8 Best Dating Sites For Over 50 With Tips And Advice

Best dating sites to head over to meet people in the senior range

By Sophia R
8 Best Dating Sites For Over 50 With Tips And Advice

Popularity of dating sites even for seniors

Dating, when you are 50 or older, is not an easy task, at least if you do not know how. At that age, you are single for two reasons: you have divorced or you have not yet found love. Your whole circle, in addition, might be with someone already and you probably frequent the same people and places, making it difficult to meet new people and, therefore, possible lovers.

That is why people of this age have decided to join the movement of apps to flirt. It is an easy and convenient way to meet possible lovers with interests, likings, and personality traits.

Numerous investigations have shown that almost a million people over 50 years would like to go to dating sites, but have no idea how they work or what to do in them to succeed.

Fun fact: the 50s are a great age for sex, as they have a more satisfying sex life than those of 30 and levels similar to those of 20. Surprising, right? 

To cover this need, we have prepared a guide for people who are 50+ and want to have online matches. After all, who said that love is lost once you have wrinkles? Keep reading and see for yourself that it is not too late to find love! And we are certain you will, indeed, find someone.

Review of the best 8 dating sites with tips and advises for over 50s to go dating again


Dating apps are a tool that is used by many to meet people nowadays, and it has proven to work for many.  Who said that it isn't just as successful for older people? No one! Want to know what are the best dating apps that will make your dating experience way easier and faster? Check out these 8 dating sites that are perfectly suitable for people in their 50s or more:

1. Senior People Meet

Senior People Meet

Currently, Senior People Meet is the best dating site for my older folks out there. What is it? Well, it is just a bunch of seniors who are looking for love and to have fun with someone!

It works like Tinder with the " swipe" features to basically say yes or no to the people that appear in your feed depending on if you like them or not. After this, you will be able to message, send audios and videos between you two. 

Yes, it is free to use, but you can get so many more features if you spend some bucks. There is a $30 monthly plan that will basically help narrow searches so you find that someone way more quickly and easier. It is definitely worth a try!

2. Our Time

OurTime Dating for Singles 50+
‎OurTime - Meet 50+ Singles

Our Time is yet another amazing dating app for 50+. Yes, it is exclusive for people who are 50 or older, making it way better and easier when it comes to making matches. 

It is extremely easy to use, which is a very attractive feature to it; come on, we all know older people are no experts with technology, so easiness is a must. 

There is a free option that will just work for swipes, browsing profiles, and see who saw your profile, but other important features cost up to $30 a month. These might be things like sending emails, highlighting profiles, and knowing when your messages are read. Try it out!

3. Plenty of Fish

POF Free Dating App
‎POF Dating

Even though it isn't exclusive for older people, Plenty of Fish has proven to be extremely effective for them. Polls show that it has been the perfect matchmaking platform for our older folks out there!

Why? Well, it is thanks to their amazing algorithm that is based on a 70 questions quiz about yourself. The questions will match with people that have similar interests, and so on.

Its installation is free, but for $24 a month, you will be able to have your profile stand out, to have more specific matches, and to see if your messages are read or deleted.

Who knows? It might work for you, too!

4. SilverSingles

SilverSingles is specifically for divorced people that are looking for love again. Like any other platform, it works with a personality test and the setup of a profile, and then the platform will match you with people. 

There's is a free version that offers the basic matchmaking and test, but there are other options that start with $57.95 a month where many features will be available for you. Definitely check this one out!

SilverSingles – Dating Over 50 for Local Singles
‎SilverSingles: Dating Over 50

5. Zoosk

Find, date & connect with your best match by Zoosk
‎Zoosk, Inc.

Zoosk has over 35 million members, which means that it will be very easy for you to find matches. As it is available in many countries, it is the usual go-to for frequent travelers who are looking to have some fun. Who knows? There might be some old travelers here! 

The downside, there is no free option for this app, but users say it is definitely worth the bucks! Think of it as an investment!

6. Match

Match.com - Apps on Google Play
‎Match™ - #1 Dating App

Match is known for being a dating app that hosts a lot of recently divorced people who are looking to get back on the love train after a long time, which could be just like you! The user base is also huge, which will make the matching way easier for you. 

Like many of the others, making a profile on Match is free, but things like chatting and liking profiles cost from $20 a month and up. 

Totally free sites

Not all of you older people can afford such expensive dating services as you might not work and be living off your savings. Who said that it is necessary to pay for an app, site, or subscription in order to find love?

 For this reason, we decided to introduce you to some sites that are 100% free but work wonders, too. They will definitely help you find someone without breaking the bank. Check them out: 

7. OkCupid

‎OkCupid: Online Dating App

This app and website are owned by the same people as Match, but this one is actually completely free,  The differences are things like that Match's platform is bigger and in that way faster to find someone, but who said that is vital when it comes to online dating? 

Try OkCupid, you sure as hell aren't losing anything!

8. Kiss Match

‎Kiss Match: Flirt & Dating
Kiss Match - New place for Kissing -

Despite the name, Kiss Match also works for my older people who are looking for stable relationships. The free site even hosts local events where you could meet people easily.  Members can also use instant and video messaging, as well as personal blogging, ecards and more to mingle with others. 


Of course, we couldn't just leave you with the apps and leave.  For your experience to be way more successful and better, we are going to give you some tips on how to get the best of these dating apps and find the one:  

1. Have the best profile

The dating website Our time discovered that 56% of those over 50 put a photo on their profile ten years ago to impress possible conquests. This, which may seem like a good strategy, but its really bad because people will quickly realize the differences and become disappointed on the first date. Let's be clear: the picture should not be longer than one year.

Also, include all your hobbies, important personality traits, and things you are loved for. 

2. Messaging

Nearly two-thirds of those over 50 feel less confident now than when they were younger. Almost half of the women said they were too nervous to start the conversation on the network. We encourage women to take the first step:

Make a first message cheerful and brief, and try to be personal: mention something you like especially about the profile of the other person so they will feel special. Have some courage! Same thing for men!

3. Ask for a real date

After five messages, it already makes sense to take the initiative and propose a date to meet in person. Adapt the date to a shared interest, such as a visit to an exhibition. If you have talked about how much you love rock, go to a concert, and so on. Make it fun and enjoyable!

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After you read this article, you will see by yourself that finding love after being 50 isn't hard or impossible at all.  Love isn't lost after 30, my friend, and you will prove everyone wrong. You sure are lucky for finding this post, you can thank us later! 


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