Lust or Love? 10 Things He Will Do In Bed Only If He Loves You

The things he does to you in bed are signs to tell whether it is love or lust

By Dagmar Thomson
Lust or Love? 10 Things He Will Do In Bed Only If He Loves You

How To Tell if it is Love in the Bedroom

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Having sex with someone you love is intense, exciting, and frequent. When you fall for each other, sex turns into a new level of discovering each other. It is emotional and physically fulfilling and you will have a deep connection between you two. You may be scared and confused if a man is in love with you or he is in for a fantastic time in bed with you. However, men have different likes and dislikes, just as women do. It is likely to find a man who fakes being in love with you, and it may take years before finding out. Therefore, if you are in such a position and you wish to find out secretly, here are some body language signs that indicate you mean more to him than a good time girl.

1. He Takes His Time to Create a Romantic Atmosphere

A man who loves you will take his time to learn what turns you on in bed. He will not rush into having sex until you are fully aroused. A man in love makes his move in bed slowly and he will escalate things slowly until you are turned on. Women love when things in bed are taken slowly and romantically. A candlelit dinner, an evening walk on the beach together, watching a romantic movie together, to mention but a few, are some ways to set a romantic atmosphere.

He can do all these things secretly to make you happy. However, he may not be able to create a romantic atmosphere all the time, but he makes an effort to make it perfect for you at times. This means you are special to him. On the other hand, a selfish man is only interested in physical sex. He hardly takes his time to indulge you in bed. He does just enough to get you started and then proceed to intimacy. He will roll over and go to sleep once he is done. A selfish lover avoids spending quality time with you.

2. Among the Major Signs Is Being Emotional In Bed

One of the key signs portrayed in a man who loves you is getting highly emotional in bed. This emotional feeling might occur more than just once, especially if he has strong feelings for you. This does not mean he will cry, but if he does, then it is not humiliating to his personality. This is his way of expressing his feelings for you. He can express his appreciation to you through his expressions such as crying or he can verbally tell you. He can also use body language gestures such as hugging you tight or kissing you passionately. This is a clear indication that the man you are with, is falling in love with you. Then again, if the man you are dating has no emotional bond with you in bed, this is a clear sign he is there for sex. He does not take his time with you after sex, and all you might get is a kiss on the forehead. He might leave without saying goodbye or even a kiss on the forehead.

3. Accepting Your Flaws Is Among the Key Signs

Couples in a relationship accept each other’s flaws. They hardly complain of each other’s imperfections, but appreciate each other. When you are in a new relationship, you will both notice each other’s flaws. If your man is in love with you, he will not complain even if you make mistakes in bed. He might as well teach you some sex skills, kiss you, or even laugh with you jokingly, but he will let it pass.

However, make a point of learning; you may falter at first, but do not give up. Your man will never belittle you with how unskilled you are. He will encourage you to improve all your shortcomings. His body language in bed will let you know how much he loves you for the person you are.

Few men belittle their spouses in bed. They do not appreciate their spouse's efforts and they go to an extent of being cruel and criticizing their act during sex. If you are dating such a man, ensure you stop the friendship. If he does not accept your flaws, he will never see anything good about you. You should be scared if you are dating such a man. In this friendship, you are there to quench his sexual desires. Do not ignore such crucial signs.

4. Making You His Priority is among the key Signs

A man, who comes up with office excuses when you want to get intimate is a questionable man. He claims he has an abrupt meeting with his boss or he is working on a project whose deadline is due the very same day and so on. This is a clear sign that he wants to kill the romantic mood. He might even carry a workload in the house just to put you off. You will not get a kiss from him and he will ignore your advances. This man does not care about your feelings. To him, you are a friend who he often has sex with whenever he wants. A man who loves you will never put his professional life before your sexual needs. He will be at your disposal. He will make an effort never to talk about his work when you are both in bed. A man, who loves you, will make your sexual desires among his priorities.

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5. He Initiates Communication in Bed

You may have realized that your spouse keeps on asking you what you need in bed, how you like it, or what makes you feel great in bed. He is always concerned more about your needs than his. Your man will always try to please you in bed and he will secretly plan some surprising moves while being intimate. He will also show you how he likes it too so that you can discover each other. He wants the sexual act to be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

This man wants you to be comfortable with each other during sex so that you can confide in each other as friends. This is one of the signs that your man loves you. There are men who do not care what their spouses want in bed. Such a man’s body language is cold even during intimacy. He secretly wants to have sex quickly and leave as soon as he is done with you. If you are in a relationship with this kind of man, you should quit the relationship. He will only use you and leave without saying goodbye.

6. Maintaining Eye Contact Is Among the Main Signs

Maintaining eye contact with your man during sex is one of the signs that show you love each other. Eyes have the power to communicate hidden feelings. When you are making love with your spouse, he will stare into your eyes. This will tell you that he is genuine about his feelings towards you. His emotions during the sexual act will tell you plenty. However, if he does not maintain eye contact with you during intimacy, you should know he is faking the whole act. He is scared you might discover his intentions. This kind of a man not only avoids eye contact during lovemaking but also when you are having a serious relationship talk. It is not wise to ignore such signs since such men are hypocrites. His eyes are the window to his soul.

7. He Kisses You All the Time

A man who cares for you a great deal will kiss you more often. He will go out of his way to show that he appreciates you without saying it by showering you with his kisses. Kissing during intimacy is very intriguing. He will enjoy sharing long lingering kisses with you all the time. If he showers you with small kisses on your body, this means he has feelings for you. Do not be scared that this man is only lusting after you. His body language will let you know he loves you. When kissing, you will feel both his passion and his need to be close to you. The kiss will be intense for both of you and you will forget everything existing around you. However, if the man you are dating barely gives you long lingering kisses in bed, this is a clear indication this man has no time for you. Kissing is supposed to be intimate. Therefore, when this man kisses you, you will not feel his passion or his emotions. You will not feel the intense connection between you two. Kissing is among the signs that will tell you if the man is only lusting after you or he loves.

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8. He Will Support You in Bed

If you secretly have issues not using protection during sex, you can let your man know the truth. If he loves you, he will support you in your decision and will avoid forcing you to have sex without protection. However, some men are selfish and they will convince you to accept to have sex without protection. This is not love. Sex is supposed to be reassuring. Therefore, if it is not reassuring and non-consensual, there is no shared love between you two. A man who loves you will put your needs first and he will do anything to reassure you that you are safe with him. A spouse who knows what his woman wants without saying it is a good thing to have. You do not need to feel scared to let your man know if you have issues in bed. He will support you no matter what.

9. He Will Give As Much As He Is Given In Bed

In most relationships, men hardly give their spouses oral sex. It is a woman’s nature to be submissive to her spouse and try to please him in bed. Therefore, a man will secretly prefer he receives than to give. If your man loves you, he will make an effort to please you in bed as you do to him. There will be no conditions for you two.

10. He Wants To Try New Things with You in Bed

When a man you are dating is interested in you, he will constantly enquire what you like in bed; what makes you feel good, and how you like it. He will place your needs first before his. This is a sign that he is into you. He wants to explore new things in bed with you. Therefore, he will do his best to make you feel comfortable in his presence. However, do not indulge in doing crazy things you secretly are uncomfortable with, let him know immediately. He will not judge you.

For a man who truly loves his woman, he will be creative in expressing his feelings towards you. It might take you a while before you notice it, but his body language will do the talking during sex if you are observant. If you are in doubt about your lover’s true intentions towards you, during sex you will discover his feelings for you. Therefore, when you have sex, keep an eye out for the signs if you want to know if it is lust or love.

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