20 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your New Boyfriend

Just got into a relationship? Ways to bond with your new man

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20 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your New Boyfriend

Maintaining Chemistry With Each Other (Beside Attraction)

Only intrinsic beauty lasts forever. Physical attraction is only temporary, only the soul connection can bond you for the long term. How to initiate fun topics to keep the flow going so your boyfriend doesn't think you're starting to get boring? Want to leave a good impression for your new boyfriend so he thinks you're smart and brainy?

Girls often find themselves in such a dilemma. You want to sound smart and fun, yet you would come off as rude if you don't know how to phrase your sentences properly or just sound like a nerd. Don't worry, every girl has been through that. It's normal to get anxious around your new boyfriend because you want to try hard to impress him.

We've got dozens of ideas for you. There're tons of things you can talk about, from TV shows to astrophysics, you will never run out of interesting topics! Check out these fun topics so you will always keep the conversation going!

20 Interesting Things to Talk About

Over Text

1. Discuss a TV show while watching it together

Say you're watching the ending of Game of Thrones separately at your homes. Play it at the same time so you two can sync up and discuss the plot as it goes. Time to trash how stupid or awesome the ending was with a smile on your face, despite the heated argument, maybe.

2. Listen to music together and share your thoughts

Music is really a great way to hold people together. It transcends any language barriers and allows you to fully immerse in the melody world. Whether you're a metalhead or a soft jazz lover, you can always share your music taste to your lover so they can understand your inner world better.

Send him a playlist and sync it up so you two are listening to the same piece at the same time. It's a great way to unwind after a long day of work if you can't physically chill with your boyfriend. His music preference is part of him.

3. Discuss a recipe you want to try next time

Preparation for your next home cooking session! Send over a few recipes and see which ones might be fun to try. Texting makes it fun because you are on your phone anyways, so you can do the research and just share it instantly with your boyfriend. It's a smart idea to talk about something that involves using your phone. Two birds, one stone!

4. Eerie murder cases on the internet

Admit it, we all have that curious heart about mysterious murder cases. Our guilty pleasure from all the late-night Youtube horror videos, us wanting to solve the case and avenge the victim. Talk about those cases with your boyfriend and try to play detective to guess what really happened. It's a great way to bond because we all want to be the hero and help the poor. You never know, maybe you're onto something with your guesses.

5. What superpower would you want to have?

Just imagine, would you want to be Thor or Spiderman? Talk about different superpowers you want to have and why. This is likely to spark off the love for superheroes for all of you. Have a gentle (respectful) debate on whether you like DC or Marvel more. Don't turn this into a heated argument, we can all love different things.

Picking your superpower is like choosing which movie you want to watch for your next date night!

Over Social Media

6. Tag him in travel posts

Like the snowy, magical Alps in Switzerland, or the enchanting historical heritage of Macchu Picchu, or the glamorous nightlife in Tokyo? Tag your boyfriend in travel posts so he gets the hint that you'd want to go there with him! Ask him whether he thinks those places are cool. Time to save up for your next adventure!

7. Tag him in boyfriend memes

Snoring loud? Stealing all your boyfriend's oversized shirts? Tag him in all the funny memes that you two resonate with and have a good laugh about it. Try those funny memes on different reasons to piss off your girl as well to see if he agrees you're this high-maintenance!

8. Send him your favorite accounts to follow

Get him to develop similar tastes and sense of humor as you. Give him some accounts to follow or that you love and see his reactions. Get his thoughts on those accounts and tell him why you think those accounts are worth following. We live in the 21st century, bonding over social media accounts is essential.

9. Politics

Whether you're a Trump supporter or not, there's always something to talk about when it comes to Trump. With all the news swirling about his desire to buy Greenland, what do you think? Do you want Greenland to be the 51st State? What do you think about his proposal for Greenland and the fact that the Danish Prime Minister just shut that idea at his face?

Politics is a sensitive topic, yet it's very real and happening around us every day. You can't avoid politics, so might as well talk about it with the one you're close to.

10. About upcoming events

Did you come across a techno party on Facebook? Or a new pop up store downtown? Or a new them park is about to open up? Social media is a fantastic place to look for upcoming events for you and your boyfriend to join together. Give him a few options to choose from and go for a fun socializing event with random people on the Internet.

Over The Phone

11. Silly things about you

Talk about something silly you did when you were in high school or back when you were a kid. Laugh at all the silly things you did while getting to know each other better. We've all done silly things when we were young. No shame, no regret, just fun talking about it!

12. Favorite hiking experience

Best hiking trip? Talk about the time you spent 6 hours hiking in southern Colorado and saw the milky way when you're setting up the tents. You're astonished by how wonders work in nature. So humble to see all the stars in the galaxy and think that you're just a tiny particle in the whole universe. Life is always wonderful.

13. Weekend plans

What's your plan for the weekend? A lot of couples don't get to meet during weekdays because of work. Making the perfect weekend plan over the phone seems to be the best choice. Brainstorm some ideas and make them happen!

14. Gossips

Trust me, guys enjoy gossips as much as girls do, they just don't admit it. Any juicy gossips at work? Share it with your boyfriend and you'd be surprised how much boys enjoy a good drama too.

15. Let go of your steam

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You're here for each other, for better and for worse. There're times you just happen to have a bad day and you need to let off the steam. Ranting it to your boyfriend is another way to bond as well. Remember, you aren't ranting at him about him. You're ranting about something else. You don't want to turn this into a fight, so don't make this a complaint against him.

On A Date

16. Do you remember much about the place you grew up in?

International couples would love this topic. You grew up near a ton of fast-food chains while your boyfriend might be from an exotic Samoa. He might be jealous of your dazzling city girl lifestyle while you're jealous of his connection with nature. It will be fun to hear how other people grow up on the other side of the world.

17. Their fundamental values

Our fundamental values are what hold us together. We can have different opinions on certain things, but never things that matter to us the most. What if freedom and equality are something you stand for, yet your boyfriend tells you he thinks guys should definitely get paid more than girls and that gay people don't deserve equality? That's more than just an opinion. That's a fundamental value clash.

Definitely should make sure you hold the same fundamental values and it'd be a good chance to see what he stands for over a date.

18. Your favorite Fast & Furious movie

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You've got to have seen at least one of them. This franchise is a legend. It's more sci-fi than actual sci-fi movies. Seeing Vin Diesel flying across a bridge is straight out of a Bollywood climax. If your date is starting to get boring, bring this topic up and I'm sure you will laugh for the next hour straight. 

19. Rank your family member

We all have preferences, it's a lie if we say we love our parents and all siblings equally. There's always a ranking. Ask your date to rank his family member to see who he considers being the closest. This is just a wicked question to get him to smile and think you're a sneak girl but in a good way.

20. The most unforgettable experience

Close your eyes and think of an image right now. What's the thing that would pop up in your head? Would it be an image of the day you got promoted at work? The day you took your first solo trip or the day you finally paid off your student loan?

There'll be a lot of unforgettable memories in our life. It's good to remember them sometimes and be nostalgic.

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I didn't know there can be that many things to talk about with your date? A lot of these are just common every day topics that you would come across, but rarely think of when you're trying to sustain a conversation. Try out these topics with your new boyfriend and get him impressed by how fun you are!



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