Seduction 101: How to Turn a Man on With Touch

Learn how to seduce a man with a single touch with minimal effort

By Vivie Gach
Seduction 101: How to Turn a Man on With Touch

The Art Of Seduction

This is all about 'the art of seduction'. Every woman wants to be able to seduce her man, or a man. The art of seduction is made up of three components: touch, sound, and visual. The visual aspect of seduction would be something as easy as giving a man a lap dance.

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Men love the way that women move, especially when they're moving provocatively. Along with the visual of giving him a lap dance, you may also enhance the effect by using sound seduction. For example, playing sensual music and moving to the beat. Now, we will get into touch seduction, which is probably the most sexually arousing of the three. Touch seduction is when you have your music going, you're swaying to the beat, and then you run your fingers down the middle of his chest. Maybe because you know him and you know that it's his 'soft spot', or maybe because you thought it would be playful, cute, and seductive (in which case, you're absolutely right).

It doesn't necessarily have to be a sweet spot to turn him on, just you're confidence and the aura you are exuding can be enough to get him breathing hard. However, since this is about the art of touch seduction, we will focus on using a combination of touching and facial expressions to sexually arouse a man.

What Is Seduction?

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Seduction is using things to your advantage to get another person sexually aroused. Seduction can be used for one night stands or marriages that have lasted 50 years! To get right down to it, seduction isn't just to get a man or woman aroused, it's also extremely fun! And, it should be enjoyed by both people involved. Seduction is the exploration and the moment. Touching is a great way to really experience each other. Men crave this as much as women do. This closeness… that sex brings us.

Seduction reminds us that this is what sex is about. Losing yourself in the moment and exploring your partner. Seduction keeps relationships healthy and lively. Using touching to your advantage, you can set the mood to your preference as well as gauge your partner's mood. You can change pace before or during to create a combination of the two. With these seduction techniques, the possibilities are endless. However, you should never do something that you aren't comfortable with because you think that your sexual partner will enjoy it. Do it because you want to and you’re sexy!

How To Master The Art Of Seduction

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There is no such thing as perfecting seduction. Even if you've been with your sexual partner for years, you are still able to learn new things about their sexual preferences. This means that you can also constantly learn new ways to seduce them! Seduction is like four-play; necessary! Seduction creates an air of mystery and wonder. Seduction can keep your relationship lively and help new couples learn each other's sexual preferences. Sometimes, people don't even know what their sexual preference is. Inexperience or a mundane sex life could have led them to have some hidden magical button that sends shivers down their spine. Explore outside of what you find to be your normal routine. So, without further ado, let's get into the many ways to seduce a man using touch.

1. Turn A Man On With The Touch Of Your Finger

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Turning a man on with your fingers is probably the easiest and most convenient way to seduce a man. This method is mainly used the most when couples tease each other in public (because it's inconspicuous and fun). Teasing your partner can keep your relationship lively. You can use this method in various ways. A lot of women choose this method because it's easy to gauge their partner's sexual mood. It's also easy to add an element of all-day torture to your guy.

If you intend on having sex that night, for example, but you’re out and about all day, you might want to set the mood early. By simply absentmindedly touching your partner, you are subconsciously setting the mood. You're also alerting him to the plan, which will be slow torture for him as he wants you more and more throughout the day, a little more with every touch. Part of seduction is the desperation you feel for one another. This is a great way to make a man crave you.

2. Press Your Fingers Into A Soft Spot

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Pressing your fingers into a soft spot, such as a certain pressure point (the side of their neck or inside their wrist for example), can turn a man on in a split second! You can use this method when you're feeling frisky outside of the house or inside of the house.

Using what you know about where he likes to be touched can help you gauge how hard to press and where to press. Let's say that your man likes to get bit in the back of the neck close to the back of his head. Now, you can use this knowledge to use your thumb to press this spot on him anytime you want to seduce him or tell him that you're 'in the mood'. If he's unresponsive, press a little harder. Don't press too hard though, otherwise, you're likely to hurt him instead of arouse him. If you want to set the mood at a faster pace, with a little bit of rough-play in there, pressing your fingers into particular sensitive spots on your guy is likely to get him in the same mood.

3. Caress His Skin Until He Has Goosebumps

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Caressing is much gentler than pressing. If your guy has a soft spot on his spine, it would be extremely sexually arousing if you lightly ran your fingertips up and down the middle of his back. This could also alleviate any stress that he's been under lately, thus making him more receptive to your sexual advances. Timing is crucial when it comes to seduction. Knowing what mood your man is in and if he likes it rough or gentle can immensely help you in the art of seduction. Opposite of pressing your fingers, caressing you man's skin will set the mood more for romance than mean. You can use a combination of the two to find your perfect mixture of romantic and rough. The possibilities are endless!

4. Turn A Man On With The Touch Of Your Lips

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Using your lips to turn a man on is easy, fun, and should be arousing for both of you! If you aren't getting aroused, then you're doing something wrong. The lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Running your lips on your partner should turn you both on equally if you're getting him in the right spots. Kissing sets the mood at a soft and romantic pace. Men love when women use their mouths to sexually touch and tease. And, like everything else, there are common areas where most men enjoy this type of touching.

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5. Run Your Lips Up And Down His Stomach

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Maybe not all men will admit this, but they like it as much as women do! The stomach is an extremely sensitive area and is almost universally sexually arousing in some way shape or form. If you have a gentle guy, who isn't much of a biter or into getting bitten, using your lips to slide gently up and down their stomach is a great alternative. The stomach is an extremely sensual place because it is so sensitive. Try various things on your partner's stomach to see what they like best. This should also arouse you. The lips are also an extremely sensitive area. Running your lips on your guy's stomach will get you both going!

