20 Creative Ideas and Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Jump on the bandwagon with these creative ways to propose

By Kimmy
20 Creative Ideas and Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Most common ways of proposal

Proposing to your girlfriend is easily more stressful than planning a wedding, the uncertainty of whether she says yes, how to make it the way she likes it, where and when to do it...All the 1000 questions are buzzing in your head and you’re almost losing it.

You want it to be the moment of a lifetime. The moment your girlfriend knows this is someone she will be spending the rest of her life with. You don’t want to just pop the question during a dinner at McDonald’s.

Well, if you’ve been struggling on how to propose to your girlfriend, you’re in the absolute right place! Check out these 20 cute and loving ways to propose to your girlfriend to get some ideas for your big day!

1. Take her to a nice secluded beach

Ask for help with preparation if there’re cafes or restaurants around the beach. If not, you’ve got to do it yourself before the big night comes. Prepare some candle lights on the beach, preferably in the shape of hearts and set up some romantic lighting before she arrives.

Get her to come around sunset so you two can enjoy the sunset before you let her see the candles on the beach. After enjoying the nice sunset, walk her to the beach while telling her how much fun it’s been all this time and bring her to the center of all the candles. Get down on one knee and pop that question! It’s a very sweet and romantic way to propose!

2. A restaurant with a sea view

Who doesn’t like the sea? Take her to a nice meal in a nice restaurant and ask the waiter to hide the ring inside the cake! This is the most cliche way to propose but it works every time. It’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, she wouldn’t even see it coming because that would be ‘’too obvious’’. So it’s actually the best surprise.

3. A night in a luxurious hotel

Hotels are another hot pick for boyfriends planning to propose. Why? It’s because the hotel can help you decorate the room and prepare everything you need. Something that might not be as easily be done at home behind your girlfriend if you’re living with her.

It also just adds more excitement to it, being in a new environment and all. And after you said yes, you get to spend your engagement night in this fancy, lovely suite.

4. Throwing a surprised party at home

Tell her there’s a party going on at home and make up some reason for it (to celebrate the promotion of a colleague etc). Get her to come home and when she opens the door, bam! Confetti everywhere and you coming out with the flowers and ring and propose!

It may be a bit awkward for you to do this with your friends and everyone. But hey, share the joy! It’s your big day!

Simple ways to propose to your girlfriend

5. Candle light dinner at home

It’s all about the effort. Take the time to make her favorite food and decorate the living room, and the bedroom where you will propose. Enjoy a nice candlelight dinner and get ready to propose when she’s in the shower. The look on her face when she enters the bedroom will be a face you never want to forget!

6. Go back to your first date place

Recreate your first date on this special occasion! Maybe it’s a hike up the mountain or a meal at a restaurant or even just a drink at the bar. Take her back and pop the question there! She said yes to the first date once. It will just be more magical when she says yes to your proposal!

7. Make a photo album for your journey so far and hide the ring at the back of the album

A very thoughtful and sweet way to propose. Make an album of your journey so far and write a little bit of description next to each photo and put the ring at the end. By the time she finishes the photos, she would be super excited about spending the rest of her life with you and saying yes to your proposal is just a no brainer!

This is even more perfect for couples that have been together for years. All the moments and memories you’ve shared over the years. That’s just going to be a cool photo album to look at!

8. Simply ask!

Okay, I hope this is as simple as you’d hoped for. Just simply take her hands and say you’ve shared a wonderful journey together so far and you want that journey to last forever and end it with ‘’will you marry me?’’

Marriage proposals aren’t always that difficult, especially when both you and your girlfriend aren’t the type to fuss over things and just want to keep things simple. All you need to do is literally ask.

Romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend

9. A helicopter ride over town and land on the rooftop of surprises!

Arrange a helicopter ride and end the ride on a well-decorated rooftop with candles and flowers. Pop the question to your girlfriend after that amazing ride. It’s almost impossible to say no in that situation. This is great for people with some money to spare to create this ‘’Fifty Shades of Grey’’ kind of proposal.

