15 Perfect and Romantic Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Indulge in these lovely wedding ceremony ideas for the lovebirds

By Chelsea Lane
15 Perfect and Romantic Wedding Ceremony Ideas

A wedding is one of the most important and most-awaited milestone in a person’s life. It’s a once in a lifetime ceremony, so you really wanted to make it super special and very memorable to everyone. From the wedding invitations, the venue, up to the very end of your wedding ceremony, you plan it with your partner for quite a long time, making sure that the preparations are well-knitted from the tiniest dot up to the big one.


Ready to brainstorm some ideas with your partner and your wedding coordinator? Indulge yourself with some perfect and romantic wedding ceremony ideas that everyone in your guest list will remember for their entire lifetime!

Simple Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Older Couples

You usually see young couples getting married, like in their 20s or 30s. But, you don’t normally see middle-aged couples getting married and seeing middle-aged couples exchanging wedding vows which makes you really believe that love is not confined to a certain age, and you’re never too old to get married. Like the cliche, “Age is just a number”, so you don’t have to worry about getting married, even if it’s already your second or third time.


Whether it’s your first wedding or your second time, it doesn’t mean that you should just do away with the ceremony. If you’re thinking about expenses, there are simple ways to celebrate your bond with your partner in a very simple, yet still memorable and special kind of wedding.

1. Private and Solemn Affair

While big wedding ceremonies are usually in the wedding scenes, it’s also good to celebrate your union with your partner having just your closest family and friends to bear witness. This is the best way for older couples who just wanted to have an intimate wedding since they have other things to consider in using their finances, like their retirement and their kids (if they already have), for example. And, this is also applicable if you and your partner just wanted to really keep it simple, or you just wanted it to be between the both of you and a couple of witnesses.

2. Home Venue or Outdoors

Weddings don’t necessarily mean having a big venue at some hotels or resorts. You can still have a nice and simple wedding at your home or in some good venue outdoors like at the nearby park or in your village clubhouse that has a beautiful view. All it takes is a good preparation and a backup plan in case the weather gets bad.

3. Destination Weddings

If you and your partner are planning to just have a simple wedding ceremony, you might consider having this in your wedding preparation plan, especially if you have a destination that you and your partner are looking forward to exploring. Since a lot of your guests cannot attend your wedding because it’s far from their location, you might not have a ton of guests and you can also save a lot of money because you don’t have to go on a separate location for your honeymoon.

4. Civil Wedding

You can also hold your wedding ceremony at the City Hall, with your few chosen sponsors and guests, instead of getting married in a church. It can save you a lot of trouble regarding wedding preparations and venue.

5. Keep it Simple

Simple wedding ceremonies can also mean simple decorations at the venue. Ask some help from your friends and family members in decorating your venue with just a few flowers and a minimal design. Pair it with some simple entertainment like karaoke for your guests to enjoy all throughout the party. That’s it. No fuss.

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Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Couples

If you’re the type of couple who doesn’t like traditional wedding ceremonies, there are a lot of ways to celebrate your union in an unconventional way but would still keep some of the most important details during your wedding. Here are some unique ways that could make your wedding reflects who you really are.

1. Create your Own Wedding Vows

Usually, traditional weddings follow a certain vow script when exchanging “I do’s”, which tends to get boring nowadays and lack the sincerity as it’s just like reciting something without any meaning to you at all. You can twist it up a bit by creating your own vow. You can either compose a poem vow, sing it, or dance your vow if you want.

2. Do Something Fun During Your Aisle Walk

You and your partner can change how you walk down the aisle instead of the traditional aisle walk. You can even dance while walking down the aisle or do something cute and fun during your walk towards you forever.

3. Seat Plan Overhaul

Normally, the chairs at a wedding ceremony are arranged in two rows, left side and right side. Change the seating plan to your liking, like making it in a circular pattern or any pattern that matches your wedding theme. Just make sure that you still have enough room or space for your “walk down the aisle” and guests are still comfortable with their seats.

4. A Wedding Attire That’s Out of the Ordinary

Traditional white gowns are getting a bit dull nowadays, and you can see a lot of couples dressing up uniquely. You can also opt to have unique wedding attires like wearing purple, red, or black on your wedding. You can choose your favorite color for a more personal touch, and add some accessories and clothing layers to add up to your wedding ensemble.

5. Have a Live Painter for your “I Do” Moment

While photographers share an important role for your wedding memories, you can also hire the service of a live painter to put your “I Do” in a canvass. It’s nice to capture that moment in a very artistic and natural way.

6. Unique Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony Ideas

If you’re a nature lover, a backyard wedding probably crossed your mind while planning for your wedding. Most couples prefer to have their weddings in a place that’s very memorable for them, instead of having a traditional church wedding. And, a backyard wedding is usually a good choice especially for couples wanting to have an intimate occasion and of course, budget-friendly.


There are lots of ways to decorate your wedding venue even if it’s just in your backyard. You can have a modern, elegant, or fantasy vibe for your wedding ceremony. It’s all up to you.

7. Have a Stage for the After-Wedding Ceremony

Reception follows after your exchange of wedding vows, and a stage for dancing or partying should be present at the venue for your guests to party all out after your solemn marriage vows.

8. Create a Wedding Arch

Be more nature-looking with a wedding arch that’s made of wood and decorated with flowers and colors that’s on your wedding theme. It sure will make you feel warm and refreshed.

9. Pair it with Wood Essentials

Since it’s going to be a backyard wedding, complement it with wooden tables and chairs. You can also have your table markers created using wood materials to have that relaxing feel. You can also use wooden spoons and forks like the ones made of wood for that natural ambiance and style, and they’re also eco-friendly.

10. Hang Some Ornaments or Lighting

Make your backyard wedding a night to remember by hanging some ornaments in some parts of your backyard venue like on the posts or railings (if you have) in your backyard, or lining them up at the sidewalk. You can also decorate your trees with colorful lanterns that would serve as your lighting structure during the evening party.

11. Sparkle the Night Away

What is more romantic than a dazzling sparkle of lights just before the wedding party ends? Prepare lots of sparklers and have your guests light them and surrounding you and your partner while having one final kiss for the evening before your send off. It’s a very magical moment to remember and you’ll feel like you’re a princess from a fairy tale story with your prince charming at your side.


A wedding is a sweet event and the experiences that come with it are always nice to look back to, but it’s also a very expensive occasion and there are a lot of overwhelming preparations and expenses needed for this. Luckily, there are lots of ways to celebrate your wedding without having to go through a lot of hassles, and the tips mentioned here can be a good way to start with for your wedding planning.

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