20 Signs He Loves You Deeply

Does he loves you or not? With these 20 signs that he loves you deeply, you will know for sure that you are the love of his live.

By Magda du Plessis
20 Signs He Loves You Deeply

20 Signs He Loves You Deeply

You are lucky enough to have met the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. However, even if he is nice to you and you have a great time, you aren’t sure if he loves you deeply. This can be frustrating to know that he loves you, and not just like to be with you. You need to make sure that the guy you are with loves you or if he is just using you until he find the one that he truly love. It is important for you to know if he really loves you or if he is just playing with your feelings. This is why these 20 signs that he truly loves you is so essential to consider. The more of these 20 things he is doing, the more he loves you. So, why wait? Find out if he loves you deeply right now.

1. The first sign is when he is answering your text messages in no time

When you are sending him a text, even if this isn’t really important, he is answering your text right away. The only time when he isn’t answering you is when he is in a meeting and can’t use his phone right now. And, then he is still trying to answer you as soon as possible so that you don't need to wait for his answer. If the man you fancy likes you back secretly, he will ensure that he answers your text messages. He even might send you one, before you are sending him one in the morning. Generally, men don’t really like sending text messages, but if he truly loves you, he will answer as soon as possible.

2. Likes treating you as the one he loves deeply

Getting a gift or two is always special. But, if this comes from the man you secretly love, then it is even more special. This is exactly what someone that loves you deeply will do. Send you a gift often. Maybe he is bringing your flowers before you are going on your date, or he is sending you a gift to your office. If he loves you deeply, he will treat you by sending you gifts or taking you to places you love to go. Even the smallest thing that he gives you, is because he wants to treat you.

3. It is a sign when he laughs around you

When someone is laughing all the time, you will know that he is enjoying his time. This is why if your man is around you and laughing a lot, then you can know for sure that he loves you and that he has a great time when he is around you. If the man isn’t in love with you, he will not really enjoy the time he is spending with you. Meaning that he will not laugh all the time and he will not look happy around you. Then, it might be time to end this relationship. To be with someone that doesn't love and that you can't make happy isn't the best feeling in the world.

4. He loves you deeply when he tells his secrets to you

Normally, men don’t really talk about their secrets and their feelings. They are only telling it to those that they deeply love. This is why your man might be telling you some of his secrets, his fears, and his feelings. This isn’t because he is a modern man that is talking about his feelings. This is because he is a man that is deeply in love with you and want to tell you about the things that are bothering him. He will tell you stuff that your family and friends don’t know about. And, if you want to make sure that you keep him, you don’t go and tell your friend all these secrets. You are keeping his secrets for yourself or he will not trust you again.

5. He is treating you as a lady

Yes, there are men out there that don't really treat women right. They think that they can talk to a woman just the way they like, without feeling guilty about it. But, if a man is secretly in love with a woman and he deeply loves her, he is going to treat her like a lady. The way any man actually should treat their woman. He is letting you walk into a room first. Opening the car door to you and don’t swear in front of you. He is basically a gentleman and is making sure that he is talking to you in a normal tone. If this is something that you don’t find with the man you with, he isn’t in love with you and might even be just using you. Every one has the right to be treated as a lady, and only the man that truly loves you will be able to do this.

6. He loves you without makeup on

So many men don’t let their wives or girlfriends leave the house without wearing makeup. This is because they are afraid of what their friends are going to say about how you look naturally. This is, in fact, not right. If he truly loves you, he will love you the way you are. Without makeup and without always being dressed to the nines. The moment that he says he loves you just the way you are and that he doesn't mind if you don't want to wear makeup, then he is Mr. Right. This is a sign that he's a keeper.

7. He has a nickname for you

Having a nickname for the one you love is really special. And, this is also a sign that he truly loves you deeply. He might love you secretly, but the moment that he has a nickname for you, he is in love with you and will love you for a long time. You should also see this as a sign that he loves you deeply when he is calling by something else as your real name. However, the one thing that you need to know, is the type of nickname that he has for you. If the name is embarrassing, it might be he is trying to embarrass you with his friends. Then, this isn't loving but just another way to hurt you.

8. Uses your nickname in front of his friends

Not only does he have a cute nickname for you, but he is using it in front of his friends without worrying what they are going to say about it. However, if he is keeping your nickname secretly just between you and him, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn't love you. It might mean that he just wants to call you this without anyone commenting on it. Or, it is just something special between the two of you.

9. It is a sign that he loves you deeply when he is supporting your dreams

Everyone has dreams. Even you have a dream or two. However, not many men are supportive of their girl’s dreams. Some men think women should only support the man's dreams and that her dream isn’t as important. The moment that you have a man who is supporting your dreams as well, and doesn’t keep it secret from his friends, then it is a sign that he loves you deeply and supports you every step of the way.

