imagine more things in one direction leading to the goal.

He is rational, and it's easy for him to come to every secret. In heart issues, he is uncertain and needs help that is easily received. He is a lover of women. Allows the woman to overcome the initiative and win it. He is an admirer of the more beautiful sex, and he happily completes it. As a married companion, the persons that match him perfectly are the woman born in the sign of Pisces or Taurus.

Woman Born In The Sign Of Taurus

The woman born in this sign stands out as a person aware of her strength. She is a realist and practitioner, and she is aware that the good and the bad in life are changing. The most beautiful part of her life is her youth, although then there are many material problems. She loves freedom and loves love, and in her youth, she unites them many times. Later she marries, but marriage to her is holiness. She is too obedient to the man, in which she sees the main support in her life, although she is often the main bearer of the difficulties. She is also a smart counselor, a fellow worker, a devoted mother, and a parental angel. No matter what it is ( work, love, family ), she always gives it all. She is conscious of the duty she is doing.

She especially appreciates the money, and she looks for them in the games of chance, but without much success. She becomes quickly angry and then ready for a sharp quarrel. She loves small bargaining, but more as her fun than an intrigue. She is ambitious and has a desire to create, but it is too occupied with minor things.

Love Compatibility

The Taurus is ruled by planet Venus (love), and the Virgo is ruled by Mercury (communication). These two planets are close to the Sun, because of which the Taurus and the Virgo are very similar in nature, although they seem to be very different. Venus refers to physical pleasures, romance, and passion in bed - things that matter to the Taurus. Mercury, in turn, refers to the communication skills that the Virgo man possesses and his ability to adjust situations, based on the form he chooses. The Virgo can very well understand the feelings of other people, and it can easily become a romantic and sensual partner, as the Taurus wants to be. The two partners are very attached and committed to one another, so their conflicts should not be focused on questions about intimacy.

A love relationship made up of partners with horoscope signs of a Taurus and Virgo is a truly practical union. Both signs introduce practicality in their everyday activities as the most effective solution to most problems. They are very open, sincere and committed to one another. The Virgo man likes the strength and dedication that the Taurus woman posses, and she still values the quick mind of the Virgo. Due to the curious nature of the Virgo, this love affair will probably need more time to develop, but once stabilized, it will catch a good direction, like a steam locomotive in motion, working on its energy and difficult to stop. These two signs have many things in common. Both appreciate common sense and convenience, they are both materialists and are working hard to provide the comfortable lifestyle that they desire.

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The Taurus is more sensitive and tolerant towards other people than the Virgo. She tends to move away from the chaotic situations in life so that she can analyze all possible views on it. On the other hand analyzes of the Virgo can lead to severe criticism, which the Taurus woman can take it very badly. The good news is that Virgo and Taurus are sufficiently similar in nature so that they can learn to be patient and gentle with one another. That lesson can be better taught by the Virgo man, who adores his loved one and will pamper his Taurus with love and gentle touches.

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The Virgo and the Taurus are sluggish, permanent, realistic and reasonable figures. For them, it very important to stable a financial situation and the environment with beautiful things: a lavish home, expensive artwork, high-class cars . Because of their need, this pair will definitely work hard and never waste money unnecessarily so that it can provide such luxuries. Their views and attitudes towards life and money are almost identical. Both of them enjoy planning their future to the last trifle, and there is mutual debt fear. The Taurus woman is stubborn and almost never hesitates after once forming an opinion on a question. A more flexible Virgo man can help the Taurus to learn to appreciate the "unlocking" of the mind, when necessary and, of course, a practical solution. The best aspect of a loving combination of Virgo man and Taurus woman is the commitment of partners to the realization of their common goals. Because they have many similar interests and desires in life, the Virgo and the Taurus are a highly compatible pair.

The combination of Taurus and Virgo in love suggests that this loving couple can have similar views on the spheres of interest related to finances and in general for the practical side of life. However, eventual disagreements in this sphere of life may sometimes come from the fact that the Virgo can expect greater efficiency and a more vigorous action than Taurus, which, conversely, may be slower in achieving such common plans. This lovely combination of horoscope signs also suggests that the Taurus can often act in a soothing way to Virgo in situations where a device is more or less nervous in behavior, while Virgo on the Taurus can act encouraging for the Taurus to achieve life's success.

The Virgo Man And The Taurus Woman In Sex

The Virgo man and the Taurus woman have great compatibility in sex. Their sex life will be very active, but most likely conservative and simple, although the Virgo man is intelligent enough to accept every proposal in bed of the Taurus woman.

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Sex compatibility

The Taurus woman is a sensual lover, so she will want to feel the tenderness and subtlety on her skin. She will reward the Virgo double! Their sex includes a lot of tenderness, emotions and gentle kisses. Although both signs appreciate the stability and traditional values, they both want to "surrender" and entertain in spontaneous activities from time to time. Sometimes they want to surrender to their impulses and want to share those impulses with each other. As a conclusion, we can surely say that this couple is great in bed, and they share a fulfilled sex life with a lot of romance and emotions.

Marriage And Family Life

Taurus woman is a family figure. She loves the tradition and is romantic. Virgo also enjoys family life, so these two signs are a really powerful pair.

The marriage between the Taurus woman and a Virgo man is wonderful, with a lot of tenderness, happiness, and a sense of security on both sides. The Taurus woman respects the ability of the Virgo man to quickly solve problems, while the Virgo man respects the ability of the Taurus woman to manage the finances. In the marriage, the Taurus adores the virginity of the Virgo man while he respects her loyalty. The couple respects the nature and enjoys long conversations by walking through the park together. Also, they truly know how to enjoy a meal in nature, but only on condition that they carry a lot of napkins, a hand disinfectant and garbage bags (this is because of the pedantry of the Virgo). The Taurus woman should be less angry at the excessive pedantry of the Virgo man, because, on the other hand, he has to deal with her stubbornness.

These two signs can also be enjoyed in gardening, cooking and making decorations or clay sculptures. The Virgo and the Taurus have a natural affinity to one another. The loyal and loving nature of the Taurus gives a sense of comfort to the Virgo. At the same time, the Taurus woman appreciates the willingness of the Virgo to always offer her help, whenever needed. Sometimes the Virgo man thinks that the Taurus woman is too careless, while she thinks the Virgo is too neurotic. Since these are two landmarks, sports such as climbing mountains and hiking won’t be unfamiliar with this marriage.


A loving combination of Taurus woman and Virgo man suggests a strong potential for achieving a very strong interconnection that can be based on a deeper mutual understanding if the loving couple has enough patience and sufficient tolerance, especially in the dating phase. This can be of great importance for the success of a love affair because in spite of the existence of negligible predispositions for the creation of a good foundation in a loving relationship. It can also be stressed and the danger of leaving a bad impression due to the possible inadequate presentation of all the qualities that these individuals possess. Due to the inadequate presentation of self in this loving couple, more emotional distancing can occur more often, as well as more frequent emotional cooling in a love relationship. It is necessary for the couple to try to find an adequate way to improve communication between them in advance so as not to leave the wrong impression and to achieve their full potential.

The jealousy owned by the Taurus from time to time can cause tension in the relationship. This is an ideal astrological connection.



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