20 Cheap and Affordable Day Date Ideas for couples

Enjoy these cheap day date ideas that do not burn your pockets

By Aey
20 Cheap and Affordable Day Date Ideas for couples

Being in love is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You look forward to seeing your partner or lover as soon as you can. However, going out for dinner dates to fancy restaurants every day can be pretty costly. Every young couple wants to know of day date ideas where you can have fun with your partner without burning your pockets too much. 

Rainy day date ideas

1. Take a scenic drive

I’m sure you’ve heard about the quote, ‘there is beauty in simplicity’. This is applied in dates too! Your mind will be blown by what a simple scenic drive date in the rain can do. It isn’t costly and gives both of you a good chance to bond by having a deep conversation, sharing your playlist, enjoying the rainy view and appreciating each other’s presence. 

2. Get crafty

Pull out your art supplies and get creative when you are unable to go out due to the weather. Drawing is a lot of fun especially when you are doing it with your partner. You can make each other’s portraits or decorate a simple white mug. You can also take your stuff outside at a nearby park if the weather is good, enjoy the daylight and have fun drawing together.

3. Go mud sliding

You’re doing something wrong if you’re with your lover and rain is the last thing you want because rain should excite couples as it is the weather of romance. You can easily turn this into a fun and memorable rainy day date! Grab your sleds and go out in the mud to slide and be silly with your lover. You'd definitely cherish this muddy date when you look back after a few years.

4. Dance and sing in the rain

Dancing and singing in the rain is always a great idea. Grab a colorful umbrella and drag your partner along with you out in the rain. This is a perfect opportunity for you to be romantic and have fun at the same time. There is no better fun than dancing in the rain like a kid.

5. Plan an indoor picnic

If your picnic plans got ruined because of the rain, plan an indoor picnic instead. Grab a few pillows, a blanket and set a small picnic across the fireplace. You can play truth and dare while enjoying some homemade snacks such as sandwiches or watch a movie with beers.

6. Watch a show on Netflix

If you are too lazy to do anything due to the weather, the perfect idea for a date is to stay in bed with your partner in your cozy blanket and Netflix. Order a pizza for lunch and just be comfortable spending time with each other.

7. Cook a meal

So what if your lunch plans got postponed due to the rain? Use this time to cook for your partner and show them that you enjoy putting in the effort to make their favorite meal. Cooking is always fun especially if you are making it with and for your partner. Serve the meal restaurant style and don’t forget the wine! If you set the table up in your balcony or garden with shades, you can enjoy the rain too.  

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Cute and fun day date ideas

8. Go for a walk

It is not always necessary to go to a fancy place for a date. Sometimes a walk in a park with your partner is all you need. Walk along the grass while holding hands and sharing silence. The cutest and most fun thing about a relationship is the phase when sharing silence isn’t awkward. That’s when you know that you really enjoy your lover’s company because both of you don’t need to fill in the awkward silence by small talk.

9. Go for breakfast dates

Breakfast dates are so underrated. People always talk about fancy dinner dates where you are all dressed up. No one talks about the 9 am t-shirt and pajama dates. Breakfast dates are not only cute but they are fun as well especially if you are a morning person.

10. Kids Play Area / Gaming Zone

I know the idea of getting your lover to go on a date with you to kids play area sounds silly but trust me when I say that it will light that spark up in your relationship again. Not only this is a cute date idea but it is extremely fun to go back to being a kid and taking a break from adulthood. Your partner will thank you for this.

11. Go bicycling

Bicycling is one of the most exciting exercises. It is a great way to shed some calories while enjoying the cool summer breezes and the company of your partner. Bicycling together with your partner across the city could be a lot of fun. You can take candid and funny pictures of each other while bicycling as well.

12. Bowling Date

Bowling date is one of the most popular, affordable and fun dates out there. Intentionally missing the shot to make your partner win is a romantic gesture and the adrenaline rush makes it exciting. If you looking to have a fun time on a date, bowling should be one of your top options.

Affordable yet romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

13. Ice Skating

Ice skating is affordable, romantic and fun. Trying to skate while holding hands, falling together, supporting each other; all of this will make you appreciate your partner even more. You’ll definitely have an amazing time with your lover so next time you're thinking of an affordable yet romantic valentine’s day date, you know where to go!

14. Camping

For couples who are adventurous and enjoy taking small breaks away from the city would love to do something of this sort on Valentine ’s Day. If you want to have an affordable yet a romantic Valentine’s Day date than camping is a great idea. It is not only fun but extremely exciting, romantic and warm date idea. You are away from all the chaos in the city and enjoying peaceful intimate time together.

15. Trampoline parks

Trampolines are always fun no matter what age you are. Sometimes the best therapy is to let the kid inside you come out. This is a super fun and affordable date idea. On Valentine’s Day, instead of going to a fancy dinner date, go to the trampoline park and just have fun exploring the park and waking up the kids inside of you!

16. Play karaoke

If you love to sing and dance, this is a great date idea for you. Karaoke is extremely fun especially if you are doing it with your partner. Head to a music cafe or a music bar nearby and play karaoke. If you are too lazy to go out, you can also set the mood at home and go at it!

17. Go to the spa or a couples massage

Avail Valentine’s Day deals or coupons and go to a couples massage. This is a great way to spend your valentine's day and is not too heavy on the pockets either. Both you and your partner need to relax your bodies and what’s better than doing it together?

18. Go to the bookstore

If both of you are bookworms, nothing can beat a bookstore or library date. I mean Valentine ’s Day, Shakespeare, your lover, and coffee, sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it?

19. Paddle boats

Paddle boats are fun as well as inexpensive. You can rent out a paddle boat at a local lake and spend hours together paddling around the lake. You can enjoy each other’s company while also enjoying the scenery.

20. Watch the sunrise

This is an extremely romantic and peaceful thing to experience. Watching the sunrise with your partner on Valentine’s Day is a great way to share some quality time with your lover. You can enjoy the birds chirping and the amazing view in the sky along with your partner’s company.


When you’re dating a person for a while, planning dates can seem like a chore when really it should be something that the both of you look forward to. To keep you from running out of ideas, this article should be treated as your go-to list. I hope you have fun with your partner on these dates! J

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