30 Obvious Signs To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Can you tell if a girl likes you back? Here are 30 obvious signs to help you decode her actions and find out if a girl is interested in you.

By magdadp
30 Obvious Signs To Tell If A Girl Likes You

A girl's behavior can tell you if she likes you

So, there's this girl that you like. And you're wondering if she likes you back. Unless you ask her directly, it can be quite frustrating to tell if she's also interested in you. What can you do? Maybe you're thinking of asking her friends. If you don't act fast, then you might even miss out on starting a potential romance with this girl that you like. How can you really tell if a girl has feelings for you too?

Actions speak louder than words

If you don't have the guts to confess your feelings to a girl, then don't lose hope. There are other ways to find out if the girl of your dreams likes you back. How a girl acts around you says a lot about how she feels. Still, a lot of men are clueless when it comes to decoding a girl's actions. Luckily, you don't need to be a psychology expert to find out if a girl has feelings for you. Here are 30 obvious signs to tell if a girl likes you.

1. She makes room for you in her personal space

Normally, girls like having their personal or private space. They usually get upset if someone invades their personal space. The moment that she allows you to come closer, then you can know for sure that there is something going on. Letting you get close to her is a good sign that a girl probably starting to like you too.

2. A girl's voice can tell you if she likes you

When a guy is talking to a girl that he likes, he would probably start sweating or struggling with words. It is different with girls. When a girl is talking to a guy that she likes, her voice becomes a little different. You will notice that her pitch will be a little higher. She might sound affectionate and maybe a little bit flirty. This is another sign that will tell if a girl likes you.

3. She blushes when she is around you

A blushing girl is always cute. If a girl who is usually confident and not shy starts blushing when she's around you, then it's a sign. She probably feels something for you, and she can't hide it. Try to notice if she blushes whenever you talk to her. If she does, then you don't need to wonder anymore whether she likes you or not. Her flushed cheeks will tell you her true feelings.

4. She opens up to you and tells you her secrets

Confiding in someone is normally special. It is a sign that she trusts the person. So, if a girl starts opening up to you, then you need to consider the possibility that she might like you a lot. This shows that she trusts you with her feelings. A girl wouldn't just share her secrets with an ordinary friend. If she trusts you enough to confide in you, then it is a good sign that she considers you to be a special person. You can show her that you like her back by doing the same thing.

5. She talks to you a lot about anything and everything

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This is basic psychology. If a girl talks to you a lot about her day, then it is likely that she wants you to know more about her. She wants to let you in her life and be a part of it. She wants to share her thoughts and feelings because you're important to her. Does she always find an excuse to talk to you or text you? Does she always offer you coffee in the office? Maybe she always texts you in the morning? She may not do this to her other friends, but she always makes an effort to talk to you. These are all signs that a girl has romantic feelings for you. If you like her back, then make a move now.

6. A girl smiles more when she likes someone

Yes, we all smile. However, there is a difference between just being a smiley person and being around someone that you like. A girl who smiles a lot when she is around you is probably telling you that she is happy to be around you. You brighten up her day, and she can't help but smile whenever you're around. If you notice this sign in the girl you like, then better make the first move!

7. She always goes to you when she needs help

This is the oldest trick in the book. Does she always go to you for help even if she could do something on her own? Or even if she could have asked someone else? This is an obvious sign, and you don't even need to be an expert in psychology to decode this action. She wants you to know that she trusts you and that she believes that she can rely on you. If she feels something special for you, she will use every chance to get a little closer to you. Yes, it's a very clear sign that she likes you a lot.

8. A girl likes you if she touches you casually during a conversation

Think of this situation. You're having a conversation at work or at a social event when she suddenly touches your arm or shoulder. If the girl is aggressive, she might even put a hand on your knee or lean very close. What does this mean? Girls won't just touch any guy unless she likes him. If you notice that your female friend does this to you, then take it as a sign that she's interested in you more than just a friend.

9. A girl who likes you will laugh at your silliest jokes

This can be an awkward situation, but it is an obvious sign that a girl likes you. Does she laugh at your silly jokes? Even if the joke isn't funny at all, a girl who likes you will laugh just to show that she appreciates you. Instead of allowing you to be embarrassed, she wants to be supportive of you. Even if no one else is laughing, she will still laugh at your jokes simply because she likes you.

10. She hangs out where you hang out

Hanging out at places where you normally hang out is a sign that she likes you. She wants know more about you. Even if she's never been to your favorite club or cafe, she will drop by that place in hopes of spending more time with you. If you like her back, then this might be the perfect time to ask her out or buy her a drink.

11. She talks about "we" not "you" or "I"

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Does she always talk about "we" instead of "you" or "I"? In psychology, this is a sign of attachment. She might be talking about “we” because in her head she is already thinking about the two of you as a couple. She definitely sees a future for the both of you together. You might not notice it at first, and you might be surprised when you realize it. This is, for sure, an obvious sign that she likes you more than just a friend.

12. She can't stay still when she's around you

Girls who feel nervous or uncomfortable find it difficult to stay still. They usually fiddle around with their hands or with another object. They might play with their hair or fiddle with their cellphone. Try to observe if she does this a lot when she's around you. It might seem that she is bored at first, but in psychology, this could be a sign that she's hiding romantic feelings for you.

13. She spends more time with you than her other friends

Going out in large grounds of friends can be fun. If you notice that your female friend would rather hang out with you rather than with a large group, then pay attention! She's not doing this because her other friends bore her. A girl will only do this if she likes you and wants to know you better.