10. 10,000 roses in the bedroom

Yes, girls love it when it’s this extra. Just that one night of their life, why not go the full length to see how extra you can make it? Get 10,000 to fill the bedroom and show her the ring right there! She will be filled with tears of joy.

11. Get a 10-feet teddy bear and put the ring in his palm

Another romantic way to make your girlfriend scream! Girls just can’t resist a loving teddy bear, let alone a 10-feet one. Ask your girlfriend to hug the teddy and let her discover the ring on her own, then you ask her the big question when she’s overloaded with joy!

12. Write her a song

Don’t worry if you’re not a musician, just pick up the guitar and make something simple that comes to your heart. It’s not about making a masterpiece. It’s just about letting your girlfriend knows how you feel about her and how much you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Pick up a pen and start making the lyrics. When you’re done just try to make some simple melody to it. Either sing it to your girlfriend live or record it and play it to her. End the song with ‘’will you marry me?’’ Hold the ring in your hand when the song ends. That’s how you be romantic.

Genius ways to propose to your girlfriend

13. Take her to a getaway trip

She won’t see it coming when she just thinks it’s a getaway trip. It’s smart because you will see the surprise and happiness on her face.

14. Pull a prank on her and reveal it at the end

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Get some friends to fake a phone call saying you got badly injured at work or something and she needs to come to pick you up. She will come all worried but you’ll already be there on your knee with a ring and flowers. Perfect for couples that like to give each other a prank from time to time!

15. Trick her into going to a party

Trick her into believing you have to go to an event that you don’t want to, ask her to dress up and go with you. Of course, it’s just a trick and you will propose to her there. The best proposals are always the ones where they don’t see it coming.

Memorable ways to propose to your girlfriend

16. Take her on a hot air balloon ride and propose in the sky!

Going on a hot air balloon ride is already an experience of a lifetime, proposing on it just makes the experience even more special. You can either go to Turkey or Egypt for it if you want to take one step more to make it extra ultra special!

17. Go on a camping trip and propose when stargazing

Proposing under thousands and thousands of stars is something neither of you will forget. Staring at the milky way and lying on the grass when your partner goes ‘’I want to spend the rest of my life with you” is just the most magical feeling ever. You can even enjoy the stars all night after the proposal.

18. Hire a dance group to make a huge dance show with you singing

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This is great for couples who are both singers or dancers. Pull the biggest show of your life by getting a hundred other dancers to dance in a shopping mall with you singing. Pop the question at the end. Your girlfriend won’t be able to resist it since you both share the same interest.

19. Buy her a house up front and propose there

You two are going to start a new life together and you will live together anyways. Make her a huge surprise by getting a country house somewhere and take her there, ask her if she likes to spend summer here every year. Then go on and propose. Having a house together is pretty much the biggest commitment you can make. It also shows how much effort you’ve put in as well.

20. Get a puppy and put the ring in his collar!

This is without a doubt, the MOST memorable way to propose and no girl will say no to a puppy, like EVER! This is absolutely the best way to get a girl’s heart. Most girls just love puppies and always want to get like 10 in the house. If you’re thinking about what would be a good way to propose, this is it. Get her a puppy and put the ring in the collar.

Your girl will already cry when she sees the puppy and she will be drowning in tears of joy when she sees the ring as well!

Just a friendly reminder that a furry friend is a long term commitment which will follow you both through your wedding and maybe your kids' journey! Do consider getting help for the proposal from a friend with a cutie dog instead to make it so sweet and memorable.

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There’re so many ways to propose to your girlfriend so you don’t have to stress over it anymore if you’ve been struggling. Pick your favorite one and go ahead with the plan! The most important tip is to put in the effort. At the end of the day, girls want to marry a guy that’s willing to make efforts, not just someone willing to spend money!