15 Unmistakable Signs That He's Interested In You Romantically

How can you make sure if a guy is interested in you? Maybe he won't tell you, but these signs will certainly show you if he is interested or not.

By Tashke
15 Unmistakable Signs That He's Interested In You Romantically

Are boys really like an open book?

You really think boys are that simple? Yes, sometimes. But when it comes to men and expressing affection, many girls remain disappointed. Sometimes a girl can have too many expectations and she hopes for a magnificent statement of love from a guy she likes. Well, let's be honest. That'll happen only in a romantic teenage movie. In real life, it's rare for a man to express his love to you so pompously and loudly. Although he likes you, although he's in love with you, the vast majority of men will be silent and mysterious and let you discover how they feel about you. They simply expect you to read into those little signs that reveal that he's interested.

Sign 1: He listens

Yes, guys seem to listen to you when you are talking about something that bothers you. But are they actually listening? If you ask them to repeat what you just said, they might not know at all and they will find a lot of excuses for that. There is a big difference when a guy who likes you listens and remembers everything you said. That can be a sign that he is truly interested in you, or he is simply a good friend. If he is obviously showing signs of listening to you and remembers things about you, chances are he is actually interested in you in a pretty romantic way. This kind of guy is rare.

Sign 2: Prolonged eye contact

A well-known phrase "the eyes never lie" is proven in this case. Just by looking into someone’s eyes you can tell a lot about that person. Here is an example: it's your first date. While you are talking about something, he does not look away, just straight at you and your eyes. He's interested what you're talking about and he's focused on your lips. Sometimes he smiles, which can be an obvious sign that he is highly interested. The eyes are the window to the soul; they can say a lot and help you realize things about the person you are talking to. And, in this case, they can show you his interest in you. So, if he looks right at you, you've got his attention. Take note if he looks your way even when you don't talk to him. That means he likes you a lot and he wants to absorb every single detail about you. He's also probably hoping your first date leads to a second, third, and so on.

Sign 3: Romantic distraction

When we say ''distraction'', we are not talking about that kind of distraction where you disturb him by doing something. No, I am talking about his own distraction while he is with you. When he is with you, his whole world stops leaving just the two of you and nothing else. All he cares about is you. You can clearly see this sign when he doesn’t use his phone when he is with you. Even if you're on a first date! Let’s be real here, people cannot live without their phones anymore. It may sound pretty strange but if he does not answer a call or if he does not text while he is with you, girl, that is an obvious sign that he is so interested in you. Pay attention to it!

Sign 4: He treats you differently when he's interested

Guys reserve one kind of treatment for girls who they consider to be their friends and treat their crushes completely differently. In this case, if he likes you romantically, you will clearly see his changes in behavior when he is with you and when you are with him around his other female friends. He is not so close with them and he gives you much more attention, talks with you more, smiles at you all the time, gives you little touches while he talks - just any kind of teeny tiny signs that show his interest. If he does all of this with you and not with his other female friends, he is totally interested in you.

Sign 5: Unexpected texting

Guys will not text no matter what. They are pretty lazy, aren’t they? For some reason, they don't pay a lot of attention to that. But if your guy sends you a text message out of nowhere to initiate a conversation just by simply saying ''Hi'' or asking some silly question, or he texts you right after your first date, he may be interested in you romantically! Guys who are interested in girls romantically often start a conversation by texting them randomly. They want to talk with the girl as long as possible, no matter what the topic is. But their intention is just to stay in touch with you even through text. He's interested in you if he fills his texts with smilies. This is just guys' clumsy way of showing affection.

Sign 6: Simple conversations can show if he's interested

A conversation between two people is very important, so if he likes to talk with you in person and shares pretty personal information about his life, that is a sign that he trusts you and is romantically interested in you. You can clearly feel that kind of connection through the conversation, his behavior, and his body language while he is talking to you. Men have two ways of acting in conversation when they're interested in you. Either they'll talk a lot more than usual or they won't talk at all. Guys change their behavior when they're around their crush and that's so obvious. He tries to impress you with his banter, he tries to be super funny and wants you to laugh at his jokes. Admit it, he's trying hard. And he certainly wouldn't do that if he wasn't interested.

Sign 7: Bumping into each other

Does he keep bumping into you? Is it strange that he never used to do it before and now it happens all the time? Chances are that he may be stalking you but romantically. We are not talking about crazy, psycho stalkers that know every move you make. We are talking about him knowing ''accidentally on purpose'' where you are going to be so he can accidentally bump into you and get a chance to talk to you even more. What are the chances that you'll see bump into one guy way too often? Well, in our opinion, that guy is very interested in you and he just wants to be close to you. Of course, his intention is not to scare you but to show you a small sign of that he's interested in you romantically. As we already said, we're not talking about stalking; he just wants to see you more often.

Sign 8: Compliments are all around when he's interested

Receiving compliments is a good thing. It can boost your confidence and your self-esteem. A guy will give honest compliments because he finds you attractive and he wants to make sure that you know that. Sometimes a lot of compliments can be pretty boring, but if he manages the number of compliments he gives you and doesn't go overboard with the flattery, it's all good. Guys would not give you a compliment if they are not into you. So if you receive any kind of ''romantic'' compliment from him that means he is definitely interested in you. Of course, depending on the connotation of the compliment, you can easily conclude if he is interested in something more with you, or if he's just being nice. Also, pay attention to his body language. If he shows mild signs of nervousness and anxiety while giving you a compliment, it's a typical sign he has certain romantic feelings for you. If he's relaxed and says it super smoothly, perhaps he treats you like just another girl that he's hoping to have a one-night stand with. If you fall for his compliment easily, you'll fall in his bed too. And that means he's not interested in having a serious relationship with you.

