What Turns Women On - Physically and Mentally

The verbal and not so verbal cues on what turns women on

By Evelyn
What Turns Women On - Physically and Mentally

Non sexual: What turns women on mentally

Have you asked yourself that question? What non-sexual things turn women on? If you haven't, you should because it may be the one thing you're doing wrong, and that's the reason why you spend your nights alone.
You may have what it takes to turn a woman on and you haven't realized it because you're too busy trying to "cop a field". 

For you guys, seeing a hot girl pretty much does it, right? You're very visual, what you see is what you want. For us, is much much more than that. It's important the way you talk to us, the way you treat us. We need to be mentally turned on before anything physical can happen. 

Sometimes even little odd things you do can be a turn on. Things you do routinely can be a turn on (that's what some women have stated), for example, just having a great conversation with a guy who has nice teeth and a great smile or listening to a guy talk about something he's passionate.

Watching a guy get dressed or break a sweat can also be a turn on for some women. Catching a guy looking at you and smiling while you talk. The list can go on, as you see this are everyday things that you do, so maybe next time pay better attention, you might get lucky.

Guys, stimulating a woman's body is the easy part, but if you really want to know what you're made off you need to stimulate her mind first. We'll let you in on a little secret, the biggest erogenous zone for a woman is not between the legs, it's between the ears. The good news is that there are many ways to stimulate a woman's mind. 

Since every woman is different you'll have to listen and understand the woman you're with right now. There are some ways you can turn on your woman mentally. Keep reading, we'll give you some hints. 

1. Intelligence

Intelligent men are such a turn on, so step up to it. Broaden your topics of conversation, a good way to do this is by researching and studying what women are interested in. Surprise her next time, talking about things outside of the bedroom. You can also discuss your life, your plans, your dreams. 

Challenge her mind, giving her new perspectives. When you talk to her express yourself through emotions too, words are very powerful and it's a better way of expressing how you feel about her. It works a lot better than all that groping. Use your mind, we bet you can find an intelligent way of stimulating hers.

2. Pay attention and listen

We have talked about this many times because it's crucial. Communication is pivotal in any relationship, is how you make a connection. Part of this communication is having the ability to just listen. So if you don't have it, work on it, it's very important to listen to what she has to say, and we don't just mean staring at her and nodding or agreeing with whatever she says. 

You have to pay attention, that's the only way you're going to learn things about her. Maybe she tells you what's important to her, what are her expectation about you, about the relationship. If next time you surprise her doing something she said, you're going in the right direction. That's a fine way of turning her on. You'll be gaining her trust, an excellent way of stimulating her mind. Make the effort and listen.

3. Be open, show her your emotions

You're not a machine, right? So show her you can get emotional. We get that for some guys it's not easy to show emotions (could be related to the way they were raised), but believe us when we tell you that guys that are open and show his emotions are a real turn on. 

When you speak from the heart it goes directly to her mind (to her heart too), it is a great way to stimulate her mind because it shows that you trust her and that way she can give you her trust. See, it pays to be open in a relationship, connections are made that way.

4. Sense of humor

Laughter is a powerful turn on for us women. So guys, a keen sense of humor can go a long way into turning your woman on. Find ways to make her laugh, not just by telling jokes, but maybe by doing or acting silly once in while. She'll see you in a different way, and even if you think that nothing's happening, you're stimulating her mind with a laugh. 

Go the extra mile and appreciate her sense of humor too. Make her feel that she can be herself all the way with you. Laugh together, believe us, it really works. smiley

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Sexually: What turns women physically in bed

When it's time to turn a woman on physically you don´t have to get out of your way, really, sometimes it's the little things that count. It's true that we have to have a connection with you and our minds have to be connected to our bodies so that we can enjoy the moment. but there are some previous moves that can make a woman melt right into your arms.

Take a look, maybe they're little gestures but they work.

5. When you touch her knee under the table

That's a very subtle move, but very effective. It doesn't have to be with your hand, it can be anything more than your leg brushing hers. If you're watching her while doing this little gesture you'll notice that things will definitely heat up, you'll make her think... about later. Mission accomplished.

6. Whispering in her ear

Get near her and whisper something. Maybe you remember something funny and wanted to tell her, or you just wanted to tell her she looks very beautiful tonight or maybe you just thought of something the both of you could do latter... it doesn't matter what. What will matter to her will be the fact that your face and your breath is against her ear, and that pretty much does for her.

7. After a stressful day, give her a massage

This is such a great little gesture. If you notice that she has had a very stressful day, ask her to get herself comfortable and tell her you're going to give her a massage. It doesn't have to be a full massage, just by massaging her neck or feet will be enough. She will not stop thinking about you touching her in other places. You see, little gesture, very effective.

8. Touch her lightly

Guys, don't rush things, that gets you the opposite of a turn on, it's a total turn off. Girls like to be touch lightly as in a build up. A light and subtle touch in places like her neck, or her arms or her legs or her face is a total turn on and a great place to start. For her, it's like a prequel of things to come. Take your time, believe us it will be worth it.

9. Kiss her not just on the lips

There are other sensitive areas of her body that are a total turn on for your lady, so maybe mix it up. We bet it can be fun to find out which ones are hers. Try the back of her neck and see what is her reaction, or a spot behind her ear or how about her forehead? You can start there and work your way up to her lips, all that kissing journey will build up the anticipation for when you finally meet her lips.

10. Hug her unexpectedly

Surprise her with a hug when she least expect it. For example, you spot her in the sink doing the dishes approach her and put your arms around her waist from behind and just hug her. We assure you she'll love it. You can turn her on with these sweet gestures. You can try kissing her neck too. Very effective.


We hope that by now you know that women are not wired to switch from not turn on to turn on in like 60 seconds. There's a lot going on inside a woman's head so it's up to you to help her make the switch. For that to happen you have to know your lady, you have to have a connection with her.

Women think about sex as much or maybe more than you guys, but if she doesn't feel secure and safe with you, you might as well forget because you won't get her out of her pants. Don't skip any of the steps we've talked about. Compliment her, engage her mind, make her know you want her, be a gentleman, surprise her. All those little things combined will turn her on.

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