10 Powerful Break Up Spells To Break Up A Couple

Chanting spells is a hassle-free way to make other people break up

By Isabella Trinidad
10 Powerful Break Up Spells To Break Up A Couple

Planning the big breakup

Is there a couple in your life that just needs to break up already? Perhaps your sister or close friend is involved in a toxic relationship. Or maybe you need to get your crush away from a girl that's just not right for him; after all, you know you would be so much better for him. Manipulating people into doing what you want is a tricky process and can often lead to very messy results if you're not careful!

Luckily, there are several spells that can help you set up a break up! You can influence people into doing what you want without getting your hands dirty. However, a word of warning before you proceed. Witchcraft is not something to be taken lightly. It's not just about lighting candles in a dark room and reciting mysterious chants. When performed properly, spells really do work, with the more powerful ones showing results almost immediately. It's crucial to go into witchcraft with an open mind. If you remain skeptical about the process, it's less likely that your spell will actually work. You don't want to put in all that hard work for nothing!

Break up spells require an especially firm will because you're performing a piece of magic that will affect not just one, but two individuals. Set your intentions clearly before attempting any spells. In this article, you may choose from ten powerful spells gathered to help you break up a couple. Read on to select your preferred spell, and then get to work!

Materials for spells

Think of working magic like cooking or baking: for your spell or dish to be successful and satisfying, you're going to need the right ingredients. You'll also need to follow the recipe with great care, especially if you're a novice. If you do everything correctly, expect to see excellent results practically immediately. Even though break up spells are a little more complex than your basic baby witch spells, most of them still make use of common household items. You'll notice that candles, paper, lemons, vinegar, bottles, and various spices are featured prominently in this article. These everyday objects may not seem like much on their own, but when combined in exactly the right manner they are actually quite powerful.

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Some more uncommon, but still relatively easy to find ingredients for these break up spells are hairs from a black dog and a black cat. Black is a common motif in these spells, since they do involve black magic. The number nine also appears quite frequently, as it is a powerful number in witchcraft. Lastly, some of these spells include chants. To ensure that your magic truly takes effect and that the couple will break up, the chant must be recited accurately. It helps to have a copy on hand (either on your phone or on a piece of paper) while you perform your chosen break up spell.

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Traditional break up spells

For those who wish to pay homage to traditional witches and their craft, these spells are for you. They may be slightly time consuming, but putting in the effort for the art (and, of course, to successfully break up a couple) will be worth all the trouble!

1. Lemon break up spell

This is quite an old break up spell that involves a few steps. First, write the names of the two people that you want to break up on a small piece of paper. Cut the names apart, then put a little vinegar on each new piece of paper. Next, cut a lemon neatly in half. Here's the important part! With the names of the couple facing each other, put the papers together with black dog hair, black cat hair, and some pepper in between. Put this little paper sandwich in between the lemon halves.

This is meant to sour the relationship, heat up their emotions, make the two people fight like cats and dogs, and eventually break them up. To seal your spell, put the lemon halves back together with black wax. Drive a rusty nail through the halves or tie them together with black thread for good measure. This step is optional, but you may choose to stick black pins in the lemon. As you do so, chant predictions or any specific hurtful things that you wish to happen during the break up. Finally, bury the sealed lemon somewhere in the couple's garden. If they don't have a garden, a potted plant will suffice.

2. Harmless break up spell

This spell will still make a couple break up, but without any ill side effects. Unlike the other spells in this article, it focuses solely on separating a couple. There will be no petty quarreling or heated arguments. Neither party in the relationship will be harmed by this spell. This spell will work quite well for you if you do not wish to inflict any damage upon people.

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First, light a black candle and clear your mind. Stare into the flame, take deep breaths, and prepare yourself to perform magic. Write the names of the couple you wish to separate on a piece of paper. Put 3 drops of garlic oil onto each name. Then, add one teaspoon of cayenne paper and one teaspoon of salt on top. Take the black candle into your right hand. Close your eyes. Open your mind and heart to the universe so that it may hear your wishes. Focus your energy on sending out your message. Drop wax onto the paper, oil, salt and pepper.

As you create this mixture, continue to focus on your desire for the couple to break up. Once the paper and the mixture is completely covered in wax, blow out the candle. Then immediately chant, "So transfer my will / my spell has been heard / as I will / so might it be." Ball up the paper with the wax and mixture inside, then plant your spell in the universe. You may bury it in the ground, throw it into a body of water, or burn it and let the wind carry the ashes away. To complete your spell, light what is left of the black candle on the night of the next full moon and allow the candle to completely melt itself down.