Sign 9: He teases you in a cute way

Teasing someone is like a mini test to see each other’s reaction to it. If a guy teases you without any reason in a cute and funny way, and he's not being mean to you, that means that he's got a crush on you. By teasing you he wants you to know that he is romantically interested in you. Also, he maybe wants you to tease him back and it is like a cute mind game between you two. He often teases you by giving you a silly nickname. If you are mad he just mimics you. He'll point out something embarrassing about you but in a nice way, without any mean comments. He's interested in seeing your reaction to his teasing. If you get mad or blush, he'll interpret that as a sign of your affection. These are all flirty signs of teasing that can show he is interested in you romantically.

Sign 10: Future plans

Ok, this title sounds like he's going to marry you, but no, let's not think about that. For now ;) Here we want you to pay attention to what he plans to do with you. Does he mention going somewhere and he calls you to go with him? Maybe he wants to watch a new movie in the cinema and he told you that, if you're interested in that genre, you can go with him? He just got an invitation for a party, but he doesn't have anyone to go with. His whole group of friends is suddenly occupied but he refuses to go alone. Maybe you could go with him? Believe us, they're not that busy. He just wants you to be with him, alone. If he asks you to go somewhere with him and his friends, they already know he's interested in you. Guys usually don't call random girls to hang out.

Sign 11: He cares about you

Guys like to be in charge and they truly enjoy acting like alpha males. They really want to serve and protect their loved ones. It's just their natural instinct leftover after evolution. Just a simple ''let me know when you're home'' can tell you a lot. He cares that you're safe and doesn't want anyone to hurt you in any way. Have you noticed how he cares for you in different ways? He'll quickly leave his friends to drive you home. He cares if you are comfortable, warm, whether you are hungry or thirsty. If he likes you and is genuinely interested, he will do everything to in his power to protect you. When he's interested in you, he wants you to feel safe and secure with him. That's because he just wants to be your hero at the end of the day, every day, and he wants you to know he'll always be there for you.

Sign 12. His body language

Have you noticed him blushing sometimes in front of you? Does he show clear signs of being nervous, or he's stuttering all the time on your first date? Say no more. A guy doesn't need to tell you anything with these signs. His body language reveals that he's interested. Those are obvious signs you're attracting him and that he wants something more with you. If he blushes without any reason when you're around, you can be sure he has some feelings for you. It's kinda cute when men are shy, isn't it? Well, maybe he's not naturally talkative, but in this case, his face is telling that he's interested in you romantically. Also, one of the obvious signs he likes you is constantly smiling. If a boy often smiles while talking to you, it is a signal that you got his attention. Smiling is an unconscious action caused by a good feeling while he is around you, and he cannot control that. Simply put, it's stronger than his ability to keep his emotions in check. There is that incredibly sweet and reputed smile that you, dear ladies, will quickly recognize. This is how he shows you he's enjoying your company and that he's interested in you.

Sign 13: Pay attention to his posture

Let's get this straight. Unless they are models, men don't know to pose. So we're not talking about that kind of posing; we're talking about how his body ''acts'' when he's interested in someone. When a man stands across from you with his arms crossed or on his hips, that's a clear sign that he's interested. All this effort and posing is another way to show that he feels something romantically for you. He probably wants to leave an impression of a macho man you will fall in love with. Of course, a girl may not like his posture too much, but guys believe that through their attitude they clearly show the girl that they like her. You just need to figure that out from his body language.

Sign 14: Tiny signs of jealousy when he's interested in you

Many girls will think that this is a sign of pure love, guided by the principle, "When he is not jealous, he's not interested in me'." This is so not true. Men sometimes know to express their feelings through "senseless" behavior, which we usually consider as jealousy. If he shows that he's not comfortable you being around other men, that's a sign he wants you all to himself. And that's cute. But... Jealousy is a very dangerous emotion. At first, you will be intrigued by this. But if he continues to show his jealousy openly, and you're not even in a relationship, it shows that he has a lack of self-confidence. And that will bother you a lot later on if you do start dating. If you see that he easily gets jealous, show him that you're interested only in him and that the feelings are mutual. Better safe than sorry! Too much jealousy will destroy your future relationship and you need to stop that before it's too late.

Sign 15: He uses every chance to touch you

Whether he "accidentally" touches your knee when you're sitting next to each other on a first date or he irresistible moves a hair strand off of your face, he is carelessly trying to discover how you respond to contact with him. Yes, there is a possibility that he is only interested in sex with you. But besides the above-mentioned signs, he'll do it all with a nervous smile and very slowly, with direct eye contact. That means he wants to get closer to you, but he doesn't want to rush you. While you're walking, he'll gently put his hand on your back or he'll touch your arm while talking. That leads to a hug, and a hug is a definite sign of him being interested in you romantically.

You're sure he's interested. Now what?

You observed all or most of the above signs, read and understood his body language. You got every possible confirmation that he's interested in you and he wants something more with you. Do not wait, maybe he's the one true love of your life. You will not know if you do not try. Good luck!