14. She gives you her best smile and then looks away

Have you ever caught a girl smiling at you and she suddenly looks away? This could be a sign that she's trying to tell you something. Even a girl with a strong and outgoing personality can be shy around the guy that she's in love with. If you smile back, then she will get the message that you like her too.

15. She starts to flirt with you

This is not about being aggressive and excessively flirty. This is about the subtle moves and hints that she drops. See that smile that she flashes you? And how she flips her hair or accidentally bumps into you? Does she text you flirty messages? A girl will show these signs if she's into you. If you like her back, then you can be flirty towards her too.

16. She gets jealous

Does she get jealous when she sees you talking to other girls? Does she get upset when you go on dates with other girls or pay for another girl's drink? Stop wondering why. This is a solid proof that a girl has feelings for you. However, this can be a turn-off for some guys. If she seems too obsessive to the point that she texts you endlessly when you're with another friend, then maybe it is best to run away.

17. She hugs you more often

Instead of simply saying "hi" and "goodbye," she gives you a hug too. Yes, this is a sign that she likes you a lot. Your friends might laugh because you might seem like a teddy bear that is getting hugged every time she sees you. In psychology, body language is an undeniable proof of a person's attraction towards you. If a girl does not usually hug her other friends but hugs you a lot, then it can't be denied that she likes you.

18. She sends a friend request on social media

If you've just met a girl and she immediately sends you a friend request on social media, then something is definitely going on. It means that she really took the time to search for your social media account. If she really likes you, she would interact with you a lot. She would like your posts and comment on almost every picture. Can it get any more obvious? This girl is falling for you!

19. She texts you all the time about small things

You're on her mind a lot if she texts you multiple times every day. Does she text you about how tired she feels after work? Does she text you just to ask if you've eaten? If this sign doesn't make you realize that she likes you, then I don't know if you'll ever realize that she does. A girl will text you all the time if she likes you. She will talk about small things because she simply enjoys communicating with you.

20. She likes the things that you like

This is just like number 10. A girl who likes you a lot will try to get into the things you're into. She will do her best to find out what your interests are. If you like football and she suddenly becomes a football fan, then it's a sign! A girl will try to know more about your interest so you'll have more in common. She knows that you'll probably become closer to each other if you have similar interests.

21. A girl who likes you will dress beautifully

Okay, she might have always dressed beautifully. But if she likes you, she will go an extra mile to look good. Maybe she's more of a casual girl, but if she wants to get your attention, she'll put more effort into her outfit. She will always dress to impress. And that person that she wants to impress might be you.

22. She changes her appearance

Imagine this. You walk into your office one day, and you see this blond girl is now a red head. And strangely, you like red heads. This is another sign that she likes you and that she wants you to notice her. A girl is really, really into you if she makes drastic changes in her appearance just to please you. So if a girl that you like starts growing out her hair because you like girls with long hair, then there's no denying that she definitely likes you back.

23. A girl who likes you may not look directly into your eyes

The eyes can tell what a person is feeling. Maybe she isn’t a shy person, but she struggles to look you in the eye when she's talking to you. In psychology, this could mean that she is hiding something. It can also be a sign that she feels nervous around you because she secretly likes you.

24. She tells others about you

Does she rave about you a lot as if you're the best in everything? If she likes you, then don't be surprised if she's suddenly telling everyone that you're the best in the office or that you're the best dancer or whatever. This can be embarrassing, but take it as a compliment. It's a sign that she sees only the good in you.

25. She likes you so much that she showers you with compliments

Just like number 24, this is her way of showing that she sees so many good things in you. She is giving you compliments day after day. Whether you are walking into the office or when you are seeing each other, she always has something nice to say about you. Yes, even if you look exactly the same every single day. Don’t be confused. See this as a sign that she tells you that she's really into you!

26. She tells you that she is single and available

Picture this. You're hanging out with your group of friends. And suddenly, this girl that you like randomly announces that she's single and available. She could even smile at you and look away. If this happens to you, then it's a sign that she's telling you that you can make a move and ask her out.

27. A girl who likes you might be too nervous around you

You might think that this only happens on the television and in movies until it happens to you. A girl comes up to you to introduce herself, but she is stuttering and unable to find the right words to say. No, she isn’t drunk. She is trying to tell you that she likes you and that she can’t concentrate when you're around.

28. Her friends might tell you clues

If you just don't understand body language and basic psychology, then don't give up. Her friends can give you clues on whether she likes you or not. Does her friends mention her a lot to you? Maybe they make friendly jokes to tease the two of you? This can be a very good sign that a girl is interested in you.

29. She bumps into you lately

Bumping into you all the time. Yes, she likes you. She will deliberately bump into you if she wants to see you but can't find a good excuse to do so. It is her way of telling you that she's into you. Take it a sign and make the first move!

30. She invites you for coffee

Yes, friends go out for coffee all the time. However, if she wants to go out for coffee with just you then it's a different story. Maybe she's been dropping hints for too long, and you still don't realize that she has feelings for you. So, she takes matters into her own hands by asking you out. If you like her, say yes and don’t think that it should have been you asking her out. Luckily for you, she's bold enough to make the move.

So, can you now tell if she likes you back?

One of the hardest things for some guys is to know when a girl likes them. With these 30 obvious signs, it will be easier for you to find out how she feels about you. If you both like each other, then now is the perfect time to do something. Ask her out, take her to the movies, and don't miss your chance!