6. Bite Their Neck And Other Areas

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A lot of men are into getting bitten. The most common area is biting the neck. However, there are other areas that men enjoy getting bit too. Some men like getting lightly bitten in the thigh. Some like their shoulder-blades and back. Others like their ribcage and stomach. Some even like their wrists and ears! Try out a few, lightly at first, of course, to see if your man has a soft spot in one of these areas. Experiment with a few ideas of your own if you want. Your man may not even know that he has these soft spots since most people stick to lightly biting the neck. If the whole biting routine is getting mundane, I say shake it up. Bite a little harder to see if he likes it. Bite some new places, too. You might be surprised and you might even surprise him!

7. Run Your Tongue Along His Body

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Some people would rather not be bitten, and that's okay. That doesn't mean things have to get boring! Try using your tongue to lick along his inner thighs and up his stomach and back. Blow some air on the lines you made afterward too. This could be enough to give him major goose-bumps (just before he throws you on the bed with a shudder). Using your tongue is perfectly in the middle of the touching spectrum. This particular method could be setting the mood for romance or the mood for rock 'n' roll. Licking is a perfect way to start seducing with touch because you can gauge exactly where to go and lose yourself to what feels right.

8. Turning Him On While Kissing

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It may be ridiculous to have a whole, separate area for kissing. However, I've found that kissing is exponentially different from using your lips. The way it feels; the reaction to kissing versus lips; the type of moment that you are sharing. There are so many other ways to turn a man on with your lips that I think kissing deserves its own slot.

9. Making Out

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Making out in of itself is seductive if you do it right. It's even been said that making out can potentially lead a woman to orgasm! Here’s some advice! Try using your tongue more. Lick his lips and his tongue and then pull back before you do it again. You might be surprised to hear a stifled little moan of surprise. Lips are a very sensitive area for everyone, and men are no exception. Making out can also gauge what kind of mood that your partner is in. Is he breathing shallowly and moving his lips slowly across yours? That means he's probably more in the mood for light touching and romance. If his lips are fast and hard, he's probably in the mood for a lot of biting and harsh, rushing touches.

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10. Kiss His Body

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Try kissing different parts of his body and watch his reaction. Explore different areas that you normally don't even think about. You can make it even more fun by telling him why you are kissing that part in the first place. For example, you could kiss his shoulder and tell him that you've always loved how muscular his shoulders and back are or how sexy his arms are. Kissing is a sweet moment, and sharing the way you feel with your partner in that moment only makes it sweeter. This sets the mood for gentle and romantic love-making of the purest kind.

11. Turn A Man On By The Touch Of Your Skin

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You can turn a man on by allowing him to touch your skin. It's been found that men get infinitely more aroused when they're able to touch their partner at the same time. If you want to make it extra arousing, use body cream and shave a day before seducing him. Wear a sexy scent to go with your smooth skin and place his hand on a part of your body you know he thinks is sexy and let him go from there. You'd be surprised how aroused men get when they are freely able to touch their woman. Take turns touching each other's body and let the moment build.

You can start slow, warm up to torture, and bring it back down again until you've both lost yourselves in the moment. Your man will thank you for it later. Alternately, you can 'accidentally' rub your skin across his to catch his attention and arouse him. Make sure to touch a good touch-sensitive spot, like his hand, arm, or face. These places are extremely sensitive and are what people mainly use to determine the feel of something. Once you've rubbed your skin along his (accompanied by a look of coyness), he won't be able to keep his hands off of you.

Turn A Man On By Touching A 'Pleasure Spot'

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Everyone has at least one pleasure spot. Pleasure spots, or soft spots, are places on the body that are sensitive to the touch. These are the spots that give us goose-bumps and make us shiver. These spots can be anywhere, so you can explore all over until you find one which extends the fun! You may even find more than one, considering people have multiple spots. Pleasure spots alternate. He may have one spot on his back where he likes to be bit, one spot on his inner thigh where he likes to be licked, and another spot on his collarbone that makes him gasp when you press on it. Exploring different areas along with different techniques prolongs the process, making for more opportunities to arouse him to the max!

Most Common Soft Spots And How To Stimulate Them

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There are three very common soft spots on men, just as there are common soft spots among women. Stimulating these, you can relieve your man's tension and arouse him at the same time. Men always seem to be complaining about their feet hurting. Well, there are specific nerves you can stimulate with nothing but some warm water and your hands. Let him soak his feet and then rub the creases in between his toes. It relieves the foot pain and gets your man thinking about 'other' things. The Inner thighs are another common spot for men. Lightly running your fingers up and down can lead your man over the edge. Believe it or not, his butt is the last one! Right where the crease is where his bum and thighs join! Pressing down on this crease relieves tension and gets his heart pumping.

Make Sure You Are Enjoying Through His Pleasure

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The best way to seduce a man is to enjoy yourself! Men love to be seduced and touched and in the moment. But, men love it so much more when they know that you are just as satisfied with the experience as they are. Don't take all your time analyzing him just to find his soft spots. That makes him feel like a chore. Truly lose yourself in the moment and just do what feels right. Touch, caress, kiss, and press any way you want. No holds barred. Your man will be ten times more aroused when he knows that seeing how much his soft spot turns you on as well.

Not to mention, the more you explore your partner, the more your partner will want to explore you. Seduction and four-play are a huge part of a healthy sexual relationship. Mutually touching or taking turns, as long as you both are enjoying it, nothing else really matters.

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