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Black magic break up spells

This section is comprised of the most serious and effective break up spells. As they utilize black magic, they are quite powerful. Tread with caution and cast these spells at your own risk. A note to readers: some of these spells can get messy, smelly, or downright gross! They are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

3 & 4. Bottle break up spells

There are two variations of this break up spell. Each one requires you to collect nine nails, nine pins, and nine needles, as well as a large bottle and the hairs of the couple you wish to break up. Whichever version you choose depends on what materials you have available. For the first variation of the spell, take two pieces of paper. On each piece, write the name of one person in the couple nine times. Wrap the paper with the names around the corresponding hair from the person. You don't have to be too neat about this; just make sure the hair is inside the paper. Next, put the papers inside your bottle, along with nine pins, nine needles, and nine nails.

These are meant to cause pain and general prickly feelings between the couple. Lastly, fill the bottle with vinegar and seal it to sour their relationship. For the second variation of the spell, you don't need to write the couple's names on paper anymore. Just place their hair with the pins, needles, and nails inside the bottle. Add the hairs of a black dog and a black cat, to make them fight furiously. Finally, place the filled and sealed bottle under their doorstep, so that they step over it and activate the spell.

5. Basic break up spell

This break up spell is quite simple. If you can't get your hands on other ingredients such as hair, this one is highly recommended. It needs only four ingredients, plus a bottle, to break up a couple. Simply place some red and black pepper into a bottle, to bring unwelcome fire into the relationship. Next, throw in some dirt, to soil the couple's romance. For the last step, fill the bottle with four thieves vinegar (the common name is camphorated acetic acid) to sour their feelings for each other. The trickiest part is placing the bottle under the couple's doorstep, so that they may step over it. If you can accomplish this, it is said that they will be contemplating breaking up within two weeks.

6. Egg break up spell

This particular break up spell involves some unsavory elements. However, it will be very effective in getting a couple to break up. First, obtain an egg from a black hen. Boil the egg in – we're sorry – your own urine (yes, this is for real). Cut the hard boiled egg in half. Perhaps you'd like to wear gloves during this part. Also, while you're at it throw out the pot in which you boiled the egg. Feed one half to a black dog. As you do so, solemnly chant, "As dogs hate cats, so will [man's name] hate [woman's name].” Feed the other half to a black cat. This time, simply reverse the chant. “As cats hate dogs, so will [woman's name] hate [man's name]."

7. Anti love triangle spell

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If you've noticed that your boyfriend or husband seems to be inviting a homewrecker into your life, you can make use of this break up spell to immediately get rid of the offender. You will need three gingerbread people: one to represent you, one for your partner, and one as the unwelcome third party. On the first day after a full moon, place the gingerbread you and your partner near each other, with the third person to the side. Between you and your man, place sweet things like vanilla, rose petals, and honey.

Between your partner and the third party, place offensive things like ash, pins, horse radishes, mustard seeds, et cetera. Every day until the new moon, move your gingerbread self and your partner closer together, while continuously moving the third gingerbread person away. Don't forget to add more relevant materials. By the new moon, the spell will be complete. Your relationship will be sweeter, and the third person will be out of the picture.

Easy break up spells

If you don't have time for long, complex spells and want to see results immediately, the following spells are for you. They're quite short and require a small number of ingredients to be successful.

8. Fire break up spell

Of all the break up spells, this is one is the quickest. You only need to invest a little time in gathering the ingredients. Simply burn black cat hair, black dog hair, sulfur, and red pepper on a fireproof floor or in a safe container. Stare into the flames and envision the couple you want to break up. Picture them fighting, being petty, and all the other things that come with a break up. Focus on your goals and keep meditating until the fire has burned out. Scatter the ashes either in the vicinity of the couple's garden or inside their house.

9. Rope break up spell

This spell must be performed at midnight. Get a piece of black yarn or rope at least a foot long. Tie nine knots into it. They don't have to be fancy. As you tie each knot, imagine the couple you wish to break up starting to hate each other. With every knot, recite this chant:

“Take this couple that I see / Love is gone, unhappy be / Knots of discord, knots of hate / Soon to part is their fate / With this spell I know I’ve won / I curse their love to come undone!”

When you've finished, hide the rope safely in your house, but somewhere you'll see it often. Seeing it will remind you of your goal to break up the couple and give the spell new energy. The spell will be completed once the couple breaks up. At this point, you may dispose of the rope. Just don't untie the knots, or all your spell work could be undone.

10. Plant break up spell

For this final break up spell, get a photo of each person in the couple. Next, place lemon verbena leaves in between the photos to create a sour mood. Wrap this all in cloth or place it in a bag, then bury your secret spell package under the couple's doorstep. As they walk over it, the spell will be activated.

What else do I need to know about break ups?

Have you chosen your favorite break up spell? Good luck practicing magic, and may you find the results you seek!

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