10. He listens to you when you are upset

The man that truly loves you knows that you can also get upset and that you need to have someone that is willing to listen to her problems. Men aren't good listeners, but if they really love you, they will make sure that they are listening to you when you are upset. Even if this means that they should give up some time with his friends to assist you with your problem. But, you need to remember that there is a huge difference in hearing what you say and really listening to what you have to say.

11. He is taking you to meet his mother

Mother and sons have a great connection. There is a bond between them that not many people can break. This is why men will only take their girlfriend to meet his mother when he knows that your relationship is serious and that you are going to have a future with him. The guy that is dating you secretly and doesn’t you want to meet his parents — and doesn’t want to meet your parents — isn’t the right one for you. Make sure he wants to introduce you to the people he loves. Pay attention to signs of him trying to make a good impression when you are taking him to meet your family and friends. He cares what your family is saying about him.

12. He loves you deeply when he is hugging you a lot

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There are some men who give the woman they love deeply hugs all the time. This is a great sign that you can see as true love. Men aren't the biggest huggers. They don’t always like to give hugs to just anyone. This is why the moment that he is giving you hugs, you can know for sure that he is truly in love with you. There isn’t any other explanation for it. Hugging is a physical sign of showing that he loves you a lot.

13. Getting a lot of surprised dates

There is nothing better than to get a surprise. Especially for a woman. By getting a surprised date from the man you love secretly, is double as special and something that you will remember for the rest of your life. There is a huge difference in planning a normal date at home that wasn’t hard to organize and organizing the best date of all time. A sign that a many truly loves his woman, is when he is planning a couple of surprised dates for you. Dates that are great and that you will not forget easily.

14. He is honest with you about his feelings

The last thing that men do is to talk about their feelings. This will make them look weak, and they don’t like that at all. However, the moment that your man is honest with you about his feelings, take this as a sign that there is seriously something going on. He doesn’t mind that you know that he is also just human and that he can get emotional as well. The best part of having a man that truly loves you is that you don’t need to nag to get him to tell you what is bothering him. This doesn’t count.

15. He is considering long-term plans that include you

You frequently hear him talk about his longterm plans for the future. And, you hear frequently the word we instead of the word me. This means that he is considering his long-term plans and that is going to include you as well. Men don't like making longterm plans including their girlfriends. They don’t want to think about things that might not even happen. But, the moment that they start talking about "us" instead of "me" and "I," then take it as a sign that he is deeply in love with you for sure.

16. Invites you to his place and making you feel comfortable there

So little men are actually inviting the women in their lives to their place. This is for them their man cave and woman isn’t allowed there. He starts to invite you to his place and then he is even trying to make you feel comfortable. This is normally a sign that he really likes you and that he is willing to share his place with you. He is allowing girly stuff into his home and even asks for suggestions to improve his space so that you can feel comfortable there. He might even give you permission to chance somethings in his home that will make the place feel more like your home as well.

17. He tries to be with you as much as he can

Men are always hanging out with their friends and going to bars and hang together. However, this is until they are secretly fell in love with someone. Then, he is trying to be with his woman as much as possible. Even, if this means that he can just have lunch or breakfast before work. So, if the one that you start to love is meeting you for coffee and is trying to spend every free minute that he has with you, then you can know that he loves you deeply and that he is choosing you over his friends. This is an important sign of love and commitment.

18. Your happiness is just as important to him

Normally people are only considering their own happiness. Especially, when it comes to their future. This is normal because this is something that we were learned from a young age. To consider your happiness over other’s happiness. Until he meets the one he loves. Then her happiness is just as important to him as his own happiness. And, he is willing to make sacrifices to ensure your happiness. And, he is asking all the time if you are happy and satisfied with how things are. Does this sound familiar? Then he is truly in love with you and wants to be with you for the rest of your lives.

19. He shows you that he deeply loves you

Showing someone that you really, deeply love him is hard. However, for men, this is even harder. Men were taught not to show their emotions because it's "for girls." And, men are really afraid of rejection. If your guy realizes the importance of showing you his feelings, it's a sign he loves you deeply. You don’t need to wonder if he feels something for you because his actions are a sign that he loves you and he is serious about you. He does small things that are important to you, and he is treating you the right way. You can see and feel that he truly loves you.

20. He suggests that you are considering a future together

The last sign that he loves you deeply is when he is starting to suggest that you are considering a future together. Maybe he wants you to move in with each other, or that you are moving to a new location together. Commitment is something that men doesn’t really like or want to do. And, if he starts to suggest that you are considering a future together, it might mean that he is ready to commit and that he wants to commit to you. If you are feeling the same, you should ensure that you are going to talk about the future and what both of you are looking for in this serious relationship. When it comes to a relationship and love, it can be hard to know if the guy you secretly like, loves you deeply and if there is a future for the two of you. Because men don’t like talking about how they feel, it can be hard to know if they do love you deeply. This is why these 20 signs that he loves you deeply are so important to most women. With these signs, you will know for sure that he loves you just as much as you love him. And you can seriously start thinking about the future together.