Top 8 Best And Popular Singles Bars In These States

Find out the top raving singles bar in these states for a date

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
Top 8 Best And Popular Singles Bars In These States

What are Singles Bars?

A singles bar is an establishment where the primary purpose is for single people to meet up and interact with each other.  It is different from a regular bar where people gather for the main purpose of consuming alcohol where they may or may not talk to anyone else in the bar. A nightclub is a place where people gather to dance and listen to music.  The dance floor is a significant part of the establishment.

All these places have the presence of alcohol and some will have music and dancing too.  What sets apart the singles bar from the others is the fact that people are going to the bar with the explicit intent of meeting other people and making connections.  Singles bars have a reputation of being pick up joints for one-night stands.  It doesn't mean you cannot meet a significant other at these places, but lots of times you are looking to hook-up for the evening.

Best Singles Bars in Chicago

1. Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a tropical Tiki bar located at 3154 West Diversey Avenue in Chicago.   The bar is open Monday to Friday 5PM to 2 AM.  Saturday nights the bar opens 4PM to 3AM and Sunday until 2AM.  This is a popular joint and they do not take any reservations so it is a first come, first served establishment.  If you arrive at 7PM, expect to wait to get in.  The good news is that you can wait by the take-out area, and order a snack and a drink while you wait to get inside to get to where the real action is.

While Lost Lake is an amazing Tiki bar, you may be surprised to know that it houses Stranger in Paradise, another bar!  It's a bar within a bar.  Stranger in Paradise re-imagines tropical cocktails using non traditional ingredients, so be prepared to be wowed.  Of course, if Tiki is your jam, Lost Lake will be paradise for you.  You can even buy your own ceramic Tiki mug to take home.

2. Bodega Bar

Bodega Bar

The Bodega Bar is located at 15 East Ohio between Wabash Avenue and State Street near the North Side.  It's open 4PM to 2AM Fridays and 4PM to 3AM on Saturdays.  It is nestled on the 2nd floor of the ACME Hotel.  The space gives off a house party type of mood and you feel as if you are in someone's living room, except there are amazing cocktails available and boozy slushies and fizzy spiked soda concoctions.  The Bodega space is available for private parties other evenings.

3. Federales


Federales is an open air tequila and taco joint located at 180 North Morgan Street.  Hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 4PM to 2AM, Friday 11AM to 2AM, and Saturday 11AM to 3AM. The atmosphere is lively and fiesta-like. Expect a long line to get in on weekends.  The vibe is cool and it's a party vibe with delicious smoked meats and magaritas.

If you are ordering tequila, and why wouldn't you at a place like this, be sure to get it in a shot glass made from ice.  Once you have finished drinking your ice glass shot, you can walk over to the room that has the large bell hanging from the ceiling.  The tradition is to fling your icy shot glass at the bell.  It's fun and you will have a cool story to tell your friends who weren't there with you.

Popular Singles Bars in Los Angeles

1. Birds


Birds is located at 5925 Franklin Avenue in the Franklin Village section of Hollywood. It's open from 11:30 AM to 11PM daily. This is a hipster place with an artsy feel.  There is an outdoor patio where customers are encouraged to bring their dogs to mingle.  Birds boasts a menu just for the pooches.  It's a great place to meet people and hang out.

2. Idle Hour

Idle Hour

The Idle Hour is a fantastic piece of architecture.  You are literally drinking inside of a barrel, and this place is worth a visit for the esthetic alone.  That being said, the Idle Hour has a fantastic patio that is conducive to meeting new people.  It's located on 4824 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood.  Bar closes at 2PM. Be sure to try the boozy root beer float before you leave!

3. The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is located in Los Angeles on 8480 West 3rd Street and is open daily from 5PM to 2AM.  Happy hour is every day from 5PM to 7PM.  Although there is always music playing, it is not so loud that you cannot carry on a conversation.  There are plenty of TVs and pool tables.  In fact, the pool table area is where most of the action is, so pick up a cue and and rack up some balls as you get into a friendly game of billards.

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Best Singles Bars in NYC

1. Duckduck Bar


The Duckduck bar is located at 153 Montrose Avenue at Graham Ave in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and is open seven days a week from 4PM to 4AM daily.  The bar has a reputation for packing in wild and rowdy crowds on the weekend.  There is a dance floor, but don't expect to show off your dance moves as it is so crazy the best you can hope for is grinding on your new partner.  Oddly, during the week this bar has a cool, laid back neighborhood vibe.  Check it out for yourself. 

2. Night of Joy

Night of Joy

Night of Joy is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn at 667 Lorimer St., at the corner of Meeker Ave. Hours of operation are 5PM to 4AM daily.  Night of Joy boasts a daily happy hour from 5PM to 8 PM.  This bar is known for two things: hookups and cocktails infused with herbs and botanicals. The jalapeno and black currant tequila should not be missed! Night of Joy has a cute rooftop patio open spring, summer and fall.

3. The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar, located at 231 E. 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues, was originally a beauty salon for over 40 years before being converted into a beauty saloon in 1995.  Hair dryers are still part of the decor and believe it or not, you can get a manicure and a drink for just $10.  That is what hell of a NYC bargain!

Reservations are not required for manicures, so walk right in.  Bar is open Monday to Friday from 5PM to 4AM and Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 4 AM.  Manicure hours are 6PM to 11PM Monday to Friday and 3PM to 11PM on weekends.

The Beauty Bar

Popular Singles Bars in Boston

1. Liberty Bar

Liberty Bar

The Liberty Bar is located within the Liberty Hotel at 215 Charles St., and is open 11AM to 2AM.  There is a strict dress code enforced - no sneakers, sandals, caps, sportswear or shorts, but it is well worth putting on your best casual chic clothes because the crowd is worth it.  Do not miss out on the parmesan truffle fries on the late night menu.

2. Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Lolita Cocina

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is located at 271 Dartmouth St. in the Back Bay section of Boston and is open daily from 4PM to 2AM.  This space is dark, rustic and loud and is decorated with graffiti type art, skulls, leather and candles, so the mood is off the charts. Lolita's attracts a younger crowd and it's the perfect place to meet up with other like-minded singles while enjoying a taco and a margarita.

3. Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside is the 3rd floor of Legal Seafood's main property on the Boston Waterfront located on 270 Northern Avenue.  There are three floors with three different menus and concepts within one building.  The 3rd floor is Legal Harborside which is a year-round rooftop bar and lounge. 

In the winter, the space is fully enclosed with glass walls to enjoy the city view of the harbor.  There is a cozy fireplace adding to the warmth of the space.  Monday through Thursday, hours are 4PM to 11PM.  Fridays hours are 4PM to 1AM. Saturday noon to 1AM and Sunday noon to 11PM.  Be forewarned, the kitchen closes at 11PM.


Singles bars are places for you to hang out and meet new people and expand your social circle.  Yes, many times these bars lead to hookups and not much else, but that is perfectly all right if both parties are into that.  Always be careful because despite the name, you will run into people who are married or in long-term relationships who are seeking companionship outside of their partner.  

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