9 Ideas on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Ways to get back with your ex-boyfriend fast after you messed up

By Adina Mazilu
9 Ideas on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

This may sound unpleasant for some of you, but there are times when things simply don’t work out between you and your boyfriend. Due to various reasons, a breakup then occurs and sometimes, it’s your fault. It is the harsh truth of life, but one that you must accept in order to either move on or try to win your ex back. Before diving into detail concerning this issue, we must warn you that doing so is no easy task and that usually, things don’t work out the way you want them to. This is why you should follow some special steps in order to increase your chances of success.

In this article, we will be talking about certain tips and tricks that you can put into practice and that can definitely help you win back the heart of the one you lost. There can be lots of misunderstandings in the middle and you might simply want to connect again, even if he has moved on with another person. And as they say, fortune favors the brave. Here is what you should know.

Did you mess up and lost a great ex-boyfriend?

In case you completely and utterly messed up and lost a great boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend), we feel bad for you. However, this feeling of guilt that you carry should not stop you from trying something new and courageous. We all make mistakes at the most inappropriate of times and usually, we pay for them with interest. The key, in this case, is to not let yourself swallowed by a black hole of tears and pain and instead to try and re-evaluate your chances of success.

It may be difficult to comprehend at first and it may seem like complete madness, but trying to get back together with your ex is not a deadly sin. Yes, they may have moved on and yes, they may not want to do it at first, but the secret is to never give up or to only do it when things get too serious. You don’t want to mess with the law, don’t you? We don’t recommend that either. So, without further ado, here are some interesting ideas on how to get your lovely ex-boyfriend back when you have messed up and realized that he is the only one for you after all. Here we go!

Quiz to test out compatibility

A great idea, in case you’re not sure whether or not the two of you are actually compatible, would be to take a compatibility quiz of some sorts and to figure it all out. You’d better do this before starting your mission to get him back. You wouldn’t want to make all that effort just to realize that you were not compatible in the first place. So, take a piece of paper and think of some questions that can define the relationship between him and you. Then, based on your answer, you will realize the truth.

The quiz can include questions about what you like to do in your spare time as a couple, what kind of romantic gestures you would do for each other, how good your sex life is, if you would like to marry this person, what are the ingredients of a successful relationship, what are your feelings for him, and how compatible you actually think you are. The answers to these questions will help you decide on your future together after you get him back by following these next tips. You can also do some of these compatibility quizzes online and the results might be even more efficient. Here are some examples that might help you:

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How to get back fast through text

1. Avoid texting him too soon

We know that these tips are supposed to tell you how to get back with your ex by texting, but trust us, the first step here would be to avoid texting or calling him too soon after the breakup. Chances are he will ignore you and you will feel miserable. Nobody wants that, right? And even if he answers your texts, you will probably end up fighting once more and bye-bye reconciliation! So, refrain yourself from doing this, for now.

2. Remember the old times

Now that you had no contact for a while, it’s time to bring the big guns to the table. Don’t start texting him annoying “Hey, what’s up?” texts all the time. Instead, try to be more creative and intriguing. Talk about something you recently did that you loved when you were together. Tell him that a certain thing that you now tried was unbelievable and that you would love to do it together sometimes. Make him curious, nostalgia is the key.

3. Make him curious and jealous

Finally, you two have begun texting again. Now it’s the best time to casually mention something that another person did for you recently. Or how another guy looked at you today, all in a funny and friendly manner. This will make him not only curious about what’s going on but rather jealous of the situation. You might hit the jackpot right here and right now. If not, you will certainly awaken the beast of jealousy in him and he will want you back ASAP. We promise!

How to get your man to want you back

4. Live your life to the fullest

Yes, it’s weird, but the best thing that you can do to make your ex want you back is to live your own life. Be happy, go out with some friends, travel, take pictures, post them on social media, make him wonder how you’re so happy without him. This step can be crucial in getting back together as it will make him realize that he wants you more and more now that he doesn’t have you. Seeing you happy will drive him mad with lust.

5. Set goals

Another important thing to do when you want to get back with a guy is to set some goals. Let’s say that you have started talking once more and maybe a reconciliation is close. Will it end up like last time? Then why all the effort? Make sure to talk to him about certain boundaries that your relationship will have from now on. Set some goals this time and don’t ignore them when things become difficult. You don’t want yet another breakup, don’t you?

6. Leave him wanting more

This is crucial in making him want you again. After talking for a while, you will eventually have to meet face to face. When the invitation happens, don’t be too eager to say yes. Let him wonder and think about certain scenarios like “does she have someone else already?”. When you finally meet, leave him wanting more. At this point, he’s yours!

How to get your ex-boyfriend back from his new girlfriend

7. Be mature

Hearing that your ex already has someone new when you still want him can be devastating. However, in this situation, be mature and don’t try to trash her or put her in a bad position. Talk to your ex and make him understand that you also want a reconciliation. This will put him in front of a choice but it’s a necessary one. Fingers crossed that he chooses you!

8. Fix your flaws

You can also attract his attention from his new girlfriend if you choose to fix your flaws that have maybe caused your breakup. Make sure that he also notices this change. He might quickly change his mind about you and come back in no time.

9. Do not use revenge

Finally, using revenge as a way to get back with your ex is the most unacceptable thing that you can do. You are not a mature person if you backstab either him or his girlfriend. Be calm, rational, and try to become a better person. You must be making a mistake if he hasn’t come back to you. Work on yourself and happiness will come too.


All in all, getting back with your ex-boyfriend can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. However, with the right attitude and maturity, you can do it even if he has a new girlfriend. Just think straight, act responsibly, and make him want you back. The jealousy card works every time, as well as keeping no contact for a while. Still, there might be cases when nothing works and the guy has just moved on completely. Don’t become desperate and instead try to work on yourself and become a better person. In time, this will work on your advantage.

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