12 Important Questions To Ask A Boy Before It Gets Serious

Ask these 12 questions for a boy before jumping into relationship

By Angelieh D. R.
12 Important Questions To Ask A Boy Before It Gets Serious

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

What should you ask your crush?

A crush is the first stage of a romantic relationship. Picture those moments when you see your crush and you can't just seem to meet their eyes or finish a conversation because of your nervousness. Remember how you act so clumsily whenever he is near because of the butterflies in your tummy. 

The best questions to ask your crush are ones that can reveal some important information about who he is - his character and personality. Here are some flirty questions that you can ask your crush if you want to get to know him better.  

1. What did you think when you first saw me?

Ask him about his first impression of you.

This question could have a sexy, underlying meaning in mind which could help you with your flirting. This question could refer to how he saw you when it comes to your physical appearance and your personality.

However, the real worth of this question is the honesty that he can give you regarding his first impressions of you and if these are positive or negative. He might even hint at how these first impressions might have changed and developed from your first meeting.  

2. How would you describe your ideal girl?

Ask him to describe for you his dream girl.

This is a great question for you to find out what kind of girl your crush likes - what is his preference when it comes to looks, fashion, hobbies, activities, etc. It is kind of another way to ask him: "Am I your ideal girl?" Asking this question can give you an insight into the kind of person that he is based on what he values on a prospective partner.

For example, he might say that he like a sporty girl because a girl like that can keep up with him. This would give you an idea that he is a very active person who like sports and physical activities. 

3. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Find out how he would plan an unforgettable date.

This question could give you a better idea of what kind of potential boyfriend your crush can be. Asking this question can give you access to his dating ideas and his concept of romance. This could also give you an idea of what kind of person he is deep down based on the kind of date he prepares. Sensitive guys plan home-cooked meals with lots of intimate conversations, while active guys prefer going out and partying in clubs. 

You can make use of his answers to this question by commenting on the romantic nature of his dating ideas. After this prelude, maybe you can take the opportunity to ask him to go with you on a date. 

Questions To Ask Your Potential Partner Before Dating

Ask him these questions first before you become official.

A potential partner is much different from a crush. Your initial discomfort is no longer there and you might even have grown closer to each other. You spend a lot of time together and may even have shared your first kiss already. In your mind, you begin to wonder if it is time for the two of you to make it official. 

You can ask your potential partner the following questions before declaring yourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

4. How do you usually express your love for someone?

What love language does he speak?

This may be a question that you ask because you want to understand if he cares for you as deeply as you care for him. By asking him this question, you may be wanting to check off the things that he has done for you that might have been signs of his love for you. Ticking in the majority of his answers might mean that he is ready for you to take it to the next level. 

His answers can also tell you about his love language or his manner of expressing his love and help you understand him as a potential boyfriend. He might tell you that he would give his loved one a lot of his time and attention or he would tell his beloved that he loves her every single time that he can. 

5. Can you become honest with your partner about your relationship?

Can he be honest with you?

if you are concerned about communication and openness in your relationship, you can ask your partner this question so that you can begin to address it. The question could also be concerned with addressing the issue of acceptance and your or his being afraid to be your true selves for fear of not being accepted. 

The question could lead to matters of cheating and infidelity as well. This is important as infidelity is one of the leading causes of failed relationships. It is good to bring this question early on in the relationship as it could set the tone for expectations and boundaries in yours if both of you will choose to make it official. 

6. What do you do to mend things with your partner after a disagreement?

How would he handle conflict?

Having the capacity for conflict resolution is an important trait in a potential boyfriend. What will he do after you have a disagreement? Is he prone to aggressive and violent behavior? Does he have an extremely bad temper?

If he has all these issues, there is no need to write him off right away. You have to keep in mind that no one is perfect and everyone has the capacity to change and grown especially in the company of the right person. You can start off by moving forward, that is if you choose to with him, and addressing these challenges in your relationship. 

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Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

You should focus on finding a deeper connection with him.

Being a boyfriend is a completely different thing from a crush or someone you are casually dating. Being a boyfriend and girlfriend means having a loving bond already and a commitment between the two of you has already been established.

The nature of the questions you should be asking your boyfriend might lean into understanding your relationship better or making a deeper connection with him. You can also ask him about the future of your relationship. 

7. What made you fall in love with me?

Ask him what about you made him fall in love.

If your boyfriend has definitive answers to this question, it means that he has put more thought and reflection in your relationship. This is, in fact, a good thing as it denotes that he also loves you completely beyond a reasonable doubt and not just an emotional attachment or physical attraction. 

Having answers to this question could also reveal the extent to which he knows who you are as a person and a loved one such as your character, background, interests, and aspirations. All of these things are clear reasons for him that make you enduringly loveable. 

8. What about our relationship makes you happy?

Tell him to enumerate the reasons why your love makes him happy.

What you can learn about his answer to this question is the extent of his satisfaction, and hopefully, happiness in your relationship. Having an answer to this question will tell you that he is knowingly with you because he has multiple reasons that have made him happy - and of course, made him stay with you after all the challenges that you may have overcome as a couple. 

Or he is not yet aware of it, asking him this question might lead him to reminisce about all the reasons that made his time with you the happiest moments of his life. You can also both be become thankful for all the happy reasons and experiences that made your love grow. 

9. Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

Make sure that you are still on the same page about your future as a couple.

This question could open the door for both you and him to reflect on the future of your relationship. After your time spent together making each other feel happy and loved, maybe you could ask: "what's next?" What do the coming years hold for you and him? This question could also reveal your emotional states - on whether or not you are both still on the same page. 


Questions To Ask A Boy To Keep The Conversation Going

If you ask the right questions, you can steal his attention.

After all the serious relationship building questions talked about beforehand, there are also questions that you can ask if you want to hold the attention of that special boy that has become the apple of your eye. 

10. How are your friends and family?

Ask about his family and home town.

This question need not necessarily be a serious question. This could lead to you and him talking about your childhood together and your familial background. It will be good for you to hear and understand what his views on families are, his relationship with his family, and the kind of person that he has become because of his family.

Although the family aspect might be a little hard to discuss, talking about his friends might help lighten the mood. You can get to know them secondhand by the stories that he tells you about them. At the same time, you also get to know more about him and the kind of person he is becuase of the people that he spends a lot of time with.

11. What are you passionate about?

Talk about his passions.

This question will tell him that you are genuinely interested in who he is as a person and not just his attractive physical appearance. This could help you maintain his attention as it means that you are willing to put him first by listening to him talk about his hobbies and interests. You can also form an attachment with him as listening to his answers could be a bonding moment for you and him.

12. What are your personal goals?

Steer the conversation towards his bucket list and life goals.

Similar to asking about his interests and passions, this question could also help you establish a connection with a boy you are chatting with as he reveals to you the things that he values in life along with his dreams and aspirations. It could also give you an insight on his character and what his attitudes is in life. Sharing them with you means that he might be comfortable with you already and finds you trustworthy. 


You can build a meaningful relationship by communicating well.

As you have gone through this blog post, you might have noticed how asking the right questions depends on your personal contexts and your current needs in a situation. In anticipating the ideal questions to ask, you must learn to read the room and feel for the emotional state of your significant other. 

It is also good to remember that at times, it is not only asking questions that you should be good at when it comes to building a meaningful relationship. More than asking questions and answering them, the key to an enduring romantic connection is putting the needs of the other person first. And you can do this simply by taking the time to listen and the effort to truly understand each other. 

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