12 Distinctively Funny Ways to Say I Love You

Use these hilariously funny ways to say I love you cheekily

By Sophia R
12 Distinctively Funny Ways to Say I Love You

I love you; the three most dreaded words in the world by many. Yes, a lot of people fear them, and not everyone has it easy to say them to their loved ones.

Saying that you love someone can get hard or weird to do but don't worry, there are many simple ways that you can show your affection without feeling awkward about it. If 'I love you' alone can make someone's day turn around for the better, you can imagine how good it might be if it comes in a funny way. Humor is always appreciated and with these fun ways of saying I love you, you are going to get some waves of laughter and love from the person by just a single gesture.

If you want to know how to turn your awkward, plain, and simple 'I love yous' into playful, enjoyable, and memorable ones, keep reading and find out the best ways to do so:

Funny ways to say I love you in a text message

Texts can get very impersonal, cold, and just not enough sometimes. Nowadays, it is one of the most used ways of communication between partners in a relationship. In order not to get monotonous and boring with the simple "I love you'" texts, we will give you some fun ways you can change things up a bit through text messages. This will not only be unexpected for your partner, but it will show them how you are trying to make thing more interesting between the two of you, which he or she will appreciate a lot. Check them out:

1. Read between the swines


Rather than a text, this is a picture you can send via text to your loved one and have them laugh out for a bit. First, it is a little change of words for the famous "read between the lines" phrase, as they use Swines instead.  Swines are such a random animal and they have nothing to do with love,  reason your loved one will think it is so funny to have such different things together in this random way. If you don't know what Swines are, look it up in Google; yes, they couldn't be more random. They will love it!

2. I love you enough


This phrase might be very welcome by your significant other when they are expecting a plain old boring I love you when texting. It is very funny when people joke about having to pretend to love someone when in the end they do really love them, and the other one knows it. Like, who are you kidding? They will appreciate it with a good laugh!

Funny ways to say I love you without saying it

Saying the literal " I love you" can get boring and just worn out. Nevertheless, it is possible to express that feeling without actually having to say those three words. Sometimes, they can even express more than a simple" I love you" can.

Also, you might not feel ready to say those three words to someone you actually love just yet, which is absolutely ok, but you might want to express your feelings towards them anyways. This can happen if your relationship is recent or if it is not too serious. If these is your case, you will thank us so much for the next phrases.

With these funny ways to say I love you without saying it, you will see what I am talking about:

3. Food joke


Food is always welcome in any circumstances, and you could imagine how much better food and jokes together make everything. This is a funny way to say I love you without actually saying it, using burritos as a possible excuse for the warmth you feel for someone. Try it out and get some laugh out of him or her!

4. "My feelings for you are a miracle. Not like walking on water, but pretty darn close."

This kinda biblical reference is perfect for saying I love you in a cheeky funny way. Starting the phrase with a cliche phrase but then changing it up with a funny comparison will make anyone love you 10 times more after having some laughs. Also, you are comparing your love to a supposedly huge event in the history of humanity, so it must be very big, too.

5." A kiss is worth a thousand words. Here’s my new book…smooch, smooch, smooch!"

This is a very funny way to express your love for that someone and at the same time get some kisses out of it. It will be a little funny romantic moment that will make both of your hearts flutter with love and joy, and you will be thankful for it. If only writing was that easy, we would all be New York Times Best Selling Authors!

Funny ways to say I love you to your best friend

Best friend love can be the best kind of love out there. Yes, we all love our besties very much, but it can feel kind of weird to say I love you to them for some of us. Nevertheless, you might feel the need to express your feelings to that special friend that deserves it.  If this is your case, use humor; it always makes everything so much easier. These are the best funny ways to say I love you to your best friend and not feel awkward when doing so: 

6. "You know what I love about you? Your clothes! By the way, can I borrow that shirt?"

We all have that friendship where, without any agreements, you both basically own each other's clothes. There is nothing better than being that comfortable with your best friend that you can borrow their clothes anytime without any fuzz. Use that characteristic with this funny way of saying that you love your bestie. He or she will sure lend you that shirt, as they always do!

7. "If I drank a Margarita for every time you've been an awesome friend, I'd probably be that girl wasted by now"

Having some drinks is also a common thing to do with your bestie, but you will never actually want to be that girl wasted with them. Nevermind, I know that you have all been there, no judge. Use this funny quote about drinks and show your best friend how their love for you has been so big that you would even get wasted by it. 

8. " You drink too much, you cuss too much, you have questionable morals: you are everything I have ever wanted in a friend"

We all love our crazy wild bestie so much. I mean, how boring would life be without them. It might even feel as if they came to us to bring joy to our lives and make us have immense amounts of fun and wild adventures. How could we not express that we love them deeply? Use this funny phrase acknowledging their crazy side to do so and have some good laughs about all the crazy memories you have bulit together. 

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Funny ways to say I love you to your girlfriend

All women love cute funny boyfriends who can make them laugh and feel loved at the same time. If your girlfriend is one of these kind of girls, a simple I love you won't do the job for her. You have got to be creative and find a funny way to express your feelings for her and get some laughs out of it, too. Don't worry pal, that is why we will give you the best funny ways to say I love you to your girlfriend that will please her inmensely: 

9. "The best girlfriend in the world deserves nothing less than the best boyfriend in the world. How cute, we are made for each other! I love you!"

Of course, you have got to be a little cocky sometimes, I mean, what boyfriend isn't? Believe it or not, women love cockiness on a moderate level, don't exceed it because it can be annoying. Mix some of that with some love and humor and get the perfect combination to express your feelings to your girl. It will make her laugh and love you even more!

10. " You are just like bacon, you make everything better"

Who doesn't love bacon? Seriously, everyone in the world does, and yes, we can all agree it makes everything so much better. This kinds of food are perfect for joking, as everyone can relate to them. Combine food+ love+ joke= best funny way to tell your girlfriend that you love her. She might even crave some bacon and you could go get some for you two. Thank us later!

Funny ways to say I love you to your boyfriend

Our boys need some love, too. Why not find funny different ways to say you love them instead of the same old boring one. Trust me, you might not think so, but they will surely appreciate it and have a laugh about it. These are the best funny ways to say 'I love you' to your boyfriend: 

11. "I love you like a fat kid loves cake."

This phrase from 50 cent's song 21 Questions is going to make your man laugh and feel appreciated at the same time. If you love him like a fat kid loves cake, it means that you love him a lot. Great metaphor!

12. "I had the best dream about you. I'll show you later."

Men are usually very sexual and they appreciate flirting a lot. What better way to express some love than showing it with some sex? Use this flirty phrase and get him hot, happy, and amused. He will certainly love you back!


Now that you got all these phrases and jokes to say I love you to pretty much anyone in a funny way, you are going to be able to make everyone's days so much better! I mean, who doesn't love to laugh a bit and feel appreciated at the same time? There is nothing more special and thoughtful than this kind of displays of affections for your loved ones, and they will love you very much for them, after having a good laugh first! Try them for yourself, and see how they make your relationships so much more enjoyable, honest, playful, and just better as a whole.

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