22 strikingly cool and interesting couple Halloween ideas

Dress up for Halloween with these cool couple costume ideas

By Sameet
22 strikingly cool and interesting couple Halloween ideas

Funny and Cute Couple Halloween ideas

What’s better than to spend the most fun holiday with your significant other? And making it even more exciting by trying out different costumes and roles to bond with your mate? Who knows maybe your partner likes your cosplay like a little too much and feels more attatched to you than ever?   

Here are some funny and cute ideas to try out and just have fun and goof around at Halloween:

1. Fred and Wilma Flintstones

Source: @nadiiferdc/Instagram

We all remember our favorite cavemen from childhood, along with their cute romance of course. What you need are those old-fashioned tunics and a cute pearl necklace. And how can a caveman be complete without his big old whacking stick?

2. Mermaid and Sailor

Source: @kyleirish_/Instagram

Dressing up as a mermaid has always been one of the ladies' favorites and pretty attractive to the guys as well. To partner up with the mermaid, the guy should dress up as a sailor which is cuter than a merman and gives the whole fairytale story of the mermaid finally getting the hold of the sailor and making him all hers.

Here's another idea to the same theme:

Source: Maggie Gritton

3. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb

Source: @rob.bln/Instagram

What can get goofier than these two? Dressing the same character as your partner is the cutest thing ever. Take this chance to be all childish and have a blast and maybe mess around a little being the cute dummies you're supposed to be. 

4. Double Stuff Oreos

Source: @sirpumpkinpie/Instagram

Cheesy much? Or sugary much? Oreos have our hearts and so can you express your heart out as dressing two halves of an Oreo cookie. Everyone knows how it works, give each other a hug and make that cookie and your love, whole.

5. Burglars

Source: glamradar.com

Trying out for some mischief? Fool around messing with people with those striped shirts and money bags. Make sure to be quick, or else someone might catch those money bags filled with candy goods.

6. Milk and Cereal

Source: @blondeography_/Instagram

What is cereal without milk? And what are you without your partner? Isn't that the cutest way to show how you and your partner are just made for each other. Seems a little clumsy, right? But that's the fun part about it all.

7. Netflix and Chill

Source: @soniakatharina/Instagram

If you're that Netflix and Chill kind of couple, then here's an innovative idea for Halloween. Just go about the streets wearing this and there's nothing more to explain.

8. Popeye and Olive

SOurce: @pasantikas/Instagram

Everyone absolutely adored Popeye and Olive and the sweet love they shared. How protective the guy will look like for his one true love, Olive who loves him back as much.

9. Key to the Heart

Source: dueldesignshop.com

Does this costume even need words? Just stick together wearing the lock and key and let the world figure out the rest. You won't regret after looking at the pictures later on. It will be locked in your memories forever, just like your love.

10. Addams Family Morticia and Gomez

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Never forget the family that made us laugh in the most intriguing way possible. And have you seen the love between Gomez and Morticia? It's incomparable. Feel seductive and cute at the same time by dressing up as this romantic couple.

11. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

Source: chessmenandcoffee.com

This one is a great idea for a couple who is expecting and wants to make something cute out of that baby bump. It will look absolutely adorable and really ingenious.

Scary couple Halloween ideas

Enough of the cuteness, lets scare the world a little by bringing scary to the party. No doubt dressing up scary is pretty cool and very sensual at the same time. It's all about having fun at the end so have a look at these amazingly fun and scary Halloween ideas for you and your partner:

12. Creepy Dolls

Source: @itonlyhappenstoher/Instagram

There is something really creepy about dolls and everyone agrees and sees that. All you gotta do is find the scariest doll to portray and dress up like that and keep a very eerie smile on you at all times.

You can either share the same doll male and female version or different ones too. Point is to stare people right in the eye and keep a straight scary face.

13. Chucky and Tiffany

Source: @scarfirecosplay/Instagram

This little doll used to give us the heebie-jeebies when we were little. And when that wasn't enough, he even got a partner to double the trouble. If you and your partner are planning to dress up as this freaky combo, then people are going to totally watch out.

14. Dexter

Source: @paolina86_/Instagram

Here's something different and creative, which will leave the people thinking. Our favourite serial killer, Dexter and his probable new victim, all taped up. Might not seem scary at first, but when someone gets it, they remember all the gore and get the chills.

15. Scary Clowns

Source: @mizdevine/Instagram

Clowns have their own way of scaring people. They've been depicted pretty frightening in horror movies that has changed our prespectives about them. Even if someone doesn't have a phobia of clowns, this cosplay might change their minds after all. 

16. Dracula and his Bride

Source: @sophshirsch/Instagram

How can we miss the infamous vampires in our list? No Halloween or cosplay is complete without them. This costume idea is ideal for the couples who have that firing romance among them, Count Dracula and his chosen bride does seem sexy if done right.

DIY these creative couple Halloween costumes

17. SWAT Team

Source: Pinterest

Here's what you call a power couple. Got each other's backs no matter what. This simple couple's costume is very easy to create. All you need is a pair of black t-shirts or a black dress (for the girl). A parachute jacket would do the trick to make a bulletproof jacket. Then what's left is the abbreviation S.W.A.T. which you can easily write with cloth or white tape and you're done. 

18. Princess Leia & Han Solo

Source: halloweenrocks.info

This legendary couple has been one of our greatest childhood memories. Recreating them is pretty easy. Han Solo had his signature look in a plain white shirt with top buttons open and a sleeveless black jacket over it. Princess Leia, on the other hand, was recognized by her unique hairstyles.

You can also make your little kid Chewy to make it very cute altogether.

19. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

Source: popsugar.com

This Egyptian lady has always mesmerized us with her beauty and has always been a style model. To dress up like her at Halloween all you need to do is make this simple dress with some silk sashes and a silk skirt. 
For Mark Anthony, a simple white tunic would do, along with a red velvet shawl and a king crown of course.

Source: comofazeremcasa.net

20. Velma and Shaggy

Source: nattlortie / Instagram

If you have that bright red skirt you don't wear anywhere then here's how you can finally use it. Pair it up with a Yellow turtle neck sweater and some long orange socks. You know what it takes to give that nerdy look, a big pair of glasses and short clean cut hair. For Shaggy, you need a simple loose Green shirt and a light beard to go with it.

21. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Source: inspired-beauty.com

Feeling a little sexy this Halloween? What can be more attractive than the most popular couple in their classiest and posh role in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith? All you need is to dress up your best. The girl wearing a nice black, long cut gown and a toy pistol strapped to the leg and that's it.

22. Retro Couple

Source: byrdbarnhouse.com

It all comes down to how you present yourself, no matter how sleek your costume is. If you can't display it right, then it's of no use. Try out the amazing Retro look with your loved one, you can find thousands of examples of these from the classiest movies. You don't need any expensive outfit for that, just changing the look of the ones you have will do. A little hairstyle change will do the trick.

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There are innumerable ideas for Halloween and there's always a chance to find something different and innovative every year and you can up your cosplay game a little higher every time. No matter how much research you do for this purpose, as long as you and your partner are happy about it and totally having a good time, then things will always turn out to be great.



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